Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 580 of Hueding Crack System

Although I entered the sleep state for a while, the system's tone seems to seem to have a favorite of the current situation, "Some things are already destined to start" "

I watched the silence of the brach, and a pair of swordsms were deeply frightened, and it was obvious that the ambiguous answer of the system was not able to satisfy him.

"Well, don't be so heavy,"

The heavy topic has continued less than a second, and this is not reliable, and the hippie smiles. "This time, this time you have a long time host, are you very much notified?"

"Remember you?"

I heard the sound of the system hippie smile in my mind. I didn't have a good roaring in my heart. "Don't let me still owe me a lucky draw, don't think I will forget"

"I know that you always remember this lucky draw chance."

The sound of the system in the brain seems to be a bit helpless, "Let's start the master now"

"In view of the host of the host, the host is automatically attached to the host, the host has passed the opportunity to pass a lottery, and the prizes include all kinds of secondary skills, props, inheritance and items, etc. in addition to the current world."

The voice of the system just fell, and the brain of the moment was suddenly pushing a message that inquiry is in the case of the new world lottery opportunity.

"Will the host now draw."

"Please wait"

I heard the lottery notice pushed over my own mind, and the momentum of my heart was strong, and my eyes glanced at the ruins of the ruins in front of themselves.


In the reality of returning to the eyes, I suddenly looked at the night one of myself. Zhibo empty cranes, broken bees, and the wicker, "I suddenly had a matter of time, I have to go back to ghosts. "

"Night empty crane, you have two people, I have, I have a lot of words to talk"

When you step out, I suddenly turned around my head. Some of the naughty nights and Zhomo air cranes were gently blinked, "I cherish this happiness."

Rogue eye ·

The sound of the moment is fluttering.

A few girls who have a few girls will stop, and they will disappear in the original place.

Only a few days of Night and Zhimo empty cranes have several stations standing in the land, and the heart is trying to handle what is going to do.

Seeing the moment, looking at the land completely cut at your feet.

Looking at the ground on the ground, it has been extended to the neby abyment of the entire Tongling Ting and the Soul Street. It is completely cut through the entire corpse world, and the face of the Shan Billou Liu Wei and the face of the dead captain have also become very quirky. complex.

It's really powerful to make the strength.

But is it from now on?

Is the corpse world?


Among the ghosts.

On the way, the moment is continuously refreshed, and the shuttle space is transient into his office building several times.


"Will the host now draw."

In the face of the lucky draw message that the system is promoted, I chose a lottery directly without hesitation. "Yes, now I will start the draw."

The system has promised that the things you have drawn will be satisfied with the moving prices before entering the sleep, so it is naturally full of unlimited expectations for this lucky draw.

The voice just fell, and the brain world of the moment was raised, and the rapid snowflakes usually opened, arranged as a wall, and the wall was densely arranged in a variety of secondary world skills and items.

At a glance, there is a hundred thousands of skills and items, regardless of powerful or chicken ribs, all inclusive, there should be.

"The lottery is now."

The voice of the system is falling, and the wall in the brain world is renegable into snowflakes, and the glory that is still turned into the rollies.

Finally, I showed a golden red phase with a mysterious space that was filled with endless ripples. It seems that there is a breath of the sky and ancient myth.

"what is this?"

Seeing this face, this is like the mystery of the normally, and the face is in the face.

Chapter 162 Wang Zhifu (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Jinger won the" FATE "Temperature Treasure Wang Zhimuo City Do I ask now?"

Wang Zhifu?

I saw the results of the lucky draw in my mind, and my face was awkward. When I turned back, I showed a shocking face. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

"Actually Wang Zhihua"

After seeing the results of the lucky draw, I murmite in my own place, "How can I be Wang Zhizhu?

Wang Zhihua Bao "Fate" The world's "Golden 'Gilgamesh owned by the Tao", which is a collection of almost all the most powerful weapons among the world, and it is also to force the whole second yuan world. One of the highest capabilities.

The heavens and the earth are separated from the sword to the "nine2 zero", with the ability to break the heavens and the earth, with the strength of the opening of the sky, the strongest weapon in Wang Zhifa.

Stay away from the dust-world fantasy town stronger, the holder will never flow a blood, become a dead body, all everything in your body will be fixed at the time of wearing the sword

That is to say, wear the moment of fantasy away from the world begins with the moment after the sword , all of the holders will fall into the eternal state, any consumption and harm will not add herself.

Tianzhi locks to people, can lock the target along with the world in front of you, and those who are locked by the sky, even if they are in this world, they cannot escape.

The sword of the victory is to the city treasure, and the power can be destroyed in an instant in an instant.

There is also a power of the eternal gun, shooting a hundred, blazing, seven rounds, etc. Wang Zhimongbao, the power of the treasure is enough to destroy the world to kill the Buddha's arrival.

After the lucky prize was a treasure treasure, the moment in the moment of the brain flashed the power of Wang Zhi's treasure, the powerful prophet and the weapon, and it was unbeatable.


At the moment, some stunned standing in the building of the ghosts, and the heart was quickly and not allowed to answer the acceptance ability.

I didn't want the last system to go to sleep. It is true to what he said. It is hard to learn from a pile of chicken ribs and the ability to give him the ability of the sky.

"Yes, the host receives the treasure of the treasure of Taoji."

With the sound of the system ancient wells, the moment I immediately felt a strange energy poured into my body, and the body's soul seems to have suddenly, as if the ability is born.