Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 595 of Hueding Crack System

"Ni Li?"

At this time, Hercule suddenly mentioned Niili, Nobella, and "she" has been suddenly raised.

Comparing Saar Apollo sneak overdooted that Nylili is not a particularly brilliant thing, I saw the idea of ​​Novirla 's eyes, and the little Loli, who was in the hands of the moment.

"It's so"

Seeing the flourishing Nobetra in front of the eyes, Helipel's indifferent pretty face suddenly revealed a disgusting look, "Just like Gemeqi said, you really and Sal Apollo sneak over. Niili Ai Lu is really a despicable guy.

Between the ethics is the evolution of the evolution of each other, although the death of the companion is not pitiful and touched.

However, Hipbel still feels no teeth from the two walks of the two trails of Nobetra and Sal Apollo.

"NO.3 in the ten-blade NOI Ni Lu Du Ou Oude Afifak became the pattern of this child?"

Heli Belle's indifferent eyes faintly looked at the cute little Lolini, who was in his hand, was silently thought about ....

Due to the king of the virtual ring ' Emperor' Bai Legang Ruaysen helped the use of the end of the jade, so the Hercule in this period is different from the original, promoted to the ten blade NO The position of .2.

"Well, don't waste time."

Nothing to .

At this time, I saw the darkness of the green two-line tears broke the face of the dark road, interrupted the dialogue between them, and the dead and general eyes looked up to the moment in front of them.

"First solve this guy and then put Nieli Du Du Oude Chemillck with the blue dyeing adults and listen to the blue."

Hilbeel, Gremjo, there is a small man?

At the same time, the three ten blades of the eyes appeared in front of the moment, while the momentless eyes were also giving the three strengths of the three strengths.

Through the two breaks of Heli Bell and Gremjo, I don't talk about Ulci Ola, the first two-section of the first two-section, I am still very interested. .

"It is very good to seem to have a good blue dye, according to my script,"

I even looked at the powerful ten blade of my eyes, I was so dark noddion, "I have the ability of the second paragraph to be in the ten blade"

"For example, let Starke can also complete the second paragraph to return the blade, what is a powerful forces?"

Just in front of the Ulciola, several of the ten blades were preparing to make the moment, but I didn't know how many abacus in the heart of this moment.

Chapter 178 Tianzhi Zhong (ask for reward and automatic)

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"Killing him, killing Sal Apollo"

Ulchiola and Hipbeel who came to see them were going to be in the moment, Neutra couldn't hide your face excited look. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

This damn guy

I can finally get rid of him.

Since Sal Apollo has been killed in an instant, Nobitra has been immersed in the threat of death brought by the moment. In this moment, I saw Urciora three companions, and finally. A breath.

"Do you think they have two come?"

Just when Neutela just relaxed his heart.

At this time, in front of their eyes, a pair of deep mysterious paragraphs seem to have seen wearing the idea of ​​Novirhae in the heart of Novir, and it seems to reveal endless ridicule and sorrow.

"You don't have to die?"

"Do you still want to kill Nobetra?"

I heard the ridicule that I spit out at this moment, not only Novtela, and even next to Hipbel, Gremjo and Urchiola are also a face.

I saw that the most popular Gremjo is not angry, and some can't understand this attitude of this attitude, "Although I hate this guy, I think"

"Now you are still worried about yourself."

In the face of this moment, you can kill Sal Apollo's ten blades and then chase Nobetra guys.

Although Gemo is arrogant, it is not a fool, I saw him directly, the whole body was pushing out, entered the shape of the return, " , Leopard Wang"

After entering the shape of the blade.

I saw that Greem Japo's blue short hair broke the long hair, the whole body was covered with white blurring material, and the whole person seems to become a white pleasure cheetah.

The whole body revealed a murderous breath, and the part of the body's navel appeared a round fallen hole.

The white desert ground at the foot is blown up.

After entering the blade state, it is incredible with the integrable speed and explosive force of the white cheetah.

I saw that he lost his trace in the eyes of everyone, and a revision suddenly appeared behind the moment.

The claw in your hand takes all the power of torn, and directly hits the heart of the heart behind it.

If you don't accidentally, Greemjo can directly pull all the entire heart of the moment, then pinch the crush.


However, after the claw in his hand, Gremjo was stunned.

Because he didn't feel the feeling of the physical object in his hand, I saw that the whole person in front of him was completely drained, dissipated in the air.

What is this speed?

"Resent? Run? Or spatial transfer?"

Not only is Gremjo, at this time, the speed of this moment, even the Urchiola and Hipbel next to it have not reacted, and the brain flashed a possible guess.

"On top"

At this time, the first reaction was taken, and the person who could see the figure.

It is not the ranking of Herculebel, which is ranked in ten blade, but ranked NO.4 Ulciola, he became a strong exploration of the strong exploration of the vibrate level after breaking, but did not degenerate Instead, it evolves.

Hearing Urchiola's reminder everyone suddenly looked up.

Under the sunshine in the darkness of the virtual ring, I saw the figure in the half of all of them.

In the hands, Little Lolini, a pair of blue blood red eyes overlook all of them.

"Plus the waste of Novtela, the total of four ten blade breaks"

After the emptiness, it has avoided Greemjo's rooted paws, and the heart floating in the middle of the air flashed into countless thoughts.