Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair Crack System Chapter 576

The blue dye is completely stunned, not just that he, at this moment, all the death of all the horses of all the gods on the earth are all stunned.

However, next second, there is no other blue dyeing in front of you, and the death of the dead will be reacted from shocking.

At the moment, it is a dark-in-law jade electric shot. In the blue dyed unlimited pupil, the bombardment directly under his right leg is on his right leg.

· ·

"Ah, ah"

At the moment, this mysterious lacquered jade seems to not only give people physical damage.

Even another harm that can't be unknown, the bloody painful pain once again resounded through the earth.

Everyone under the feet is hard to imagine what kind of pain can be encountered, can make such a horrible pain in the mouth of the cold strong incense.

"my leg?"

I saw that the blue dye didn't seem to be confidently, and the dead stared at the right leg of the annihilate.

..... .......


In the moment, it was burst into jade, directly swallowing the right leg of the blue dye.

I saw that I went to the earth in the land of the great place, and I have exploded the shocking power of the nuclear bomb, completely destroying the whole area.

"Good power"

Even if the distance from thousands of meters, the death of the dead in the foot can also feel the striking stroke from the extremely far away, and the dramatic vibration among the earth.

"What is the black sphere around him?"

Seeing the dark-seeking jade around the sky in the sky, then a small black sphere can cause so terrible destructive power.

At the foot of the battlefield, the Shan Billou, the heavy country and other people of the dead could not help but have a heavy color, and the eyes were unpacking, watching the black and surrounded by the surrounding surrounding surrounded by the moment.

From then on, they feel that there is a failure, original, annihilated, swallowed and false, which is the strength of the world closest to order and rules.

"Pudao hidden in the soul of Lucia"

At the moment, it seems that the cruel wolf is like a crowded wolf, and there is no such thing as there is no such thing as the blue storting.

Chapter 157 Dust settlement (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"I want to have you got it right by you?"

The words suddenly said in the mouth, suddenly like a heavy bomb, it is generally awkward to the heart of the blue dye, and he can't have it. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

At this moment, I watched his eyes quietly, but it was like a sharp sharp edge of a knife, as if the whole hole was worn all the bones and even the soul.

This makes the blue dye feel that he is like the whole body, and there is no secret in front of this pair of eyes in front of you.

His eyes

Blue staining somewhat has grown up their own eyes, and looked at the appearance of the angel. It is like the devil's moment.

"Why are you?"

Blue stains I really want to ask clearly what the "four or four seven" will completely inspect the collapse.

However, in the dark cavity of the top of the sky, it also descended a rectangular beam, and his whole person was completely wrapped in it, and the world in front of him was completely isolated.

Reaction film

"Blue Dyeleman"

"If you don't leave the black cavity, it will be closed."

At this time, in the dark cavity of the top of the sky, the city's silver seems to be a bit anxious to show the blue dyeing of the sky below the sky.


Although I really want to ask for myself, I will understand my own collaps and plans, but the blue dye at this moment is not taboo.

It seems that I am afraid that I will come back to the world, I have justified the world's death, I will completely kill myself, I only see the blue dye, I'm smashing, "Since you have collapsed Jade also has some degree of understanding that I will tell you "

"When we see next time, it is when I am completely integrated with collaps."

I was smashed by an arm, and I was knocked over the blue dye of a leg foot. At this moment, the whole person was completely packaged by the beam of the back film, gradually increased into the dark chamber of the sky.

Although the anti-membrane beam routine around the body has no longer give him a sense of security, but the blood of the blouse is full of blue dye. On the occasion of walking, I finally dropped a sentence.

"When I arrive, I will be reached again in the gesture of the owner of the sky."

After that, the blue stains deeply looked at the sky in the sky, and I gave a look at all of the courtyards on the ground.

But at this moment, the moment to use the top-level, the high-spirited spiritual dramatic method passed into the blue-dyed words, but the whole person has been completely sucking the blue dye in the black chamber by the anti-film beam.

"Blue Dye Do you think"

Looking at the head of the sky, it is gradually completely suiled from the blue dye in the black chamber. It seems that there is no intention to stop.

The beautiful face of the beautiful monster is gradually raised, and the mysterious smile, "If you are not my acquaintance, do you really like this easy to get the collapse?"

His acquiesce?

What do you mean?

"Is it"

It seems to guess a terrible possibility, blue dyeing the blood stains, suddenly widened his eyes, completely showing a horrified look.

"So next time"

"It is our battlefield again"

I looked at the black cavity above the head of the sky. The black cavity of the sky was gradually closed. The moment was laughing and waving towards the blue dyeing and the city.

Just in the moment of a pair of zone of blue blood, he reflected the black chamber of the head of the sky, the last blue dye, the right, the chamfered expression.

at last.

As the black cavity above the sky is completely closed, it seems that a mysterious huge eyes closed their eyes.

Dust settlement.

The squad of the corpse of the squad, the captain of the first five panels of the Yutan, the first five teams, the leaders of the three teams, the leaders of the city, the soldiers, and they went to the virtual ring, and the original nine The captain of the team, Dong Xian, who had to be directly killed by the ghost road ....