Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 578 of Hueding Crack System

In addition to the Dan Danfang, I saw a black hair of the tall shoulders, and he said hello to the night of the moment.

"I really bored it, so come here to take a walk"

I saw this clothing, the beautiful woman, the handsome little face with a smile of evil charm, and some of the unique temperament that is different from ordinary girls.

It is only that the only unfortunate thing is that her right hand arm is broken, and it seems that the art Venus in the moment is like a shortcoming.

Chapter 159 Zhoe Air Crash (ask for reward and automatic)

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Really a

Hermetry invincible royal sister

Looking at the appearance of the shoulders of the Dan Danfang in front of the eyes, there is a walking on the mouth, but in fact, it is specially specially from the soul of the soul street to help the Night and Kurosaki protects their sexy beauty. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

I can't help but convulsive my mouth, my heart has guess her identity.

"Empty crane"

At this time, I saw the figure appeared on the shoulders of Danfangfang. I was happy with the night around them. I smiled and greeted.

Sure enough, she

I heard the name of this broken arm in front of my eyes, my heart smiled, I totally recognized her identity.

Zhido empty crane is a noble aristocracy that has fallen in the corpse. The current home owner of Zhibo's family in one of the five major aristocrats.

The sister of Zhibo Haiyan, who had been 13th team, Zhiboyan's sister, including the father of Kurosaki, a father, Zhibo, is one of the only three people left in this world.

Although it is in the heart of the soul street, it is very powerful, with a strong ghost skill and the spell of Zhibo's family, or the poor fireworks in the Sheng Shu Street.

"She is the current family of Zhibo"

At this time, there were some deaths in the 13th team of Yutong, and there were some deaths to recognize the identity of Zhimo Air Crane. "How did she entered the Ling Ting?

"First solve these three big guys, let's talk again."

I saw that the high giant smashed the invincible Royal Sister, the mouth of the Danfang shoulders, the corner of the mouth, and immediately started to sing, and the "Xing Luo Take the beast bone tower red crystal steel wheel"

"Don't be so troublesome"

However, the ghosts in Zhibo Air Crane have not yet sang, and the moment when I stand around the night suddenly opens her. "These three big guys are only blooming, the mirror flowers, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, and Not asked for death

Seventy-nine · nine binding

The sound of the moment is falling, next to it is the dead god who is being stopped, and suddenly stopped the action in his hand.

I saw the chapter of the never night's nightmares around the moment, and the power and scope of the glitch and the scope of the moment were all increasing.

It seems like a wild smoke average sound.

All everyone in the scene has widened their eyes, and the hearts understood that their ghosts and long brats showed a strong ghost of the ghosts.

The three tall giant guards who were crazy to attack the battlefield were suddenly stopped at the same time, and I saw that Jiudao dark spiritual pressure is like a mad dragon with life.

In the battlefield of the entire full-eyed ruins, the black spiritual mad dragon is covered, and the three high-top and centers of the three tall giant guards are enabled. At the same time, the three all movements must not.

"too strong"

"The three gangs are completely seal all the three big guys."

At the moment, the high-end bordertation of this hand released, it attracted a laightener of the death of the thirteen teams in the field.

In addition to fighting special teams, the elements of the team, the basic ghost is the homework of each of their death compulsory.

But it is obvious that you can use the action like this to sing, you can use your own actions to completely cover the three giants, which is simply a heaven.


Seeing the three tall giant guards in front of him, I was completely sealed in the original place, like three black lacquer.

The invincible Yu Shuzhi in the shoulders of Dan Danfang should be gently sigh in the mouth. The whole people have a sharp wind from the shoulders of the Dan Danfang, and there is still a moment. Pretty in front of the bee.

"You are the current ghost circles in the world,"

I saw Zhihua air crane on the ground gently got up, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the moment in front of me, "Be young and handsome than I think."

"Although it is not the type I like, I don't care what I like."

Standing in the moment and the night, there were four people next to the four people, and Zhike empty cranes hanged a smile, for the previous moment to save the Shuo Yoshi, and rushing into the moment. A thank you.

"Still you want to thank you for your brother"

"a piece of cake."

I looked at the beauty of the beautiful people, I would like to thank myself. I didn't care for myself. I didn't care. I put a big sleeve with my dark.

"What is your arm?"

Said that the eyes of the moment are gently falling on the right arm of the eye.

In the heart, I have experienced what kind of thing I have experienced, and I will fall from one of the five major aristocrats to the soul street, but also let the Zhike empty crane like a girl suffered such a broken arm.


When I heard the moment, I asked my right hand and broken arm. Zhibo empty crane was a bit, and it was obviously no longer willing to mention the disaster of Li Zhao's good disaster.

"Sorry, I take the liberty"

Seeing the Zhimo empty crane in front of him clearly unwilling to mention his own broken arm and the poor mistakes did not fall. He nodded, and immediately reached his palm. "Miss Zhimo is troubles to hand over your arm. I"


Then the night and the eyes of the eye, the eyes of Zhoev's horizontal, and the flash arms the broken arm of Zhoe Air Crane.

Then, the hands of the moment were exploded. Under the amazing eyes, it was found out of the mysterious golden glory, and it seemed to contain endless vitality.

It is exactly the opposite of the back of the blind eye of the moment, but complementing the strength of the material life.

Chapter 160 System Wake (ask for reward and automatic)

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Yin and Yang combined moment of mutual reincarnation of the eyes and God of God, the two kinds of exceeding the extreme spiritual power can create substances from virtual. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

The ultimate ** power contained in the Ten Ten of the Head of Head is the ability to give material life, and the two power combine is the best force to create the world.

Returning to the topic, I saw that the palm of the moment was gently fell on the broken arm of Zhihua Air Crane, the power of the rush, the power of the Yanghui, the golden glory shines, and everyone is incredible to open their own Double eyes.

"how can that be"