Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 573 of Hueding Crack System

He originally has a complete hypnotic ability of the scorpion mirror, and it is easy to make all the deaths all the death of the entire Tongling Toon.

However, it has met the moment that has a complete hypnosis of the gods of God and God, and is completely ignored.

However, the bias of the Buffet of the Buffet, any blue dye is mostly the ability of all the death peaks in the whole corpse, all are not the opponent of this monster.

"not good"

"The guy is thinking?"

At this time, the people of the 13th of the Yutong, the first reaction of the first reaction of Poisherd, and the spotted is noticeable.

I saw that Poandon 14 Langton showed an instant, and the whole person turned into a string of the arrow. Generally, there was a goddess of the 13th team behind him.

Reaction film

But it is obvious that the floats are still chasing them.

I saw the two stunning beams in the sky, so like two rectifices of the two-way square, the blue dye of the people in front of the city and the city of silver were completely enveloped.

"this is?"

Next to the four maple caters, the night and the bee suddenly opened their own eyes, and suddenly recognized this ability to cover blue and city.


At this time, the deputy captain of the 13th Tunnean team, such as a pair of black glasses of shooting, the iron gate, and has also been observed that the purpose of the blue dye escape, "Do they want to escape? "

"Don't move, don't chase"

However, they have just been chasing, and they have passed a sinking drink.

"That light name is 'anti-film' is the ability to use when you want to save your companion."

Looking back, I saw the team leader Yamamoto Liu Wei is heavy in the country. If the knife is buried, the vicissitudes are very deep, "as long as they are wrapped in light, they will form two mutuals. Interfering with the absolutely isolated world "

"People who have passed hands with big virtual hand should know that this start from that light"

Although the heart is very unholishing, it has survived for more than two thousand years in the corpse, and the countless big virtual hand of the virtual circle has bathed countless mountains.

Once the anti-film packages released in order to save the companions, it means that the blue dye inside is actually in a virtual ring rather than the corpse, and the death of the corpse in the world is impossible. Attack got him.

"It means no one can be moved to the blue to dye a cold hair."

Yamamoto Yuanliu is a heavy discourse to the people's mouth, just like a kilometery is usually ringing all the dead hearts.

I saw all the dead gods in the scene, and I died in my hands in my hands. I watched the blue staining and city pills gradually detached from the sky.


It seems to verify the explanation of the Heavy State of the mountains.

At all everyone, all people saw a huge black gap in the sky.

Opened the black cavity of the bottom, revealing the white mask black big virtuality of the densely numb, it looked horrified and shocked.

"Yes Yic Li'an"

Seeing the horrible vision of the sky, all the death of all the Yanda 13th is shocked.

The second team of the two teams grew up the head of Tian Xi Qian and Jiuwu team, the squadron, the quantity of the black cavity opened in the sky, "How much is it?"


But of course they saw the black cavity opened in the top sky, after the mysterious huge figure behind Kiyan, suddenly stunned, "There is still something else inside"


Night gold double-dressed staring at blue dyeing and city silver, wild faces in the sky, "Blue Dye has collected the virtue of virtual circles All this is what he is in advance. "


Next to the Matsumoto, there are some angry looking at the blue dyeing of the rise in the sky, and the color of the city is complicated. "Don't I watch these two guys?"

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"There is no way"

The anger and unwillingness in the tone of the tone in front of him, Jingle Chunshui thought she was cutting down this matter in the day of his own captain, and said. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Looking at the top of the top 46 rooms all the sages and judges, the blue staining of all people in the whole corpse is gradually increased to the sky, and the eyes of Jingle Spring water become more complicated.

"After the" anti-film "of the light cover, the blue dye is already in two different worlds, any attack is unable to hurt him."

Although it is very unllowed, it is a reality. The reality is that someone can attack from the corpse of the soul of the soul of blue dye.


The whole body is wrapped in the junction of the faint beam of the anti-membrane, and the sky rock is gradually flying in the sky with the ground rock under the foot.

Blue staining gently reached out all the hair in front of him, after coming to the brain, showing a piece of Jun Xiu and indifferent, staring at the moment in the front of the sky, "I never thought In the corpse, I can encounter an opponent like you, I feel very excited now. "

From a birth, he is a genius of genius. It has always been lonely because no one can compile with himself. The original blue dyeing is even, therefore, in the dark, cultivating the protagonist Kurosaki, hoping that the Kurosaki can defeat himself .

Today, he has encountered a stronger moment than him, which finally let him find a goal that can be chased, which makes him not excited?

"I said"

"There is no master from the beginning of this sky"

Although it is not an instant to the opponent, I feel that the collapse of my arms seems to have a life. It is always gently dial.

When the blue dyeing, the indifferent face suddenly broke the endless confidence, re-found the momentum of all the trend, the cold eyes and died, showing the moment in the front sky,

"Not the time of our two final battle today, but I believe soon ..."

"There will be a person between two people standing out and then rule the day."

These two guys

Is the competition between monsters?

The ground on the ground silently listened to the dialogue between the blue dye and the two people, and the hearts set off a inexplicable stormy waves.

Whether it is blue staining or an instant, these two have already taken an extremely dangerous symbol in their hearts.

"Stand to day!"