Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 592 of Hueding Crack System

However, when I was looking around, I was sure that I was now in the position, but suddenly the sword eyebrows, "Some people are in battle, the reaction is very strong"

Feeling the huge pyramid of the direction from not far from the direction of the distance, the handsome and innocent face suddenly fell out of the happy look.

Rogue eye ·

I saw the blue eyes of the left eye flash, and suddenly launched the whole person to disappear in the air.


"Nieli Du, the disgusting woman finally planted in my hand"

The Sal Apollo sneaked with Sah Apoll, successfully attacked Nylili, and Nobet's face revealed a crazy smile.

"Wow wow"

After the sneak attack behind Sal Apoll, Niili, who was seriously injured as a child.

I saw the poor behind him to catch up with Nobetra and Sal Apollo who kill himself. After the child, Ni Li, who had lost his memory, did not understand what happened.

I saw Nobetra and Sal Apollo's two fierce sorrows of the sorrow, and Niili, who was afraid of Niili, who was afraid of his heart and scared.

"For the Nobetra"

After chasing a large paragraph on the endless white desert, Sar Apollo looked at Nobetra around him. "Ni Li, who was cut broke the big mask, has been threatened. Your status is


I heard the meaning of Sal Apollo, Novotra's face is still a pair of expressions. It is not indomitable in his mouth: "This disgusting woman has been riding in my head for so long. Kill her, I can't swallow this. "

The virtual itself is the synonym of the soul fallen.

Even after the transformation of the power of blue-dyed collapse is successful, there are only a few have a sound personality in these breaks.

Sprinkle the calf quickly run quickly on the endless white desert, and it is necessary to be hit by the rushing of Nii Ai Luta and the two of the two people behind Novotra and Sal Apollo. Legs.

"Ah good pain"

Suddenly in front of this pair of long doubles, on the legs, sit down on the ground, Niili, who was tightly smashed with his own little nose, and a grievances on the small face.

" Ok?"

"Is this not Nina?"

I just used the gods of the blind eye to shuttle, and I was hit by a lovely little loli of a lake green hair, and a little surprised voice was rang.

From the eyes of Niili, Niilu, the white mask and the white mask, as well as the hosted rose color of the small face, and I recognize her identity.


After the instant, after the moment, the moment seems to be a bit helplessly bent down his waist, and one hand grabbed the small Loli Lili in front of him, and took carefully in front of him.

"It seems that I am still late, Nina is still a little Loli."


A little Loli's Niili, suddenly raised by this unfamiliar yours in front of him.

Looking at the handsome face of the eye, Niilu, I told my own tears in a golden big eyes.

"The little guy seems to be hurt."

It was stared at the poor cute little Lolini, and the eyes of the moment did notice that her face was just chopped by a shocking knife.

In the face of such a cute little Loli pure face, he left so profound knife. At the same time, while the heart is in the heart, there is a strong anger.

"who are you?"

Dowings from Niul (Nylili), Nobitra and Sal Apollo were broken, but he saw a strange youth in front of him in his hand.

Chapter 175 Fighting of the Diabason (ask for rewards and automatic)

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"There is no mask on your body"

It is like the same mysterious Jun Xiu Youth, Nobitra and Sal Apollo have suddenly stopped his footsteps. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Carefully talked about this sudden person in front of him, but also in his hand, the eyes under the Port of Sal Apo suddenly condensed, "Human? Or dead?"


However, in the face of Nobitra and Sal Apollo two ten blade, it is not lifted by the face.

The pounds of the pounds fleethed, and suddenly appeared in the hands of a golden sacred glory, and it was gently held the forehead in front of the hand in front of you.


Niul, originally a pair of big eyes, water vapor, was launched by the moment of spirituality to show the gods in an instant, and left the mask before being chopped.

"It's so comfortable"

The golden sacred rays of the gods in the hands of the eyes were shrouded, and the hurts were restored to the small Lolini, and the cute little face closed his eyes.


Seeing this mysterious Junxiu youth who appeared in front of him, even the injury left after the hurt, Niwei, and the two knocks of Nobitra and Sal Apollo were shocked. .


Nobetra and Sal Apollo, who are stopping, I suddenly heard this mysterious jewelled spit out of this mysterious jewelled people who could accept a word.

It seems to have a substantially existing object, squatting on the head of Nobetra and Sal Apollo.

"what did you say?"

Nobitra is all in the whole person.

In the eyes, this unknown mysterious guy did not speak so much, this is simply that he has become an independent consciousness after he has become Yakuas, and has never been seen.

"What is it?"

I saw Nobetra around me to stay in the moment, and Sal Apollo, who played a virtual ring genius scientist role, directly reacted.

"Sip, evil spirits"

It seems that I feel the mysterious breath in front of my eyes, and Sal Apollo directly launched the broken blade.

It is a thriller that I saw Sar Pollo actually swallowed his hand in his hand, and then the whole body expansion exploded.

Entering the blade form, Sal Apollo, the half-length turns into countless tentacles, then the tentacles will disappear into a foot and clothes, and there is a four-wing, and the eyelid has a color line.