Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 583 of Hueding Crack System

Looking at the cute little black cats that not only struggled before his hand, the moment of is full of greedy expressions.

A group of people laughed a while, and the moment immediately put the night on his shoulders, and a group of people stepped into the door of the wear.

The world.


"Ah, ah"

A series of skewers suddenly sounded in the sky.

At the moment, I've passed a long broken world after a group of people entered into the door, and it was hard to get out of the door.

A protective but the discovery of the wearing door is set up in the high altitude of the empty seat, and a group of people suddenly hook down the ground.

Of course, I have n'thing to do, By the way, the weaving and night floating in the sky, and the Kurosaki can only fall straight to the ground.

37-seventh troops

At the glance, I will protect them from the three people to fall into the meat, this time is a flash.

Suddenly they had a huge hammock in the air of the three people, and they all took them all the wraps in it.

"I have to save" three people caught by huge hammock, suddenly crying.

"Mr. Mr. Weaving Ji

When the moment of weaving and night fluttering on the ground, a petite voice came.

Everyone went back.

I only see the high school girls' salad, Zeong, I am standing on the streets that are not far, and she has waved toward them. After her, she followed the pedaling of Pudao, Hui Yu, Hui Yu, Hua Yu, Hua Wei. Two little ghosts.

"Shizhi three-day scraping and see"

Looking at the short hair girl who gradually came from himself to the extensive girl and the deep eyes of the moment gradually squinted.

It is naturally not difficult to see his life, this is only a short ten days, and the spiritual power of Longgui has reached the three levels of the Thirteen team of Jinding Tingtan.

"I don't know what kind of special training for this guy to help this guy."

Seeing the shovel of Zeong, there is so amazing transformation, and the moment I can't help but help this guy who has the highest intellectual intellect of the corpse in the world.

It is no wonder that Pudao helps the 'means', will be killed by Wang You, Wang You, Habo, is one of the five major guidance.

Chapter 165 Mystery Organization (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Mr.'s Mr."

All the way, I came to the beginning of the moment and the Ni Ni Night. There was a great mouth of Ze Longgui's mouth, a pretty face gave a smile, "I didn't let you down,"

Said that there was a blindle in front of the moment, I also picked up a chopped knife in my hand, and some smoked swaying in front of the moment, "and I have already completed it."

"Where to come to the knife"

I heard the Zeonggui, who had already completed it, and the moment is finally a little surprised to raise his eyebrows, and the eyes fall on the Pubao Hihuma after her. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

"I'm right,"

Seeing the eyes of the moment, Pudao helped the progress of the practice of Ze Longgui in these days, "Dragon Gui's little girl does have a strong battle talent"

Fighting talents are of course

I heard the tone of Pudao, and the heart was secretly smiled.

It is necessary to know that there is a fighting talent in the original, and the existence of the sky, even can complete the existence of Kurosaki, absolutely developed the value.

"But you are not a simple guy Pudao Help"

The thoughts returned to the reality in front of the eyes, and the eyes of the moment were deeply eyeped on the Pubao Hising in front of them.

The genius scientist of this corpse is also said that the intelligence of the blue dye is also known as the intelligence of Po Hua, and no one can guess how many means of this guy.

After a simple cold, the Kurosaki kapping all of them all spend each other.

"The Kurosaki, you are dead and I am destroying."

It's just like it is, Shi Tian Yu Long looks at Takasaki. "We are enemies in the next time."

" this guy"

Looking at the back of the rain dragon in Shi Tian, ​​the black Sikasaki is uncomfortable to smash his mouth.

"Night, I will send Longgui, I will go home together"

Seeing the Kurosaki, they were guilty of the three directions, and the moment was turned on a black cat on his shoulders. "Do you want to be with us?"

Can't "can't"

Who knows that the black cat is lightly shakes his head, a pair of golden cats inexplicably look at the prosperous city in front of you, "I have to go to a slap in which they are notified there. Ambiguous ring

After that, the black cat is gently gaining from the shoulders of the moment, and suddenly lost the figure in the street, just a long way to fall in the air.

"I will come to you tomorrow."

This proudly picnic cat looks at the direction of the night, and the moment is helpless and shook his head. It is estimated that she wants to take a space to leave it alone.

About five minutes away.

At the moment, the two people sent Zemong to go home and walked on the empty street.


Along the way, how did the mouth of Zeong Gu Zhangda have closed, and a long excitement is issued.

It is unborant that he has widened his scorpion and looked at the moment of his own, as if not met them.

"Weave Ji you, you"

I saw that there was a pair of eyes and died, and I didn't dare to believe my eyes. "Do you actually follow the mothers?"

She went to the corpse of several days?

The world change is so fast?

"Call me is fine"

Looking at my eyes, I was surprised, I was expensive, and I was not AECC to smile. "You are the most good friend of Wei Ji is my best friend."