Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 588 of Hueding Crack System

However, seeing Yincheng Airbus, the moon, the moon, and the martialilo knife, and the Moon Island Xiu Lang have a strong cut-off ability, there is a moment of hitting, but everything is like all all settle in this moment.

Void Keyway

In the eyes of Jiulai, Jiulai, Moon Island.

He seems to have an illusion. He feels that all all seen in front of him have become two halves, one is divided into two.

But the most terrible thing is that in the other side of the silver city, this is not the illusion of the Yuele Island Xiuji Lang.

At the moment, the fire blade in the hand is still the same, but the power and effects created are different from the past.

I saw that I am so fast that the flow blade in my hands is smashed.

No one can use words to describe the sharpness of this sword

The speed is as if everything has happened.

A crisp sound sounded, flooded into everyone's ear, as if there was a good silk satin in the past.

I saw a darkness, like the abyss, a huge sword, split from the moment, as if it can cut off anything in this world.

There is no exaggerated movement, and I only see the crescent sword hits including the moon island Xiujilang and Yincheng.

The real world in front of the moment, that is, four-dimensional space (three-dimensional space plus one-dimensional time), as if this suddenly became a two-dimensional plane.

In the moment, the black huge sword with a large sword is smashed, and it is completely cut into two halves.

Yuele Island Xiu Jilang, Yincheng Airbrutive Jelly Aedf smashed the waves, next to the street, the ground under the foot, even the air and light in front of the eyes

Everything that originally exists in the world's void, all of them have been opened into two halves.

"what is this?"

"The world 'was cut off?"

Yincheng Airlines has a sluggish, and the eyes of this incredible scene, he is a little understanding, but what is going on here.

"Can you cut off the world's finishing?"

Looking at the incredible chopping in front of you, this is completely involved in the power of this world 'order' and 'rules'.

Yincheng arrogantly thought of the finishing, but soon he immediately shook his head and overthrew this ridiculous idea, "no"

"This is not full"

The look is indifferent to the moon island Xiu Jirang and his entire world and the void are divided into two paragraphs.

The top of the moment is a domineering accurate capture of the silver city, the silver city is shocking, and sharp eyes are gently glanced. "This is just a simple sword and smashing."

"I just cut off the world I saw in front of my eyes."

There is no big sword, the sword level is in the high mysterious realm.

Since the moment of breakthrough bottleneck breaking the boundary is promoted to this realm.

The goal of the sword in the hands of the moment is no longer anyone in front of you, but the world of the world, this is empty.

"How can a simple sword?"

I heard the explanation of the moment. Obviously the Yincheng empty, there is no way to accept the answer to the moment, directly he refused to believe in his own head, "How can a person's swordsmanship and cutting?"

But no matter whether the silver city is believed or not, he has been innocent.

Because the previous moment has not been ignorant and a dark huge sword, it is coming to the world's void.

In the face of a sword in front of the unparalleled sword, the Sword of the Sky, Yincheng, lifted the hands of his hands in his hands, and lifted his hands.

I instantly feel that I have a pain in my body, I watched the black sword in my hand in my hands. The black sword was smashed into the black sword.

Even the blood on my body is not splashing. As the hand is broken, I saw that the silver city is empty, and the whole person is instantly being burned in two halves.

"There are still two left"

The sword of the voids instantly, the two swords solved the strongest leaders in the Xcution organization, and the moon island Xiu Jiuro, and the moment will be filled with the fire.

I looked at the squad of the ground to the ground to fight, and I had already scared, and the purple double-pocket girl Lilika and blonded teenager snow, and the opening of the moment is accurately said. The names of them.

"Is Lu Lili and Xuexu?"

Eye looks extremely looked at this handsome young young chastity to gain all members of their entire organization.

In particular, the Yincheng Airlines and the Moon Island Xiujiro were instantly cut into two half of the picture, Lilika and Xuexu said.

I heard the flash of the name of the two, Lilika and Xuexu nodded, but soon, he suddenly swayed his head.

"what the hell"

At this time, there is a rustic and there are finally rushing, and Long Gui is disappointed to look at the opponent that is instantaneous in front of him. "It's already over."


See Dragon Gui, a strange style of heroic, and a strange look, "Is this the beginning of your chop?"

Chapter 171 in vain counterattack (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Existing, empty seat. (.) (.) (.)? (.).

The entire neighborhood has a ruin.

The most strange scene is the void in the ruins of the street.

As if it seems to be a cloth, it is forcibly tearing into two halves, which presents a ridiculous passage of reverse disorder.

I am standing in the moment, the purple red double-hi girl in front of me, Lilika and blond teenager snow, two little ghost battles are very afraid.

At this time, the implementation of the moment is completely in the well rope on the body and the Zeongui. It is accurately said that there is a magnificent body.

I saw the Longgui who entered the decision of the knife and I saw a set of white styling weapons protective gear on her hands and feet, and the sharp streamlined was not cold.

In addition, there are more white hair bands on the forehead, and then equipped with Longgui and a bright face, it seems that the whole person seems to be extraordinary.

"Is this a kind of chop of the tallee type of liberation form?"

Looking at the special form after the intention of the dragon and the knife, the mouth is rare, and if you think about it, "it is very suitable for Dragon's karate fighting genius."

I don't know what kind of power will be in actual combat?