Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 593 of the Crash System

Taken by the fetail

After entering the shape of the blade, Sal Apollo is directly moving towards the moment and Niño shoots countless tentacles, trying to plug into the navel of the moment and Niwa absorbed nutrients and then produce new bodies from their body. .

Have to say, as a crazy scientist in a virtual ring, Sal Apollo returns to the blade, the horizon is far from other ten blade breaks.

"Don't roll"

It seems to be in the eyes of Saal Apollo, and the shock is indifferent.

In the face of countless tentacles in front of you, the deep and beautiful eyes finally lifted, and the eyes suddenly bloomed in the endless "" That is dead "

Nobellar and Sal Apollo, if you want to choose your most annoying characters in all ten blade, then in the eyes of them, they are well deserved.

Rogue eye ·

Looking at Sal Apollo that turned into a monster after entering the blade, it is like a lot of tentable to be used as a wave before the body of AEAJ.

In the moment, a hand raised a small lobini, and the blue mysterious light of Zhan Lan is open, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.

So fast

When I saw the moment, I suddenly disappeared, Novotra and Sal Apollon were shocked, and the vigilant was looking around the trace of the moment and Nina.

"Sal Apollo"

"Idiot in your top"

At the time of Sal Apollo, I realized the spiritual pressure of the Shunna and Nina, but the Nobetra next to Niuda suddenly became a surprised reminder of her eyes.

Above? I heard the reminder of Nobetra, and Sal Apollo, who turned into a stupid monster, suddenly looked up.

But I saw a flash of Little Loli, but I didn't know when I quietly appeared above his head, and Zhang opened his own palm to align his head.


Seeing that the appearance of the ghosts in the moment is above the top of the head, Saar Apollo has not come by a strong fatal crisis, "feed, please wait"

Treatment of ninety one, thousand hands

Only Sal Apollo is still in the future and make effective resistance measures, and he has always closed his mouth | bar.

With the ability of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare, I saw the mad jump in the air, forming the halo of the rhythm.

Light, endlessly destroyed light.

Suddenly coming on the ineffective land of the ancestral ring, but extinguished all the survival of all the survival in Nobetra and Sal Apollo.


It seems that the entire endless white desert of the blindstones at the moment is wearing it.

Countless gravel seems to be like bullets, and the giant deep pit in the bottom is deep in the virtual ring desert.

I saw that the ridiculous ring white desert is in front of the white desert. The silver white long flew dance, raising the hand to release the endless destruction of the light, producing a dramatic explosion power directly, killing the ten-blade NO.0 Saarobo Powder.

All this happens too fast.

When here is deafening, there is always the time to pass the virtual night palace, next to the appearance of the stunned Nobitra is only to react.

Seeing the moment of instantly in front of the moment, Sal Apollo shocked.

The first reaction produced in the mind is desired to die in the hands of the strong.

Chapter 176 in Virtual Night Palace (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Ductone, virtual night palace. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

"It is the spiritual pressure of Nobetra and Nylili"

Closed eyes and feel the huge flexural and battle movement of the passage of the extreme distance.

One has a black short-stranded, pale skin color with green eyes, the face on the green tears seem like a time, the face, the left half of the left, whispering with white nickered mask.

It is the NO.4 break of Ulciola, the only one in the ten-blade of the original, the only one of the two-stage returned skill.

"Nobeta diamond"

It seems to hear the whisper muttered by Ulci Ola, then next to a light blue short-haired sky blue double-eyed white toothed niche is attached to the ten blade of the right cheeks, and there is a cruel battle on the face. The expression.

"I went to Niili Ai Lut to fight, did he haven't eaten a bitter in Nieli?"

He is the NO.6 breakfast in the blade of the blade.

In addition to this.

At this time, there are other big halls in the virtual night, there are several other shapes of the ten blade, as well as the blue dye of the giant throne, and standing around him.

I saw all the death and breaks of the blue dyeing and the city's silver, and all of them were wearing a unified white virtual night, and the momentum was very liable.

And this time, all the ten blades of the scene were broken, and suddenly all of the faces changed.

"Ni Li Ai Lao disappeared"

I saw that Gremjo's face revealed an incredible expression. "How can Neutela will be her opponent?"


At this time, Ulcheola suddenly opened his eyes, and the green tears of the ink appeared like an eternal cry.

His exploration nerves, that is, the 'Pressure Perception' obviously stronger than Glimjo, he clearly feels the spread of Sal Apollo, "there is a spiritual pressure is Sa O'Pollo

"Sal Apollo?"

Germy's face, then immediately responded, showing an disdainful smile, "The two guys who were originally so Nobella and Sal Apollo colluded together to pay together Nieli Luo?"

"It's really a despicable guy to fight, is it fun?"

"I hope that these two guys don't kill Ni Lili."

If you don't pay attention to the words of Germaya, Ulciola is in a person who speaks for himself. "Otherwise, two of them violate the rules set by the blue dyeing

"I don't have to take them."

At this time, the huge ten-blade NO. Dentary Rialgo appeared in a dull appearance, but said something is quite obvious, "not forbidden to fight in the ten blade, this is in the vitality Outside "

"And Niili, the woman, always heart, soft, soft, do not know how to survive this reason, is unable to survive in the virtual ring"

After the words of the degree, the scenes of the scene were in their hearts.