Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 597 of Hueding Crack System



Seeing such a huge horror magma monster at the foot to swallow the mouth of yourself, Ulci Ola four knocks have broken down.

"Seeing him, the emperor"

Hercule did not think that in this crisis, he launched his own return.

I saw that Hercule entered the blade form, the whole body covered with a combat equipment formed in a set of white blurred substances.

When you are cool, you seem to have a huge white hollow short sword.

Broken waterfall

After entering the shape of the returned blade, the Hercules, which is full, and the white giant sword is high, and the huge magma monster that swallowed up directly towards the feet.


It seems that there is a sound of countless waterfall water flows at the same time.

After seeing the Novo Zhao White Giant Sword in Hercules, suddenly spurt a great water column from her hand, the sword of the huge sword, like a shame.

It is like a swallowing dragon roll from the sky, which is constantly turning down in the air, and the huge magma monster under the foot will bombard.

The collision of the dragon roll and magma monster did not make a huge shock.

However, endless water flows and magma blazing over temperature collide with endless white water mist, suddenly filled the entire space where everyone, obscured everyone's sight.

"It's a hill Bell"

"Queen who is unfair after the original blue dye is lost

The left eye is blue-eyed hole wears all the white water fog in front of you. He sees the powerful power of Heli Bell's heart.

Chapter 18 Lava Tsunami (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Be careful"

"This guy is not an ordinary enemy"

After returning the blade, use the chopper and the emperor released the huge waterflow dragon and rolled down the lava monster that broke out of the endless rocky sea. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

But at this moment, Herebel's cold face did not have a signs of relaxation, but the vigilant reminded reminded the companion around himself.

"Your return is just the ability of water attributes"

The infinite white water fog gradually dispersed, and four of the four ten blades of Ulciola were unparalleled, and the outline of the moment gradually became clear.

In the first hand, I have been completely smileful, and I'm showing a short smile in the moment of Junxiu's face. "Yeao is good"

"In addition to Nobetra, I hope that you can survive."

Tianzhi Yuzhong, God

The sound of the moment is falling, and the four ten blanks of Ulciola are unbailed to lift, and the moment is suddenly lifting their hands.


I saw that with the hands of the flash of the flash, everyone saw the entire lava space in front of him as if they were shocked.

In Ulgela, they suddenly spread the pupils, only to see their feet, behind the moment, suddenly set off the lava tsunami of huge waves.


Some somewhat looked at the tsunami of the huge waves of the sky in front of the sky, Greemjo didn't have half-folded color, and there was a painful whispering in the mouth.

"Do we really save?"

"Such strength"

Looking at such a magnificent shock scene in front of you, Heli Bell is also shocked. "How can it be unlikely to dye?"

"Pray, holy crying"

"Block, black wing big magic"

In the face of the huge wax of the huge waves, Nobiitra and Ulciola can no longer be calm and launched the form of Aebj.

After Novotra entered the shape of the blade, there were many new moon-shaped angles on the head. He has six amputated arms, and a double-edged sickle was held on each arm.

The return of Ulciola is more comfortable. I saw that he entered the huge pixably of the shocking edge. After the entire lava space, he took a black spiritual pressure. raindrop.

I saw a pair of black big wings sufficient to obscure the sky behind Ulcheora, wearing a white two-horn helmet.

The black nail turns into a long claw, holding a green spiritual bond mark, the hair is growing with tears, and the whole person is like the demon among the legend.

"this is"

Never really met Ulciola's use of the returned Premjo and Hilbeel and Nobitra next to Neuitra shocked.

For the ten-blade companions that have been low-key silent, they can't expect Ulcheora to hide such a amazing strength, "Ulchiola real strength?"


I saw the claws in Germato's hand couldn't help but embed their palms.

He is very proud of him originally thought that there is only a tentacle, and now it seems to be a stone's day.

"is coming"

There is no extra mind and then pay attention to the minds of Glim Joe, and the Ulciola is a heavy piece after returning.

Looking at the boundless lava big tsunami hidden behind his eyes, I feel that I am like a boat in the sea. Ulchiola suddenly fans his huge black devil wings.

"It's a small embarrassment"

I saw the huge push-up of Ulciola after entering my own feet, flashing on the face of Junxiu flashed a lot of ideas.

Ulciola, Stark, light from strength and potential, two of them are one of the most optimistic breaks in all ten blade.

Both people are Va Todad, which is self-discovery, Ulciola master two paragraphs, Staike has infinite flashes, the second paragraph of Urchiola in the original, even completely hang Solving the Kurosaki enacation in the blurred dual state.

If you don't have a great experience and the protagonist of Kurosaki, you have erupt the form of full-blinking cattle, and Urchiola will not die.

The Wang Bayligang, who was once a virtual ring, although the power of the death of aging, the power of aging, but the potential is still not as good as Xiaobus and Stark.