"Blue Dye Guy"

Looking at the completely closed black cavity in the top sky in the top of the sky, the sky seems to have recovered the past blue blue, and all the face of all the gods of the thirteen of the courtyard showed complex look.

"Is it still fled to a virtual ring?"

Everyone turned, looked at the big land of the eyes of the eyes, and the land above the ground, the paint black gully, and looked at the whole cut Tongling and the corpse.

At this moment, I will relieve the six models of God. The whole person is like a light falling leaf. It is generally slowly falling. Everyone's face begins to become difficult to complicate.

Shock, perseverance, fear, prosperity, etc.


" "

Seeing that the moment was slowly dropped from the sky. At this time, several of them were surrounded by several of them, only the night, quietly standing is not far from the front.

I didn't suffer a little trauma in my body, and all people were relieved.


At this time, the squad of the thirteenth team next to the 18th team, the head of the head of the team leader, the mountain, the city of Liu Wei, and the fire in her hand gradually went. Come over.

I saw that the mountains of Liu Wei, the heavy-sighted eyes, deeply looked at the moment in front of them, and why didn't you leave the blue dye? "

"Don't tell me in your strength, you can't do it."

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yu is a strong voice, so that the surroundings of the original noisy scene will gradually be quiet.

All of the people's eyes are all focused, and they have fallen on the head of the Captain Mountain.

In all the dead gods, even if they also saw it, the performance of the current battle has been swaying, showing the styling of the three people in full rolling blue.

Chapter 158 Change (seeking rewards and automatic)

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If there is no strength to leave a blue dye in the moment, he is doing three people. He don't believe that Shandata will will will will hear, even if it is the other ordinary death players who are present, I will not believe it. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

Therefore, all the eyes of all people in the scene have been brushed over, and they fall in front of the world, and the mountains of the mountains and the mountains.

"Do you ask me?"

In the face of the sorrowful sorrowful drink of the mountains, the young and Liu Wei, the sorrowful drink, and the moment seems to be a little surprised, and some funny looks at him.

"If I did not remember wrong"

I saw the heavy questioning of the mountains in front of the Shan Dynasty, and the anti-lips did not even whisper. "Decline the blue dyeing right and the city's silver Dongxian wants their three rebellions. It seems that you are thirteen. The responsibility of the team? "

"And, I have been good to remind you of the death of the death of the thirteen team of the Tong, let him have a conspiracy to slaughter the whole staff of the Central Forty Room."

The moment of disdain has raised his mouth, and the deep bun is highly looking at the mountains in front of themselves. "I think it is to ask you now, why don't you leave a blue dye is not as worried about yourself How to deal with good? "

"Moreover, now I will not only save you so many people, I will kill the Tourist Captain of the Tourist Dian, who should you want to thank me?"

In the moment, I finished, a series of questions asked the mountains in front of the Yamamoto, the world's face, a young white, but the content in the moment, but he did not rebut.

As the head leader of the 13th team of Zhang Ting, the three captains in the hand have made the blue dyeing and the three deaths of the city, Yin Dongxian.

Let the blue dyeing the highest judicial organs of the corpse, all the sages and judges of the 46th room, and the whole team will also face accountability from the royal family.

And about the blue dye, the right, the city, silver Dongxian wants to rebellion, it is the internal affairs of the thirteen teams of the Yutong, and the big ghosts can help them kill Dongxian is the emotion of the colleagues rather than obligation.

"I am sorry"

After a deep eyes, there was a flashing, the mountains in front of the moment, the heavy country finally endured to compromise, and the words were hard to say: "The big ghost road is just too fierce,"

"Nothing everyone is a colleague"

Looking at the head of the captain in front of him, he bowed his head and bowed, and the young handsome face was suddenly revealed. "The next payment is" "

This disgusting kid

"You?" Seeing an awfully smiling in front of him, Yamamoto Liusi is not from a gas knot.

If there is so many of the death of the thirteen teams around the Yanding, it is closely looking tightly, and it is a high-profile terrorist power.

With his strict hot temper, it is estimated that you have already taken out the fillet. If the fire is fired, you will be a knife into the ash.


Seeing the general team leader, the general team of an ancient slab, heroes, the heavy country, heavy country, in front of the moment, the broken bee around the moment did not hold back the sound.

But finally the bee is still strong, I have never revealed a smile, and I'm a white moment, "" You can't be a little warm about the chief of the captain. "

It was shocked by the white eyes of the bee around, and the moment didn't shoot the shoulders. He believes that people respect me a feet.


However, just at this time.

Just when all everyone in the field thinks that the premium of blue stakes is ended.

The earth under the foot of the people suddenly vibrated, I saw that the three things that were extremely high, suddenly descended from the sky, and started to let go of the venue where everyone is located.

"It's them?"

Seeing the three tall giants in front of me, almost all of the dead gods were recognized in the three identities.

It is the ratio of the three guards of the Singer and the Shengli Street, the south of the south of the south of the Singer, and the Big Shiguang Pills and Dongmen Qingxingmen of the North Gate.

Although the strength of these three giants may be more than the death of the dead gods, it is unbearable, and it is amazing in the battlefield.

"this is"

Seeing the giant guards in front of the eyes appeared here. At the scene of the death of the thirteen teams in the court, the people of the thirteen teams were suddenly triggered, "Will not even have been killed by blue and renewed Yet?"


At this time, I still responded in the four maple nights around the flash, and the golden doubles were like a lazy cat. "They are the mirror flowers of the blue dyeing mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the heart, the heart "


At all the dead gods in the scene, when I was going to deal with the three giants who lost their eyes, the rumble of the giant of the sky from the sky, the romance sounded in the distance, and I saw a tall giant in the distance.

It is the watchman of the Ximenmen, the Siemenemen, who has been in the moment and the Kurosaki, and the Shoundoumen.


A delicate voice came.