Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 581 of Hueding Crack System

Wang Zhimongbao

After receiving the ability to pass the system, the moment is busy disconnecting the spiritual power of your body, trying to play this new power of the king.

I saw that the use of spiritual power in the moment, after the power of Wang Zhi's treasure, the air behind the body suddenly bloomed a bloody glamorous light, and the entire space where the moment was placed as a shackle.

The golden sudden shot in the infinity of the infinity, full of the whole ghosts in the whole ghosts, as if the invisible door in the midst of it was slowly opened.

When the golden light of the infinity is dissipated, I saw the mysterious blood of the mysterious blood in the moment, suddenly there was a piece of round golden ripple, and there seems to be countless mysterious objects will appear.

But soon.

This film is full of filled pictures.

Endless golden corrugations and blood-rays space comics are gradually dissipated, and the face of the moment begins to become very quirky.

"what's the situation?"

I am trying to carefully experience the power of the mysterious powerful weapons and treasures that I have just got.

As a result, it was found that it was originally emptied to collect the king's treasure of the king of all the treasures in the world.

The heart seems to feel faintly in the moment of being systematically giving pit, and suddenly and ruined in the heart, "The system gives me an explanation why I have a Treasure of my Wang's treasure?"

"Don't excite the host"

I heard an angry roar in my heart. The system's voice suddenly appeared in the brain's mind. It is Gilgamesh himself to collect it. "

"The host your lottery is just a king's treasure rather than the weapon and treasure you have in Gilgamesh.

I only heard the sound of the system and the unclear. "For other words, the host you get now, the king of the king is equivalent to all props in the treasure house without the treasure, you need the host yourself to collect Get "

A treasure house without a treasure?

I heard the interpretation of the system, I didn't have a temper when I was.

Think carefully there is no such cheap thing in the world, and the lottery pumped into a king's treasure is equivalent to having all the strong weapons and treasures in the world. This idea has not been too true.

"But if I have smoked it, I went to Wang Zhifei."

After understanding the meaning of the system, it is a bit depressed to 0.0, "What is the use of such a treasure house?"

"But the host, you don't have to feel disappointed."

At the moment, when I was a little lost for Wang Zhi's power, the sound of the system was again like a devil in the brain of the cerebelings. "Do you forget the ability of the jade system?"

"The ability to collapse the jade system?" I heard the system's reminder, the moment, the original eyes, and suddenly bloom again, his heart seems to understand the meaning of the system.

"Smart." It seems that it is possible to insider the idea in this heart at this moment, and the system is unsuccessful.

Chapter 163 Precipitation (seeking rewards and automatic)

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The sound of the system sounded in the brain, affirmed the guess in the moment. "From this moment, the host is your king's treasure will have a new weapon and treasure for each breakthrough bottleneck.

"And you will not only have the opportunity to get from the sword" Fate "world 'golden" Gilgamesh owns all weapons and treasures "

As the interpretation of the system is getting clearer and clear, the eyes of the eyes are getting more and more shining. "Even those Gilgamesh have never had this hopes that you want to evolve. Weapons and items will appear in your king's treasure ""

After the system's words are finished. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

Suddenly quietly sneaked into the mind of the moment, leaving only a person in the moment, standing alone in the same place.

"Is this special too changed?"

I saw that I was stuck in the moment of my heart, after digesting the system, I couldn't help but burst a thick mouth.

If the setting and development of the collapse system, the king's treasure that the king you have is undoubtedly the most terrible treasure of the most terrible treasure of the world's world.

What 'Golden' Gilgamesh's King's Treasure, it is weak, he has a moment, and he has no moment, there will be

"It seems"

I finally worked hard to calm down my heart, it was already unconventional, and I couldn't help but I couldn't live in a gentle, and I couldn't help but I couldn't live.

"My King's treasure is still the same as the throne of the king."

Starting from this moment.

The moment seems that it is fully foreseen.

In the near future, I will take a sound refer to it, and I will release the endless top anti-heaven artifact in the moment of Wang Zhizhu Tower.

Imagine that the blood-free picture, the mood of the moment is at all, it can't calmly.

What is the blue dye, what is the teacher, the teacher, Habach, or even the mysterious mysterious spirit of the mysterious mystery.

As long as the moment is successfully opened in the various top artifacts in Wang Zhizhou, these people will not put it in their eyes.

Just in the moment of immersing in the excitement of Wang Zhi's treasure.

Ambiguous ring.

Here is still a white desert, there is no trace of biological survival.

The sky on the top of the head is as long as the white halo, and it is a withered white quartz tree, as well as the small animals that can be survived by absorbing the emulsions in the air.

At this moment.

The center of the entire virtual ring, since I used the end of the year before I was in the moment, I will destroy the creation here.

After the blue dye, the right is later reached again, and it has been re-established a new virtual night.

"This death"

However, at this moment, a white majestic virtual night palace.

But it is passing a blue dye, the beast is like the wild, the wild beast, which is like injured.

"That power"

I saw that the blue dyeing end is sitting on the tall throne of the virtual night palace. The original cold and clear show is present at this moment, "Why will he have that power?"

"Even the 'anti-film' can be broken"

At this moment, the blue dye is full of blood, the left hand arm is broken, and the right leg's leg feet are completely annihilated.

However, the pain on the ** is not the fear and shock in the heart of the blue dye, and the short battle before the corpse society.

At the moment, the overwhelming terrorist power is displayed. While hinding the blue dye, all the arrogance and self-confidence of all the eyes in his heart.