"" floats 14 also returned to God, seeing this kind of power like the gods, and the eyes are complicated.

"Is the Ling Ting have been cut?"

At this time, I looked at the land of my feet. A deep abyment of the dark and unheathered, and the AEAC delay did not see the end.

Until the entire Sword of the distance was turned off by this sword, one was simply shocked to completely lost the language.

"It's not the whole corpse world being cut"

The huge endless gully that extends out under his feet, until I saw the long-awaited, the entire moment of being completely burned, and the face of Jingle Spring water was extremely shocking.

What is the world? This is called through the world

"Ah, ah"

At this moment, everyone was shocked by the shocking facts that were shocked by the entire corpse of the golden wheel.

A tragic pain suddenly resounded throughout the ruins of wasteland, and saw the anti-membrane of the world around the sky.

The original indifferent blue dyeing righteousness, the right arm, the blood, the blood, which seems to be like spring, and then the whole white captain on his body.

"Blue Dye?"

I suddenly heard the blue dyeing sound of blue dyeing, and when the ground of death suddenly looked up at the feet.

I saw the blood in the sky, like the rain, the rain, the blue dye, the right, the old, the old, the old, which is like a hurt beast.

The whole arm was blocked by the golden wheel, and the sprayed blood continued to flow from his fingertips, and the cold eyes were staring at the moment in front of the eyes, and the eyes were shocked, fear. And intake.

"The anti-film around the blue is turned over by him?"

At this time, the city's mall silver in the reverse film has gradually increased to the dark chamber of the sky.

Only the city's silver is always hanging from hypocrisy, but at this moment, it is full of horror and shocking that cannot be concealed.

I looked at the corpse of the squat, I was suddenly cut off at the foot, and my heart suddenly started to be angry. From the beginning, I was not myself.

"Isolated the world's anti-membrane is turned over by you"

Blue-stained blue dyeing in an instant, stacking unbelievable looks on indifferent faces.

It seems that he has the original confidence and discouragement, and it has been crushed in an instant that I just cut the whole corpse.

"how can that be"

Chapter 156 Blue Dye Satches (ask for rewards and automatic)

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It was blocked by a sword in the heart of a sword. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

The flow cloud on the sky.

The earth under the foot of everyone.

It was opened with an endless diometric ~ long gully.

Everyone has a high-hearted eye, immersed in the reality that is impossible to achieve.

Even the huge black cavity opened in the sky, all of the foundation of the Ki-Delian is all shocked, looking at this incredible scene.

"How can it be?"

Opening the Six Mode of God, twelve black hooks around, quietly floating in the sky, just like the god of the gods.

The eyes of the blue blood red look looks at the wild blue dye of the beast in front of the hand, and the play of the moment is asking for his mouth, "How can I not?"


The eyes of indifferent looks like the blood drops under the blue defrings, and it is full of ridicule, sorrow and degradation. "I don't know if you still think that you have hid the anti-membrane after this world. Can people move your cold? "


From birth to now, the blue dye is even if it is imagined that it will not be crushed by one person once a day.

Looking at the moment, as if the god is like the gods, it is generally invisible. It is observed that the disdain and degradation of the moment, and the blue dye seems to be in the heart.

As yours have fallen down, listen to the moment, at this moment, the tone of can't sorrow, and the indifferent and wise blue dye is finally can't stand because of resentment and anger.

"Don't be too self-righteous,"

The resentment of the cold eyes is also difficult to wash the river and the anence of the river is still worried, and the blue dye is in front of the sky in front of the sky. "" We have not really started yet. " "

Treatment of ninety one, thousand hands

For a moment, there is countless destruction of the beam aggregation in the air in front of the moment.

Every light contains dramatic explosion power, and goes with a powerful horrible power to move towards the moment.

The injured blue dyeing right is like a raising hand, and the highest level of the highest level that can be displayed after you sing.

Looking at the wind in the front of the eyes, there is no number of artillery in the bang, and there is no blue-stained ghost level that has completely transcends several grades of ordinary death captain.

However, in front of the blue dye, it is a powerful ghost bombardment.

At the moment, even the eyelids were too lazy to lift it. Instead, the beautiful face showed a disdainful look, as if it was like a blue dye in front of him, his hands were in front of himself.

Seek jade

I saw the ghosts of the blue dyeing in front of the eyes, and the whole person did not move.

Next to a black mining shadow, it is a buzzing of 12 ..... .. ....

It seems like it seems that there is a spiritual life, and when I fid out, I opened a dark, I was opened.

"what is this?"

I saw the mysterious black shroud before the appearance of the appearance of the appearance, and the chains of the blue dyeing rodents suddenly contracted.

Under the eyes of all people.

I saw the blue dyeing singer to show the countless destruction of the high-end ghosts, and a series of violent explosions were issued directly after the air after the moment.

However, it was completely annihilated into a virtual, and did not have a half-wave.

"how can that be?"

"My ghost is actually annihilated by him?"

I watched the scene where I could not use the constant explanation in front of you.