Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 590 of Hueding Crack System

This guy

It is impossible to overcome it.

"Very good now"

I saw the two degles in front of my eyes, I nodded at all, I was satisfied with myself. "Lilika, you use your fincture to put Xuexiang into your doll house"


I heard what I said in front of it, Lilika and Xuexu two little ghosts, especially Xuexu, started to panic.

"Don't you do it?"

I saw the double horsetail girl Lilka in front of my eyes did not have a hand, and I raised my eyebrows.


I have already exposed the color on the moment, and I have responded to the stress Lilika.

"There is no way to snow"

Immediately, I saw that Lilika has some helplessness. It seems that the blonde juvenile snow around him is a bit. "If you want to blame, you will blame you, you will not have to go with me."

Usually, after the Xcution organization, Lilika and Xuexu are particularly unhappy, and Xuexu often spits Lycard's move, often let Lilika angry on the spot.

Sometimes I will feel quite a headache for the geniors of Xuexu, and even Jack Tristan can't fully understand the behavior of Xuexu.

Fashion, addiction

I haven't waited for the snow to react, I saw that Lilika stretched his finger and launched his own ability to shoot a small pink love from the finger's sleeve.

"no, do not want"

Seeing the little pink love flying in the hands of Lilika, the face of blonde teenage snow comes out of the face of the incompusable resistance.

But obviously all the resistance of the snow is futile, under the eyes around everyone, the little pink love flying in Lilika is still on his body.

I saw that the whole person of the snow is still shrinking quickly. Under the public is directly received by Lilika, it is like a small box forever.

"It's amazing ability."

Seeing such a magical scene in front of you, the two girls and the two girls next to the moment have issued a series of amaten ....

Especially the natural smashful girl who is naturally stayed directly, I've been curious to look at the doll house on Lilika. "Good kawai is this is your full power?"

"Is it really very cute?"

I can't get rid of the Woven Ji, seeing her to praise his own finishing ability and the doll house is very cute, Lilika's rebellious question girl is playing a pretty face.

Also have never been

So praise me?

Living in the real world, there is a complete situation in the current situation, Lilika has always been treated by people as monsters and heterogeneous.

Even after entering the intention of the intention, it is all the relationship between the membership of the group, and he has exposed to the gentle and soft girl like the weaving.

"All right"

"Several little mice have been all done by me"

Seeing Xuexu was taken into the doll by Lilika's finishing ability, and the moment of flashing came up with the night of empty space. "When we didn't go home when we first sent Longgui Then go back "

The sky is getting late, the Hua light is at the beginning.

After the Zeonggui sent home, it took the luxury manor who bought it with Weiji and Lilika.


"Welcome back"

Just walked to the open gateway of the manor, there was already the top professional housekeeper to give them a way.

"It's great."

Seeing such a luxurious manor in front of the moment, the Lilika around him is okay, after all, the members of the Xcution organization are a rich family.

But from a small loss of the parents, the middle school lost the brother who rely on the life pillar. He has lived in the help of the relatives of Yuanfang, and he lives alone to live in the school. He has lived in such a top luxury manor, and the stunned small mouth will never close.

Chapter 173 Ten Blades (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Okay, don't stay."

"Let's go in the Ji Ji"

I looked at the beautiful face of myself, I was gently reached into her slim waist. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

Bai Yi Xiu's face revealed a smile, lipped in her ear, "Today we are sleeping in a room or sleeping?"


I saw a simple and lovely weaving of us to become a red ear, and I can't help but smile.

It gradually walked toward the depths of the luxury manor in front of his eyes, and after the end of the two men, the red Lili Dynasty was rushing to follow.

Anyway, there is a blind eye and the round of the god of the gods. These two eyes that transcends the extremely spiritual power, and they can create a substance from the virtual in the virtual.

This is always the comfortable life of yourself and the people around you and the people around them. After all, he is not the kind of bitterness in addition to cultivation and fighting.

In the next day.

It took a week in the empty seat of the empty seat.

Since successfully pushing to the well, the life of the scene is not on the night of the world, and it is also a windy water.

early morning.

I am in the bedroom of the luxury manor bought in the empty seat.

A three-meter-wide bed, the sun is sparsely falling in the sun.

"Such a comfortable life"

"I really don't want to get it."

After waking up, I glanced at my own pink jade arm that was hidden by her own.

I remembered that last night was crazy to reverse the phoenix, and I couldn't help but consciously use the ability of God's reincarnation to create a cigarette from the virtual unity.