After the sound of the sound is falling.

When I suddenly left the eyes, the blue eyes of Zhan Zhan, the Qing Dynasty, and the Yincheng Airlines and the arrival of the arrival of Jiulang, the moon island, and the launch disappeared in the original place.


Seeing the moment, I lost my air, I was empty, and the silver city of Yincheng and the moon island Xiubi Lang suddenly warys the traces of the brakes. He looked back but saw an incredible shock.

Chapter 169 Instant (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Wang Zhimongbao

Waiting to Yincheng Air and the Moon Island Xiubio diarrhea when they have turned their heads again. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

It suddenly found that there was an endless blood in the space behind him, as if stuffed the whole world, it couldn't open their eyes.

I saw that the whole person was quietly floating in the half space. When the air behind the body suddenly bloomed a bloody and glamorous light, and the whole space where the moment was in the moment, the whole space was turned into a shackles.

The golden rays that have been infinitely eye-catching suddenly shot, as if there is an invisible door in the meditation.

When the golden light of the infinity is exhausted, I saw the mysterious blood of the mysterious blood in the moment, and there were sudden round gold ripples.

"What is this?"

Suddenly, the whole space in front of him has appeared so magnificent.

It seems that the entire world after the moment has become this mysterious golden space, all of all everyone don't help but smash their eyes.

"First is you"

After opening the king's treasure, there is a lining in the end of the sky behind the sky behind the sky.

The moment of quiet floating in the void, this moment simulation is like the gods of , so it seems that all the height of the world in the sky.

First, the deep eyes of the moment were the most sharp sword in the world, and the hook fell in the foot of the foot, after the emergence of the situation, it was like a burly green giant averaged.


When I saw the void, I was like the

The boundless magnificent momentum and penetrating the soul of a person, as if the whole person is completely frozen in the original place.

"Let's go ..."

"It will be killed by this horrible guy"

The world's heart defense line is completely shocked by the glorious heaven and earth vision of Wangzheng's treasure.

Under the crisis between life and death, he finally broke all the spiritual power on his own, and smashed the blasting of his own intraoperative ability.

Suddenly, there was a clear voice of a metal front man in all people in the field.

I saw the moment in the air in front of the eyes. He didn't have the space of the space behind him, and one of the golden ripples slowly drilled a simple slender.

The above faintly contained an ancient, hot and destroyed horror, as if it is a Taikoo volcano that will be detonated at any time.

"Is this a chopper?"

When I saw the weapon that appeared in the space coming of the spatial junction of the rays of the light, the idea of ​​the Zip Ze's brain was just produced.

I suddenly saw a sword of swords in front of him, and the whole person suddenly looked at the darkness, completely lost the consciousness slowly fell on the ground.

With the bright red blood lines that are almost naked, the bloodline is gradually appeared from the amount of Zeze, and Zeze finally lost his breathing of life.

At this time, the figure of the moment has long been, when he appeared behind him.

In the hands of the hand, it is just that the flow blade electric shot from Wang Zhifu is fired.

Because Wang Zhimongbao burst into the speed of the weapon, it was too fast, so that the fire blade of the moment was completely penetrated by the brain of Ze, which didn't contaminate any blood stains.

However, it is unfortunately, now his Wang Zhifa is in a huge treasure house of this potential. It is only possible to store the arms if the arms will be stored.

"What happened?"

Looking at the silent squid, it was obvious that the remaining four Xcution organizations in the scene had nothing to react all.

From the moment of the king of the moment, it took the fire and wore the brain of Zeze, and then the moment was in his body, and it was only in the light stone fire.

"Zeze was killed in a moment"

Especially the Yincheng air and the moon island Xiuiro. At this moment, the looks on both faces have been almost almost almost dripping, "I didn't even have the opportunity to apply time conditions?"


After instantly killing the performance of the hand-controlled time conditions, the flash of the moment began to gradually fell to the Yincheng of the Yincheng and the two people of the Yuele Island, "It's two". "


After seeing the moment, the goal began to target the two.

Yincheng Air and the Moon Island Xiuji Lang only feel that he seems to be like a prehistoric beast who is coming here. It is completely eye-catching.


Clear feelings of this horrible Yunmei Youth have created killing from themselves, and the silver city of the cross sword is a bit bite. "This is going to die here."


I saw the silver city of the life and death pressure. I quickly lifted the huge Zhao in my hand. I was a big sword of Zhao, and I was a huge sword to hit the waves.

The shape is huge like the upper crescent, and the crescent tumble of the protagonist Kazaki is very similar.

Fixed operation · Candle

Seeing Yincheng, I was full of power, and the moon island Xiuji Lang was not willing. I saw that his entire man broke out the magical movement speed.

Almost transients, I usually appear around the moment, and the sharp warrior to tear the air in hand, directly to the moment to get into the past.

Although two people are naturally self-reliant, the character is cruelly unscrupulous, but in the face of the so horrible enemy in front of the moment, Yincheng Air and the Moon Island Xiu Jiuro also can't live in this powerful pressure.

Chapter 170 No Sword Hao (ask for reward and automatic)

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In the case of this period, the power of Yincheng has not taken the power of the Takasaki, which has changed the three paragraphs of the immigration, and has the power of the and the inversion. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

However, he has a dual power of death and finisher. At this time, the strength is definitely not weak to the neighborhood of the gods of the corpse.

The strength of Jiulang itself is hard, and then cooperate with his ability to get a strange rule level, the strength is absolutely not to be underestimated.

After all, no matter how powerful existence, it is a very troublesome thing that is caught in the past.