Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 572 of Hueding Crack System

But the mysterious ghost of this memory released in the moment, is still like the trial of God's gods, shocked all the spirit of death.

"Is this a ghost?"

At this moment, it is looked at the head of the world to break through the heavens and the earth, and even the blue-stained, the indifference is, and it can't help but expose the horror color.

Although the inner heart still has incomparable confidence, until it is really facing the greatness of the world, the blue dye has finally felt the "three or six zero" a weak feeling.

"Never be able to be in this volume"

Looking up at the top of the sky, the top of the sky is still completely released to break the lottery, the far-depth and the city's mall, silver, the Dongxian wants three people to make a strong future, flashing is incomparably struggling. Look.

"Otherwise, there is only gray to smoke"


The mouth is low and low, I saw that Dongxian wanted to finally break free from the ice tsunami under the feet.

Unfortunately, his blind eyes can't find that the gun in the sky through the heavens and the earth has suddenly come over his head.

Nine-way shidding

After all, it is the upper number of the upper number of the strength of the captain of the thirteen teams.

When the shot of the Torn Torn Sky, the East Xian had to see even if the eyes could not see, but they also felt a fatal crisis and the vast power of trials.

On the occasion of the life and death crisis, Dong Xian wants all the spiritual pressures to be in the end of the sky, and suddenly shouted the chopped knife in the sky in the sky.

I saw that Dongxian wanted to sway it in his hand, turned the spirit into a very high impact, lingering a circle of fluorescent green destruction sound, directly welcoming the head of the sky Judgment gun.

"Refightening of vain"

The middle of the deep bianshot photo took out the feet in the white ice wilderness, and the east fairy of the car was asked, and the moment is like a sculpture. It is difficult to say.

"This is the ultimate ghost, there is no power to compete with this trial"

Quietly float in the sky, all the people under the foot, the moment of Junxiu, "I have access to all emotions and fluctuations," "Decoction in this trial"

As a light drink in the moment, everyone saw the guns on the sky to show up the light of the light.

The endless white rays will take down to make everyone can't open their eyes. Everyone is temporarily forgetting to have the concept of what they are in the world, lose their concepts of time, space, self.

Dongxian wants to release the nine-wheeled green spokes, have not come to the judge of the top sky, and instantly dissolve the snow after sunrise, and suddenly make a virtual.

"Ah, ah"

I saw that Dongxian wanted to stop his own white.

I looked at the hundreds of millions of white light on the sky, she bombarded myself, and put myself along with the surrounding earth, together with the powder.

"Dongxian is going to die?"

Endless Wantong light gradually dispersed.

After the judge of the moment, everyone finally gradually recovered his own vision.

Looking at the earth in front of you, and the East Immine that has not been completely felt, all of the death of all the thirteen teams in the scene are all stunned.

Although Dongxian wants to have a silver in silver, there is a blue dye, and the three are now rebellious into enemies.

But I looked at the past colleagues, and a captain grade the death of the trial of the trial in front of them.

This is still inevitably not allowed to feel a burst and sigh in all the people. At the same time, in the hearts of the power of the moment, I feel deeply shock ...

"Dongxian wants the guy"

After the glory of the glory, the body of the city, the body of the city seems to be finally gradually recovering, looking at the dust and ashes in front of you, and I am afraid, "I hang it?"

"To die?"

The edge of the ground disappeared is completely disappeared. It sees that it is a trial of the vast power from the sky. It is a bit of the eyes of the indifference to the Dongxian.

Hergerate, ruthless, of course, will not feel sad for the death of Dongxian's death, and even the East Xian in the original is to be killed by him.

However, the eyes of the eyes saw that in his face, this is unable to kill his part, this still can't help but make the blue dye feel an indignant and unwilling.

"Night Bible"

The mysterious ghosts that release the Law of the Eternal Night Bible directly kill the Dongxian, and there is no expression in the heart of the shackles.

Quietly float in the sky, the black white dress in the sky is in the wind, the messy flying is like a sacred spirit, the deep scorpion falls on his hand in his hand.

Gently close the black and white mystery book, the unable to curb the mouth of the mouth, "It's really easy to use"

It is very satisfied that the Bible of the Evergreen Christ is very satisfied, whether it is the ability or power, and the combat method is gorgeous and funny.

From the auxiliary ghosts to attack the ghosts and even the mysterious powerful ghosts that have not been circulated, all kinds of powerful and extremely powerful, and the title of the strongest knife is worthy of the name.


Looking up at the top of the sky, it seems that there is an unbeatable moment. The blue dyeing right is beginning to sink, "If you develop as this is"

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"Before you did not fusion the collapse"

The next consciousness touched the collapse of the collapse in his arms, the inexplicable smell of the blue dyeing eyes, the flying analysis of the heart was sentenced to the situation before the eyes, "the frontal battle is not his opponent"

As the whole corpse, the intelligence is second only to the presence of Pusher's help, the blue dye is certainly impossible to be a stupid person, in this obvious situation, he is completely difficult to fight hard. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

"Give up bar blue dye"

Quietly float in the sky, overlooking the blue staple under his feet, the deep sharp double seems to have a hole in the heart of the blue heart, and the mouth gradually raises a strange smile.

"No matter what the conspiracy you have, it is in front of the absolute power."


Looking at the top of the sky, looking down on your own moment, the blue dye can not help but snort.

The two people have collided with the void, and the infinity sparks have been made.

The whole person in the sky is like an ancient mountain, and the momentum is crushed in his own heart. The blue dye has never felt like this to bring him so terrible pressure.

"The throne of this vast Tianzhi is still in an empty window, its owner is still out of date.

A squat blue staining under the foot is gradually unable to resist the substantive momentum of the head of the head, and the heart is secretly making a temporary retreat.

"Intelligent people should focus on future rather than in front of them."

I saw that the blue-stained eyeliner finally gradually settled, and the heart has been completely prepared to escape the corpse.