The eyes stared at the long-standing long expensive, and there was a happy look on the face.


"Don't look at my strength,"

It seems that I have seen the lookout color in the eyes, I saw Longgui hands on the pair, and my face was put on the face.

Obviously, it can get the same power as Kurosaki and the well on the well, and finally it will be able to go to everyone's circle, which makes Longgui's current mood very excited.

Although I really want to join the battle in the moment, I have solved all my opponents in this three or two, and I have a long-awaited look that the Dragon Knife will only be depressed.

"Who is these guys?"

Just completed the longguise of the sickness, but nowhere to play, I had to look at the Lilika and Xuexu under the foot before the moment.

"A group of humeographers with the same capabilities"

With the doubtful question, the sharp eyes of the moment goes to the Lilika and Xuexue in front of him, "the goal seems to be aimed at the Zhiji"

I only see the poisonous peak Lilika that enters the form of the immigration.

The purple red double horn is staring at a pair of white rabbit plush hat, and then with a set of servant dress, it is very delicate and cute.


At this moment, standing on the well of Longgui's side, there is a little hesitated look at the Lilika and Xuexu sitting in front of the ground in front of the earth. "Do you want me to give them two slight treatment?"

Obviously, I looked at the poor Lilika in front of him to touch the kind and soft heart of Zhi Ji.

As long as someone needs her to treat the injury, weaving will not hesitate to treat, even if it has hurt himself, it is no exception.

The original eleven teams fifth Sakawa, the bows, who have been praised by her, blue dye, and Urcheola Western law, I have used "Sun" to metaphor.

Just along with the enemy, you can feel it, what is the gentleness of the girl in the Giji.

"no need"

"The killing has been killed by me, there is no harm of these two little ghosts."

I heard the proposal of the goodwill of the weaving, I didn't make it feel gently in the moment.

However, at this time, the blind eye of the left eye of the moment suddenly flashed the mysterious blue light, gently picking his own brows.


"Give me death"

It seems that I have a little lax, I saw that Lilika and Xuexu on the ground did not have a relative opposition to the opposite side, and suddenly rigid from the ground.

Love gun

The first is Lilika, just see her hand to raise an appearance to paint care and fish face patterns, with a white bipyle and a light cute player pistol.

The appearance of such a ridiculous toy pistol, but suddenly sprayed a huge imperient object toward the moment.


"How can this?"

Seeing the huge objects of the cute toy pistol in the hands of Lilika, the weaving and Dragon expectations were very shocked.

Housing, cars, even a huge truck, all sprayed from the toy pistol in the hands of Lilika.

This is the ability of Lilika to use her to measure the doll house in advance, and all these huge objects are absorbed into her doll, and then they are released together with her toy pistol.

.. ... ...

Fashion, intruder

Seeing the ability of the Lilika around himself, she had the ability to complete the situation. At this time, the genius of the blonde closed eyes, and immediately seized the opportunity to show his strength.

But the teenager Xuexu just took out his own feeding medium.

Just want to use the ability to use the moment in front of the moment and the weaving of the dragon, all of them are all within their own game space, but they widened their eyes.

Blood color

The .....

Everyone felt that a very cold arrogant was unpredictable, and all the things around it seemed to fall into stagnation, and time seems to slow down his footsteps.

In the face of the countless huge objects of the neighborhood of Lilika cute toys, I saw that I didn't hesitate to directly launch the bloody frozen forces, and did not see his body has any action.

Lilika and snow in front of you, as well as the weaving of Woven Ji and Dragon Gui, suddenly watched his eyes and looked at this beautiful and strange scene.

Chapter 172 Apocalypse (ask for reward and automatic)

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A brittle frozen sound of the soul is sounded in the spurs. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

I saw that the air around the people seems to be caught in a bloody ice world.

A bloody aperture, a bloody aperture that is almost unable to detect from the moment, spread, only to see the huge houses and trucks in his head in front of him.

All of them have been stagnant, and the blood color of the moment is frozen with the least small unit atoms. After the air is finished, it is completely frozen and pulverized into a colorful sparkling parable powder.

It seems that there is a lot of bloody shine in front of the half-air.

In the colorful blood color of the sky, the black gentleman's hood dropped, and the silver-white long hair sprinkled moment is beautiful as the most sacred angel in the world.

"One 3"

It is just that the light of the blue eyes of the blue eyes, but the two little ghosts of Lilika and Xuexu felt a burst of suffocation.

"The little ghost will only give this time"

Looking at the two of them attempt to struggle against the anti-anti-rebellion, the indifferent tone seems to be able to make ice, "If there is a next time, it will not only have these things so simple."

Xuexu This devil's finishing ability can quickly speed up the speed of the game space, making the game space for a few days, equivalent to the outside world.

Lilika's girl's finishing ability can choose the goal of yourself, whether or not biological, all into your doll house.

If it is the powerful ability to limit the level of these two degles, it is possible to row a big use. In the moment, they have been frozen into ice slag.


Looking at the deep eyes of the eyes, the cold winter is like a cold winter, the double-chi girl Lilika and the blond teenager Xuexue are desperately nodded, and the eyes revealed the fear that could not be concealed.