Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crack System

"If you fight here, you will definitely causing the Night Palace to pay attention to this. This is no help to my plan."


While muttered, I saw a hand in the middle of the head of the head of the blade of the dark, and the face of the white and handsome face was blocked.

"I have never used this polar tastation since I got my eyes to my eyes."

Round looks ·

Between the words, I saw the trend of the God of the right eye and suddenly burst into the eyes of all things in the world.

A large amount of spiritual power was evaporated in an instant, and the wheel of the moment directly launched this ultimate pupil that he had never been displayed.

Between the world, suddenly spread out of the boiling sound of the bubble, the world's law was quietly changed.

In the moment, I am going to launch the end of God's round of the end of the ultimate, all the ten blade breaks all the eyes are unbelievable.

It seems that the moment is replaced, and only the world in front of the world is turning another world in the moment of the marty.

In Nobella, Glim Joe, Ulcheora and Herley Belg, four of them shocked their eyes.

I saw that the original eternal white desert environment was suddenly turned into a hot red lava world in an instant. The feet of all of them were constantly boilingless endless rock sea.

In this endless magma, the deadly horrible high temperature is constantly distorting the air in which everyone is located.

"how can that be"

Seeing the world of everyone in front of the world, all people are stunned.

Gremjo originally refurbished face is revealing the shocking color that cannot be concealed. It is like a voice that is like he can hear. "Is this a illusion?"

Chapter 179 God's power (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Do not"

It seems to hear the .. (.) (.) (.)? (.).

At this time, Ulci Ora felt the suffocation of the endless rocky sea under his feet, and immediately torn off his own corner, lost into the endless rocky sea under the feet.

It is almost slightly uncomfortable burning sound.

I saw the neighborhood lost in Urci Ora, and I haven't come to a sharp-high temperature in the feet, and they are directly vaporized into the air.

"This is not an illusion"

See this incomparably followed.

Even Uldola is an indifferent face that is unchanged. At this moment, he can't help but feel moving. "We are pulled directly to another world space"

"This is just"

Looking at the incredible flaming world of magical flaming, Ulciola, the Ulciola can't help but look up at the sky in the sky, "God's power"

But I found out that the sky in the sky is in the foot of the endless horror high temperature distorted horror high temperature twisted in the foot.

"It's really not a illusion"

On the other side, the skin color and the four maple caters have a bit of Heliebel. At this moment, it will also reveal the look of unbelievable appearance at this moment. "In the moment, we pulled us into this world or said he is One instant changed the rules of the world "

"How can someone get this kind of thing?"

"Maybe we face the foundation is not human and dead."

Although the high temperature produced by the endless rocky sea under the foot is fatal, it is still a fatal expression on the face of the Urchiola, "is the 'God'."


I heard what I said around Urchiola mouth, all the ten blades of the house were all over.

"What dog buttons ..."

I saw Gremjo disdainful to the king of white cheetah, as if she said in self-comfort, "That is the thing that is bored, I don't have anything to think of the world. That kind of thing exists "

"Welcome to my world"

Just in all the ten blades of the world feels a little uneasy to come to this mysterious lava world space, the sky is suddenly introduced in the top of the sky.

A pair of blue blood red gods looked at the four ten blades of the lava space that was pulled in the sky under his feet.

There is no excessive look on the calm flawless face, as if it is really like a god of seven emotions.

It is worthy of the ultimate pupil that can be used in the level of the big tube Hui Night.

This consumption should have no one can eat.

Feeling the spiritual power of the moment to consume in your body, there is a pupil of the right eye of the right eye, and the heart is thinking about thinking.

"Unbelievable power"

At this time, Hercules, who has been silent, is hard to raise his head, looking up at the space among space, "Although I don't know who you are, it is coming to such a world space."

"Don't seem to use"

Indeed, and the world is different, as a more advanced secondary world, people who are almost a little bit of the world can stand in the world.

It seems that even if they all pull them all into the lava world space in the sky in the sky, it is impossible to cause any effective injury.

"Do you really think this?"

At this moment, I heard the words that Herclebur's mouth, I saw the moment of the mouth among the sky suddenly pulled a inexplicable curvature.

Tianzhi Yuzhong · Fire Mortar

The discourse fell, and there was no extra nonsense directly.

Directly toward the air under the air of Ulciola, four ten blades of his hand shouted in your hands.


In the four ten blasts of Ulciola, the temperature in the air surrounded suddenly crazy.

A drapeless boiling voice sounded, I saw that the endless rocky sprouts under their feet had a violent tumbling, which seems to be a huge incomparable magma monster.

Zhang opened his own bloodspot directly from below to swallow the four ten blade.