I saw Zhihua empty cranes in front of the moment, holding his mouth.

As a personally heroic invincible royal sister, her pretty face is almost impossible to show this little woman's expression, but this magical scene of this magical scene is not surprised by her.

In the surrounding nights and the bee and the peaches in the peaches, there are still many girls in the gods.

I saw the golden glory of the sun in the hands of the moment, and the broken arm of Zhihua air crane right hand started to gradually reappearing a white arm.

There is no trace that has been disconnected, as if it seems like Zhimo empty crane, the right hand arm has never suffered such a trauma.


Especially in the night, I saw her unstoppable, and the golden eyes were a magical phenomenon in front of him.

As a friend of Zhimo Air, no one knows that the appearance of the appearance is similar to her, in the heart, there is actually the arm of the right hand break.

"What do you do if you do the moment?" The bee on the side of the side saw this magical power, and couldn't help but ask.


I was aware of my bee and night a wonderful eyes, and I was just mysterious smile.

"That one"

Surprised stretched a new arm that he was completely adapted, Zhihua empty cranes were deeply covered with a happy color, and the big square looked at the moment of the moment, "the moment of the big ghost, thank you"

"If you have a beautiful Royal Sister like you, if you have a hand!"

The AEDC mood seems to be a good moment, facing the eyes of Zhimovi Emo, and some playing is playing with a playful eyes, "Then too big scenery is not?"

This guy

Seeing the moment, the face of the eyes, the outer surface of the big leaf, the fellow, and the unveiled fluent, and there was no fluctuation. At the moment, he could not stop producing a ripple.

If it is not the girl around you too much

Some of the hearts of the heart, Zhiyu empty cranes do not have a sound, gently glanced around the night, the broken bee, the woolen peach and the well, the complexion suddenly became a little quirky.

In the heart of the heart of Zhimo empty crane, I watched the whole ruins of the battlefield around the battlefield, the death of the four gods who were taking the wounded of the wounded, once again waved their sleeves.

Medical riser

I saw a golden ray, which was a golden ray in the brakes, and all the wounded in front of the four teams were in front of them. They formed a huge square knot to wrap all them all.

"this is?"

At all, all the four teams who were treated by the medical ghost road on the treatment of the wounded were shocked to stop the movements in their hands.

In the eyes of their eyes, they saw that all the injured people in their own hands were recovering quickly with a naked eye.

If there is no part of the thorough injury, this cure is simply like the ability to speed up and regenerate.

"It's another big man, is it a man?"

I looked at the huge golden medical nepheses that enveloping themselves. All the face of all dead gods revealed the surprised look, even a few dead gods in the scene were also numb.

"Is this a neighborhood of a spirit?"

Quietly looked at the huge golden spirit of the top of the top, the four team leader, the squad, the squad, the scene, the elegant face couldn't help but move.

The black eyes of Qiu Water like a wave look forward to the figure of the moment, and the buddhism of Huili flashed a wonderful and colorful.

This appearance of the young people, not only have the power of the enemy, but also seem to have all kinds of incredible magical power.

For example, this group of wounded is a quick cure god medical treatment, and the Flunzi is estimated to be the leader of the Qilin Temple of Lian Ling Wang Palace. Comparable.

The top-level viewing is domineering to make the moment to listen to the idea of ​​all the people present at the moment.

But at this moment, the face suddenly suddenly, the whole person's heart is completely pushed by a system in the mind.

"The system detected that the host's sword has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the homing of the sword to a higher level."

Swords improve?

The swords in the top of the big swordsman finally broke through the bottleneck breakdown?

Feeling that I have entered a new strange mystery in my body, I can't help but I am happy.

This also means that his sword has reached the level of unparalleled swords, and the level of breaking the energy is broken, and the mysterious realm of changing the void.

However, in an atmosphere of the whole body, I will immerse the realm of the realm of their swords, and I feel the shape of the peak-level swords.

At this time, the other long-lost familiar sounds in the mind, but the whole person is completely stunned.

"Host, I am back."

At this moment, it is rising in my mind. It is a long time to enter the sound of the collapse system of sleep.

Chapter 161 System Draw (Delivery and Automatic)

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The ruins of Lingling Tin are in battlefield. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

All the death team members of all the Yutong Thirteen teams are in conducting a counting casualty person and the work of the battlefield.

In the four maple nights, Zhoe empty crane, the bee, the surroundings of the Synmecto and the Wiki, only the sluggish stagnation of a person.


I heard this long-awaited cooked ~ I have a long-awaited sound in my mind.

At the moment, some unbelievable smashed the deep eyes, this world basically only the emergence of the system will make all the movements on his face.

"You finally woke up?"

I still have to carefully experience myself in the mysterious realm of promoting unparalleled swords, and I have all in my heart in my own mind.

"Well, wake up, this sleep is not expected to be as long as it is."

At this moment, the system familiar with the system in the brain sounded again, completely ignored the noisy environment around, and directly evolved into the heart.

"You still have to tell me what happened"

Although the realm of Just has achieved a new height, he heard that the system has wake up, and the mood of the moment is not very pleasant.

But when I remembered this system, I still said to myself. I still wore a layer of haze, so I asked in my heart: "Why do you want to sleep for so long?"

"This reason, you don't need to know this day."

In the face of the problem, the system has not given a positive answer, and the tone becomes unprecedented. "You will naturally understand that you will naturally understand the Lord of Wanjie."

"Just like the order of the order of the ghosts you have controlled"