In general

This resurgence of the corpse

In the case of the intervention in the moment and the blue dye, the picture is completely different.

Looking at the body that he is suffering from the dead, there is also the steps of the stupid you want to move in the stairs of the night.

Although the ability to have a full hybrid of mirror flowers, it is not worried that they have this strength to betray themselves, but at this time, some winds and cranes are still aware of the lack of scorpion and mirrors in their hands.

And the most critical is

What is the meaning of the sentence to him before leaving?

"Do you include me so smoothly getting a collapse?

It has a blue dress that transcends frequent people. Recalling that before the past, the words he said before, and the indifferent eyes couldn't help but flash countless guess and jealous. "It is what he is in advance?"

While thinking, a sense of blue dyeing took out the collapse jade in his arms.

Looking at your own hands and exquisite but mysterious, mysterious, mysterious, blue-stained, originally cold eyes can not help but gradually be hot.

"Forget it"

Gently shake your head, trying to take all the uneasiness and chaotic ideas all of your mind.

Blue dyeing eyes stare at the incomplete collapse of themselves, "No matter how I have already got the collapse"

"Next, as long as I create an out-of-plane legion"

After getting a collapse, the ** and ambitions in the blue eyes are gradually infinitely expanded, and the heart has already developed a good plan to come out. "Then two incomplete collaps of jade will be able to completely break the gods and The virtual boundary enters an unprecedented period "

"When I arrive, I will fall in the body of the king."

"First solve this unspeakable variable change and then go to the world, Wang Jian kills the Lingwang Palace to control everything."


For a while, the blue staining suppressed crazy laughs echoed in the entire virtual night palace, and there were countless big virtues.

Chapter 164 returns to the present (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Since the end of the incident of the blue dye, redeemed the escape of the evil spirits.

Everything seems to recover calm, but no matter who is very clear, the calm of the eyes is only a temporary illusion.

After the blue staining power of fleeing to the virtual circle, there will be a lot of soil sooner or later, but those are after.


A green grass is like a green grass.

A tall and incomplete portal suddenly came, falling up on the ground to set off a flying dust.

"nailed it"

In front of the high-incomparable door, the laughter of the float is hanging on the face, looking at the eyes of the eyes, "This is the official wear door, even the spirit is also installed for you. "

Kurosaki, Shixian Rainlong, Tea Rui Tiger and Well Weaving Ji plus a black cat's four maple garden night.

Since the blue staining incident, I have already brought a lot of days in the signs of the corpse, and I am going to go back to the world.

"This one"

At this time, the Poisher's 14th Lang took a small piece of object from his arms, throwing it to the front of the blacks, "is a protective you"

"what is this?"

After Kurosaki took it, looked at the small objects in his hand, it was a brand in which black is in the X-race.

"This is the Death Agent License"

The Poisher's 14th Lang explained the role of this small brand. "That is to say, you will be the age of the corpse in the future, you can fight in the world."

"Death agency certificate"

Looking at this small brand in his hand, Kurosaki screwed the fire in front of him, "Xie La Zhuzhu captain"

"you are welcome"

Poizen's 14th Lang smiled: "This is also a thank you for helping the corpse world this time."


Immediately, the eyes of Poandon 14 were on the moment, "I really want to go to the world with them."

"Yeah, how do you say it?"

I saw that the Bold is standing around the well, after this time, the feelings of the two have risen sharply. "This time I go to the world, there are some things to handle."

"No matter what

As soon as I said in the public, I put it softly, I went straight to the slight waist of the Wiwi Ji, and my mouth was slightly. "I am now a boyfriend of the Ji Ji."


In the face of so many people in front of you, I was now open to the present relationship. The shyhead shy heads on the inhi is buried in the ** of the month.

"This guy"

Seeing you, I'm looking at the two people, the two people, next to Shi Tian Weilong reached out and gently push the glasses on his nose. After both eyes revealed a strange brunt, "the speed of starting It's so short to raise a classmate in so well. "

"Don't have a nonsense"

Looking at the Yosaki, I was still grinding, I saw the rain dragon, I saw the incarnation of the black cat, and two of them came to a trick, "We should start"

At the critical moment, this black cat that turns into the night is the most leadership.

It's just that the night is just finished.

A palm gained his neck and mentioned it to his face.

"What do you do when you have a babo?"

I saw a hand in the middle of the incarnation of the black cat, and the angry mouth spit was constantly struggling.

"You look very fun like a little night"