Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 574 of Hueding Crack System

At this time, silently heard the discourse of blue dyeing self-confidence infinity, and the mouth of the mouth raised a strange radians.

Deep double-pointer stared in the front of the sky, the whole body was wrapped in the blue dye in the back film beam. He found that he seems to become a rebellion, it began to become special words, no wonder the original, the original is inheri The words are above.

Originally, the plan according to the instability is intended to put on the blue dyeing of the corpse, but seeing the blue dyeing attitude of the blue dye in front of himself arrogant.

At the moment, I suddenly changed my mind. He felt that he had necessary to be tapped with blue dyeing, and ignored his sharpness.

"Is there anything you said in Luoli?"

Just when the blue dye is asked to speak, in his stunned eyes, the moment is open to interrupted him.

"and also"

I saw that all the smiles in the face of the white handsome face were gradually wound. The blue-blue red eyes suddenly burst into a sharpness of the blue dyed cheeks. "Do you really think that after entering the anti-film, this world will No one can move you with a cold? "


I heard the words that I spit out in my mouth, not only the blue dye in front of the air, and all the dead gods present at the feet were all stunned.

God's six model

In the eyes of all people surprised to die.

I haven't waited for them what happened, and the blue staining saw the air around the moment suddenly felt.

The space surrounded by unstable oscillations, and the powerful airflow constantly hit the anti-film in front of the blue dye, and burst into a crazy collision.

I saw the endless black horror in the instant sprayed out. It seems like a wolf to smoke and rushed to the sky of the whole corpse. Almost in the top of the top, the entire sky of the top of the crowd has dyed the black spiritual color.

"This is" unable to curb your own double, the blue dyeing in the anti-film is stunned, "his spiritual pressure"

"This kind of spiritual pressure"

All of the dead gods at the feet were scared. The horror of terrorism after the use of spiritual power to open God's six-way model, and it has completely transcended the dollar they have, "how it is possible of the spiritual pressure of the big ghost"

"How could this level?

In the air in the sky, the entire sky in front of the sky is blocked, and the city's silver is also in the city.


It is even more unbearable.

In the feet, all the death of the thirteen teams of the feet, all the uncomfortable Safers, the dead gods, actually fucoked in the ground.

Although there is no magazine in the Six way of Keno Zhao, the endless terrorism, the endless terrorism, is not the range that they can bear in their ordinary death.

"Is this guy?"

Looking at the push-up of the black sky in the sky in the sky, the face of the black sky in the gods in the sky, and the face of the Heavy national engraving is heavy.

At a time, his brain remembered the terrorism in the three worlds, and faintly felt this seems to be unobstructed in the moment.

On the sky, the sky is full of black spiritual pressure that is full of horror.

After opening the six-way pattern of God, I have a white cactus that prints countless black mysterious hooks.

Chapter 155 cuts the corpse world (ask for reward and automatic)

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After the silver, the white and long hair roots fly after flying in the brain, there were twelve lacquer and deep, quietly floating around the moment. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

Among the ruins of the unprocessed land, everyone stared at the top of the sky is like the spirit of the gods, and the heart can't be self-suited.

"how you look like"

Looking at the appearance of a complete change in the moment of the sky, the horror of a strong restlessness began to continue to floose blue dye.

"Blue dye"

The oral tooth is light, after entering the six-way pattern of God, the perfect face of the beautiful face is embellished, a inexplicable monster beauty is raw, quietly gaze, gradually increases to the blue dye of high altitude.

"You guess you and city will not die today?"

"Dead here ??"

Wen said that the blue dye was raised, and some funny looked at the moment of the sky outside the anti-film. "I admit that you are now indeed, I don't have the strength."

"But I think you should not understand what is anti-film?"

It seems to be thought that the concept of the back film is not understood, and the blue dye is smirk and explains in the moment of the sky. "Just when I was wrapped in this layer of beam, we have not been in the moment. Do you understand the same world? "

But there is still not finished, and the smile on his face is completely solidified.

"Is it hiding another world?"

In front of the moment, it seems that I didn't listen to the nonsense to listen to the blue dye, and the vast eyes of the blue-blue eyes, "If the person I have to kill, even if he hides the end of the world, there is no use."

Rotogenic eye · Gold wheel

I saw the flash of my hand, and the twelve lacquered the twelve lacquered Yutton, when the twelve lacquer, Yuputton, flying to his hand, and finally entered into a tangible golden sword.

All everyone in the scene instantly felt that the golden light in front of the space was four shots, and he couldn't open his eyes.

It seems that there is only such a way that there is only one game-like gold sword in the whole world.

The huge slender sword in the flashlight is gently sweeping with the blue dye of the front anti-film.

The cutting of the eardrum, the cutting of the eardrum, I saw the clouds in the sky were discharged from this sword. The whole land of the people under the feet was spanned by this sword.

It is not only to go, but this sword not only cut the whole of the entire Ling Ting of the whole foot, but also cut all the buildings in the distance, even in the distance of countless squats than the soul street, and was also attached to this The sword is cut.

The whole of the greece.

No, it should be said that the whole corpse is the world, all of this sword is completely cut by the rushing and seeking the golden wheel of the jade.

At this moment, it seems that in this world, there is no power to compete with the power of the brake.

"What is this?"

"The power of God"? "

At all the gods of all the gods in the court, all the gods of all the gods were stuck, as if their souls at the moment, they have been taken away by the power of this sword.

What is the world? This is called through the world

"This kind of power" Yamamoto Liusi is the first to retreat the shocking gaze, and the dignified gaze is like the immortavades in the sky.