Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 585

"First solve this guy"

When you see my companions, you will be able to start action, your face is indifferent, ruthless, ruthless month, Xiu Jiiro, the first reaction.

Fixation, end book

I only saw the Moon Island Xiu Jilang quickly opened the black god secretary in his hand, took out a bookmark of his own immunity.

After launching the spiritual power of your body, I saw that when he was suddenly seen when he was standing, there was a slight-catching warrior who appeared to look sharp.

This warrior is a weapon he uses the modernization of the feature, which has a considerable attack ability, which can ly all objects.

Even as long as he is going to be a target, whether it is a biological or non-organism, he can launch his own full-scale ability to sandwich.

If you are in the moment, if you are now being smashed by his fingers, then you can choose an arbitrary time in any time in the moment, then the moment is now in the moment. Just recognize the people of Jiuliro, Moon Island.

If the image is understood, it is equivalent to changing the history of the timeline that has passed the timeline, so it is not only the hacking person will do not meet the moon island Xiu Jiurir, but the Moon Island Xiu Jiuro will also know all from the clipping point. The experience of being cut by the cutter.

....... ..... ..... ...

Also or Moon Island Xiubo can use his own abomical ability to smash the ground, incorporate yourself I have had a trap before it and set up a trap, then this location will really appear a trap.

Unlike the ability of the dead, the ability of the console is more increasing to rule level.

"Good sharp warrior knife"

In front of the moon island Xiu Jiuro's hand, the sharp slamming samurai knife was fixed into a frame of one frame in the flash of the right eye hemlow, and it was like a slow motion lens.

At this moment, the white and handsome face, it seems that some distressed gently frowned, "How to say it, if you are in your fingers, you will become very troublesome."

Sixty-three · thunder

Seeing the long-term sharp samurai knife in the joy of the Jiuru in the Moon Island.

Everyone in front of him suddenly found that all the spirits in the air around his body began a crazy riots, and only the moment in front of him has already opened their palms to align them.


Seeing this moment in the hands of the moment, and the violent spirit in the air, the Yincheng empty pupil suddenly contracted into a pinhole.

Chapter 167 against against (seeking rewards and automatic)

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In the evening, the empty sky is like a blue sky. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Suddenly blooming infinite blue violent thunderlights, just like air, a thunder.

All houses in the entire neighborhood of empty seats were suddenly appeared in the infinite thunder blasting, and it turned out to spit out.

Originally, I was looking toward the impeachment that I was running over, and I had a throne, and I stopped my footsteps, raising my hand to constantly blow the violent enthusiast.

"What happened"

When I looked at the ground and block of the ruthlessness, I was blown up in front of my life. After the dust was exhausted, I looked at the disappeared in front of my eyes. "Why did you have a" seven second three "in the enemy. "

"The life is still very hard"

Singing to abandon a strong ghost, after bombing the entire ground under the foot, the moment fluttered on the ground next to it.

The blink of the left eye flashed in a secluded blue light, and the hole wearing the endless dust and ashes, clearly captured the status of the seven finishes at the moment, "Is the little girl's finishing ability?"

"Cough cough"

A dramatic cough sounded.

I saw a waste of the ruins. The seven members of the melancholy organized Xcution were in the sky, although there was no fatal trauma, but it was also a gray face.

"The ability of Lili Laika uses the immigrant doll house to absorb the thunderous explosion"

Looking at the scene in front of the battle disaster, Xuexu and the Lion River are afraid of a few people in their hearts. "Otherwise, we are now dead now."

"Is this guy?"

The trembling is standing from the ground ruins, and the silver city is reached out to take the dust on the fur coat.

The necropsy eyes, the death of the dead, and the smoldering of the smoldering, the leader of the hidden, the leader of the melody organized Xcution, Yincheng Air, was the first to gain the official, and became "" Humanity of the initial generation of death.

At the same time, it is also the world that has the only three-capable medium (cross necklace and death agency certificate), he certainly recognizes what strength is just what is the use of it.

"If you want to sing the intermediate ghost, you have this power."

Looking at the endless dust in front of you, the closer, the more close to the harm, and the silver city is suddenly realized that their actions are definitely a mistake.

"This guy is definitely a big person in the body of the corpse."

Fortune organizers' loved ones in the Xcution organization, they were hit by virtual attacks before they were born.

Therefore, the power of the virtual will remain on the mother and pass it to them during their birth. They can take the soul in the substance and strengthen them with their spiritual power.

In addition to enhancing its own strength, it can also change the shape of inertial items. This approach the virtual ability is called "finishing", and people with this power are called the finisher.

For example, in the well, the Kurosaki is guarded, and there is a tea Tiger, and they have the strength of the situation.

Originally, the most direct goals of Xcution, which were originally organized, should have been taken to absorb the interstitational strength of Kurosaki, thus the soul of the anti-corpse.

However, there is currently the power of the god of the gods and the help of the corpse, so they temporarily put the goal in the genius of the genius.

I didn't think that this original and in front of us today, I saw guys who had no spiritual fluctuations and reactions, it would be so horrible.

"who are you?"

I finally walked out from the endless dust ashes, came to the front of them.

There is no lover's indifferent looks like anything in the world, feeling a lot of aggressive momentum, and Yincheng is finally cherked.

"A dead person"

"It is not necessary to know my identity."

Slowly gradually went to Yincheng Air and the Moon Island Xiubiiro they finished the seven people, and the eyes of the moment, seemed to see the fear and uneasiness in their hearts at the moment.


"Don't be too satisfactory"

Listening to the moment in the mouth, I'm looking at the discourse, and I am a deep silver city of the heart. I can't help but be angry in my heart, let alone other members of several Xcution organizations.