Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 594 of Hueding Crack System

At the same time, all of the ten blade breaks all in the scene, there is no sound of the blue dyeing of the blue stains in the high throne of the stone step.

I saw that the blue dye of this moment seems to be completely immersed in the integration of the collapse. Some of the shadows can't see the expression on his face, giving people a heavy pressure.

Moreover, when the blue dye rebells the corpse, the left hand and right legs of the annihilation have long since, and the technology has been regenerated by collapse jade and the ultra-velocity.

But just in the vitality of the vitality, everyone is in the hearts.


It seems that the whole land of the entire virtual ring is shocked.

Even everyone far in the virtual night palace can feel such a huge vibration, all of the ten-blade faces have a surprised expression on all ten blade faces.

"Sal Apollo's spiritual pressure also disappeared"

With the dramatic vibration, all the people present clearly feel that Sal Apollo's spiritual pressure is completely disappeared in this world.

"What happened? Is it a man who did Neutela?"

I saw that Germi's face with an incredible expression, "This is not might not do not have this strength"

The strength of both Nobitra and Sal Apollo presents a ten blade broken heart, but if it is not a sneak attack, they are not necessarily able to be able to hold it flat with Niili.

If Neutela continuously killed Nylili and Sal Apollo, they would believe it without a person.

"Heli Bell, Ulciola, Greemjo"


At this time, the indifferent sound suddenly infused the whole hall of the nights.

Everyone is shocked, looking back, I only see the blue dye on the huge throne. I don't know when I have already opened my eyes. "You do three things to see what happened."


Hearing a blue dyeing order, a ten blade in the scene was suddenly a fever.

It has been in progress, and the suffocating momentum is more unpleasant than before.

I saw a brown skin, the green eyes, the golden hair body, the fumes, the exposed female, the first reaction, the first reaction, the cold voice should be.

It is the breakfast of NO.2 in the ten-blade Tijaya Hilbeier.

Immediately, Heli Bell, Ulcheora and Greemjo have disappeared in the virtual night palace when the strength of the strength of the top of the ten-blade.

"Blue Dyeleman"

Looking at Herculeber, they left, and the city's silver gods on the stone steps seem to have some hesitation.

"" listened to the tips of the city of the city of the city, the blue dyed mouth spit out a name, and the eyes of indifferent eyes are in sustainable.

Chapter 177, ten blade, arrived (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Ambiguous ring. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

Distance to the endless white desert outside the virtual night palace.

I saw two stories in this boundless white desert.


"Sal Apollo will be killed by him."

I saw the ten-blade NO.8 breakfast Novtela, while the desperate display swayed in the white desert.

On the side of the face, I saw a ghost. When I turned back, I looked back at myself and didn't slowly follow my own shadow.

"What is so escaping?"

"I want to kill people who have never been able to escape."

One hand will carry cute little lornnen, and he is not slow at the feet, with his desperate "zero four seven", the ten blade, the desperate, Normitra.

Just in the moment, the young handsome face is presented, it seems like the devil's expression, it seems to be completely infinite fear in the heart of Nobelra.


Who is this guy?

I have never heard such a great guy.

Novtela continued to make a long-awaited ring, behind the moment, the discounted words were written, and at this moment, he undoubtedly like a horrible citizen.


Gently a moment, easily chase Nobitra, which constantly showed his escape.

Just wanted to take the result of Nobetra's disgusting breakfast, but suddenly the swordbood was picking up, and the eyes were falling next to it.


A three figure flashed, I saw that the three blade levels appeared in front of Nobetra and the moment.

"What happened in Nobetra

Herley Bell, Ulcheora and Greemjo three people, only see face, indifference, as if not care about anything in this world, Diregela, directly stopped Nobetra.

"Well? Who is this guy?"

Unlike the two silent ten blade of the two silent, the genus flying Jumpo light directly crossed the Nobelra of the wolf, and fell on the back of his back.

"Is there a mask without a virtual mask, is it the same as the blue dyeing and the city's silver?"

The eyes secretly looked at Jun Xiu Youth, which was chasing Novtela, and I thought in my heart.

"Heli Bell, Ulciola, Greemjo"

It was originally chased by the moment to play, and the hope of survival is getting more and more embarrassing.

At this time, I suddenly saw Hilbeel, Urciola and Germido appeared in the top of the top ten blade, and Novtela black eyes suddenly ignited the hope of the desire.

"The three guys who come in you have killed Sal Apollo."

"Sal Apollo is really dead? It is no wonder that he can't feel his spiritual pressure."

When I heard Novtela, I have been silent, and I have been silent, I'm suddenly a look at it. "What Nieli Lu is? Why is her spiritual pressure?"