Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 591 of Hueding Crack System

"Cough cough"

However, this morning's idle picture is abundant, and a series of coughs in the moment broke.

I have never taken a cigarette. I tried the cigarette that smoked in my hand, and I suddenly came out of tears.

"It seems"

"The cigarette is really not suitable for me."

The reached out of the cigarette in his hand, and the moment I glanced at yourself. After the toss last night, I was still sleeping in the deep sleep.

Looking at her pure cute face, the mouth also has a smile, as if there is no smile, as if you are sleeping, you are doing an inexplicable dream.


"It's time to go to a virtual ring."

After wearing a metaphthalmous ghost road, after the big robe, the grandmother of the moment suddenly condensed the essence of light, and he fell in front of the void. "I don't know if there is any blue dyeing in this time. The script uses the collapse to help me create a good 'my army'. "

Rogue eye ·

Although the last time I entered the virtual ring is entry through the body of the corpse.

However, the moment is a little effort, or it is easy to use the endless space of the eyes of God's reincarnation, and communicate into the world space where the virtual ring is located.

At the moment, he stepped into the mysterious deep dark space passage that was opened in front of him, saw the other endless white desert, where it was an unique view of the virtual ring.

As the moment is completely entered the space channel, the black depth space channel on the void in the bedroom is gradually completely closed.

Weaving is still sleeping in the dreams, as if everything has happened.

Ambiguous ring.

It is still endless white desert and dizziness, as if this is a virtuous tone and background of the world.

At this moment.

In the endless desert outside the virtual night palace, the figure of the two people confront each other, the spiritual pressure on the body is crazy.


"It was actually a woman in the district like this."

At this time, it is still a ten-blade Nobel Gilga, and the black middle and long hair is brought with a single eye mask. The mouth is constantly wearing a roughness. The look does not dare to look at the sexy hot. Mage.

"Give up Nobetra"

"I am Wattod, you are just Yakkas"

A head of the green long hair, the body, the body is very hot, the ten-blade NO.3 Ni Li, Du Ou Ou Difan, some helpless look at Nobel Kilga in front of him, that is her years The enemy.

"How many years have never won me from us, I have never won me."

Although as the broken surface of the Wattod level, Nylili Du Du Ode Aviak has absolute strength to completely rush to Nobetra Gilga.

However, she must have a 'battle must have sufficient reasons' view of her, thinking like Nobelra Gilga likes to fight against the beast, so every time I went around him.

"and so"

"I will here today."

After I defeated Nobetra Gilga, I saw Nieli Du Du Od, and the squeezed knife in her hand pulled out a line on the ground, and the mouth warned. Nobitra Gilga in front of you.

"If you catch up with it, I will not be polite."


I heard Ni Li, Du Du Odou, Fanke's cold voice warning, only see the face under the eye shoe of Nobetra Gilga, showed a sinister smile.

"Woman is a woman clearly killing my opportunity but not cherished"

Nobel Jill with strong gender discrimination, hate all women's status than herself, so always with Nieli Du Du Oddae. But it has been lost in the hands of Nylil Ai Du Ouude.


I saw the smile of the brunette of Nobella Gilga, Nylil Ai Du Du Oddifort was suddenly shocked.

I was observed that I was so sad that I suddenly turned, Ni Li, Du Ou Ou Odifer, saw a familiar face.

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"Sal Apollo? How can it be you?"

When Niili, Du Oude, Monufan turned his body, he saw the neither's NO.0 Sal Apoll Granz, the squeak in his hand. Close your own body. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()


"There is no way to open the conditions in Novotra, it is really difficult to let me refuse."

A pair of glasses-shaped masks, pink short-haired golden eyes, Sal Apollo's morbid face with scientists unique crazy colors, and he is the most powerful researcher in the virtual ring, developing all spiritual weapons.

"Neutera actually sneaked with Sal Apollo hit me?"

At this moment, Novitra and Sal Apollor's conspiracy, Niili, a pretty face with Rose color, and anger.


A crisp sound.

It is obvious that everything is too late.

I saw Saar Apollo, who suddenly came to attack, was cut down to the sword, cut broke the white ethnic mask.

at the same time.

The void outside the virtual night palace.

I quietly opened a dark space channel, and a slender figure quickly slammed out.

"Use the shuttle space channel is not good"

"If there is no experience in the world's experience world space, there is no way to accurately locate the coordinates of the space channel"

The mouth muttered in the mouth, completely walking out from the dark space channel, the space channel after the moment is gradually closed, and the air is restored to the calm.

"See where this is .... ..."

After reaching it to the virtual circle, after some familiar world, the blush of the blue eyes turned around the eyes, and the four sides were found to determine the orientation of their current.