Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 586 of Hueding Crack System


Fixed, cross necklace

Feeling the constant horror momentum of the body in front of her eyes, the Yincheng air has gradually penetrated the intensive sweat.

I saw that Yincheng was empty, and she launched her own finish and the ability to measure the cross necklace. The whole body changed a set of black and white combat clothing.

And he used his own spiritual force to strengthen the cross necklace, turned into a knife, long-standing hand sword, center inlaid, red gem, the sword is close to the hand part of the hand, the huge hands sword with golden bracket, is his The knife cross scaffold.

Seeing that the Yincheng air did not launch the ability of his own immigrants and even entered the stage of completion of the immigration, the surroundings of the remaining six finished technologists suddenly launched their own full-scale ability and transform.

At a time, in the air in front of the moment, it seems that all spirits have been dried, and the seven complexes have formed a powerful momentum that cannot be underestimated, and it is far from the moment.

"When the first stage of the merge is transformed?"

It seems that there are some disappointments in front of a group that enters the first stage of the first stage of the whole stage. It seems to have some disappointment.

If he didn't remember the wrong, the Yincheng empty city empty city seized the finishing technique and the ability to launch, and can enter the shape of the three-stage transformation.

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Let me know how to blunt. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

That is a big force that is more powerful than the death team of the 13th of the corpse.


There is no such power from the silver city in front of you, and there is a little disappointed shook his head.

Fixed, funeral soul boots

I seem to have a little bit of gods in front of you, and seize this moment.

I saw the black female Jack Tristein in the top of the first quarter, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.

"Dust, soil, gravel, you lost your attack"

Between the blink of an eye, I saw that the generous skills of the character, and the whole person appeared in the side of the moment. The right leg was high-raised to tear the air in front of the eyes, and it was a strong kick.

"My boots have been contaminated to have enough stains."

Jack Tristan's finished capabilities, the media is the pair of boots wearing on her feet, the power is the more dirty, the more material contaminated, the attack movement and attack impact It will become more.

I saw the Xcution organization member Jack Tristan's feet of the soul of the soul shooting, directly bombarding the entire ground where the moment is located, and the rock is splashing.

"Is it?"

After the whole person fell on the ground, I didn't think about the flesh and blood blurry scene under the feet, Jack Tristein was alert to the traces of the moment, "Where?"

"Behind you"

Seeing the figure of the moment seems to be in the body of Jack Tristan.

At this time, the Xcution organization was worn by the high school uniform, shaved the Lion River of Praz, and suddenly waved his fist in his hand bombarded the past.

Fixing the fist

The Lion River's original feature medium is the burger that is engraved on his hand in his hand in his hand, is a finishing of the probability of manipulating probability.

Whether it is the ability to attack the other party directly with the right hand of the tiger, or the object attack target that is worn with the right hand of the tiger, it will cause the other party and cause harm.

Even if you can directly hit the opponent's head, you can cause a killing effect of killing.

"That is interesting"

On the mouth, I am unfolded to evaluate the abilities around the surrounding person. I seem to have an easy way to avoid the original Tiger boxing next to the Lion River. "Some is similar to 'order' and 'rules' power"

"But if you can't hit me"

Left flashing right, the whole person is like a dancing flower butterfly, and there is more than the excitement of Jack Tristan and the Lion River.

The moment is relaxed to avoid the left and right sides of Jack Tristan and the Lion River.

"A more powerful ability is just a powerfulness."


Two dull and poke sounds.

I saw that I have gradually felt boring moment, instantly caught the flaws and gaps of the two people, and directly turned the two-way smart whirrhop kicking them.

In the remaining five Xcution organizations, they saw Jack Tristan and Lion River in which they were responsible for the melee fighting, they were directly like the shells.

Directly wear a number of obstacles and buildings along the way, finally it is on the ground.

Although the intensive strength is strengthened, the original two people in Jack Tristan and the Lion River is still a human body, and the eyes closed and the awareness of the eyes is severely coma.

"Jack and the river"


"It is not his opponent"

Fortress, no words

It is easy to take a stagnation of Liluka and Xuexu, who is stagnant, and the whole body has a green giant, the whole body is like a green giant, and the ability to release his own time blasting directly towards the moment.

Zeze is a compliance with the medium of the pocket watch, which can be applied toward the designated target, once the object violates the established condition, it will suffer the revenge of the time.

The elements associated with it will be burned by the inflammation. Once the ability is applied, even the power of Zemub himself will not relieve this terrorist ability.

At this time, the Xcution organization leader Yincheng, the leader and the arrival of the moon is not willing to return.

I saw the hands of the silver city in my hands and swords directly in the moment, and the air was fiercely smashing directly to cut the ground, and went to the moment in front of you.

Jiuro, Jiuru, Jiuru, is the handheld Samurai knife from the other side, and the whole personnel have made a ghosty phantom.

At the very close of the moment, seeking opportunities to kill the power of their finished finish books, clamped into the past.

"In this case"

There is no lock of the time of the time of the time, and only the whole person is like a smoked light smoke.

Deep, double, reflected in the Yincheng in front of Yincheng, a huge strong sword, and there is also a very fast figure of Jiuro, the moon island. "Then I will let you know what to know is the world's most Strong Sword "

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