Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 584 of Hueding Cracks

"Weiji will live with me in the past few days, you can come over to play two games"

The parents of the weaving Ji went to her when she was very small. The only brother well was also died in her middle school, so I bought a house in the empty seat, I bought a house invited her to live with themselves. .

On the other hand, while the moment, he fell to the far-reaching manager, the hill scale, the prosperous manor, "It is the house I bought in the world".

"Where is the house you bought?"

I hope to go in the direction of my fingers, and Zeong is expensive. This guy actually bought the most expensive estate of the entire empty seat.

At this time, when I was asking such a lot of money in the moment, I'm just a light eyebrow.

"It seems"

Whether it is a top-level, he domineering, or the left eye of the blind eye, and it is clear that there is a few mysterious figure in the corner of the side of the street.

"There are a few small mice who don't know how to think about our idea."

"Is it the girl?"

At this time, the street corner next to it.

A black jacket that combed in a short hair, wearing a fluff collar, a man wearing silver cross necklace, looking away from the well on the body, asked.

It was not spotted that their whereabouts have been discovered at this moment.

"The girl who will not be wrong"

At this time, a group of mysterious figures, a young man who left, black eyes gradually got out of the shadow, showing a face of Swan Junxiu.

It is worth noting that his hand also holds a mysterious black book, which seems to have an extraordinary force.

"There is a strong finger force on the well on the well."

"Since it is determined, it will do it."

After listening to the target confirmation, the high-robust man was watching, "" There is a power of death next to her, but there is no spiritual fluctuation on the man's body should be an ordinary humanity. "

"Action takes away her finished power to take"

But at this time.

With a strange voice behind, they have a shadow of the seven people's figure. .

Chapter 166 Fertilizers (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"let me see"

"What is the seven little mice hiding here?"

Suddenly sounded from behind, the seven mysteries in the shadows were suddenly being electrified, and they were stiffly in the original place. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

"how come?"

Several people are like the wild cats that have been stepped on the tail, quickly turning around, and has grown up their eyes.

The actual leader in a few people, the big man, the first reaction, the first reaction, seems to be aware of the slight fluctuations in the air, and it is turned around.

"how can that be?"

I saw that they didn't know when they didn't know when they had already had a strange movement, a black suit.

The silver-white long hair was bundled into a black gentleman's hood, and the large hat covered his outline, only showed a white chin and the ripple corner.

Herone just walked in the youth of their goal well, the 'ordinary human' of the 'there is no spiritual fluctuations in Yincheng in my mouth.

"It turned out tolerant"

The blue-blue deep and blood red monster is recognized at the identity of seven people in front of him, and the heart suddenly understood.

Members organized Xcution, members in the organization are all consumers, mastering different capabilities, usually in the continuous search of the tissue in the current situation.


Is the goal of this help? Isn't the goal?

How can I keep watching well at this time?

On the heart, I thought, while I pulled my slim finger.

Pulf the black-wide hat in front of him, revealing a pair of deep and shameless and innocent hands, which leads to seven finishes in front of them.


The look of alert and vigilant with the other people around himself.

Double horsesail purple long-haired girl with white velvet hat, some big lady plus flowers and peaks.

The attention is completely attracted to the impeccable appearance of this moment, and she seems to be fainted by the face of her excitement.

When the original Lilika, the little girl was in the first time I saw Shosaki, I almost faintly fainted by the handsome fans of Kurosaki.

At this moment, I suddenly saw that the appearance of beautiful young people like an instant is so similar distance. If it is not a state of war, it is estimated that she has already been coma.

"whispering sound"

"Bored flower idiots"

I saw the purple red squat tail lily licka's eyes, and the star of the head with a black duckling hat was unrecognizable.

"Yincheng Air"

"This guy is the 'ordinary human'" of the 'no spiritual fluctuations you mentioned. "

At this time, the Yincheng empty, the color of the color of the black, the black, the hair, the show, the show, Jiulai, no ridicule.


"Mr.'s Mr."

At this time, I found out the moment, the well on the distant, and the Zeong Yuli also gradually ran over this.


"Prepare Action"

Seeing the wells in the distance, we ran over the position of yourself, and the leader in the top of the seven people in front of the moment, the silver city was awkward.