Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 598 of Hueding Crack System

I only saw the Ulciola who waved the huge black devil border behind him, reach out of his fingers, unbreaking the infinite spirit in front of the air, suddenly condensed a strong flaws that revealed ink green rays

His heart is very clear, facing the endless lava big tsunami offensive that is in front of you.

If you want to survive, you will only break an outway from which you can escape the day.

Wang Fu's flash

After seeing Urcheola, Hercules next to Hercules and Gemie and Nobitra did not give it. Mixing the pond of the medium with his own blood, which has the strongest virtual flash by his hand.

Ulciola's black virtual flash, Heli Bell and Gemjo and the flash of Novtela's princes broke together, and only the air in front of him produced a unnatural distortion.

All kinds of colors seem to have formed a unstoppable torches from the space in front of them, and suddenly welcomes the ,,.

No one knows that in this sky, there is an endless lava space in this flank, is erupting a world-class battle.

Chapter 181 Blue (ask for reward and automatic)

Ductone, virtual night palace. (..)

At the moment of the end of the round of the eyes of the gods, all people bring all people with the lava space, everyone is shocked.

"what happend?"

"Heli Bell, Ulcheora, Greemjo and Novtela"

In the hall of the virtual night palace, I feel that all of Urci Ola is completely disappearing in the world in the world.

The appearance is like a black bitter ten-blade NO.7 breaking Zombari Lu Lu's face, "why all of them disappeared all in the moment?"

Does all people have been killed in a moment?

When the vitality of the night palace, everyone's heart has emerged in such a ridiculous thought. There is no matter in the world that will be more weird than this matter.

"How can it be?"

Not only the ten blade of the scene is broken. At this moment, the city pills around the blue dyeing, and the heart is surprised, and the heart suddenly flashes a terrible figure.

No silver

At this time, the blue dye of the city's silver is actually interrupted his guess.

I saw that the blue dyeing end is sitting on a tall throne. At this moment, there is no surprised look at this moment. Only the cold eyes are boundless, and the danger is dangerous.

"If it is really 'he is coming to the virtual ring, there is this possibility"

At this time, if someone can see his body through his native palace jacket.

It will find that two incomplete collapse are born together with the complete collapse, and quietly inlaid in the center of his moon and Men's mouth. It is slowly integrated with a speed of unbearable.


What is something?

Taking advantage of blue dyeing is immersed in Ulchiola. They disappeared.

Next to the city of the city, the eyes of the city revealing a silky snake, and sneaked with the position of the blue dyeing month.

Since the time of leaving the corpse world, the city's silver is to see the blue dyeing, and the collapse is constantly manufactured, and there is a big virtual broken surface, and there is a powerful ten blade break.

This guy

Becoming more difficult to deal with

Nowadays, the blue dye will gradually integrate the collapse to their bodies. The inner heart of the city's municipality has almost unable to produce a trace of anxiety and uneasiness.


"You seem to be a little uneasy"

It seems to be aware of the anxiety and uneasiness in the hearts of the city of the city, and the sound of the blue dye suddenly sounds.


"It's just a little worried that the guy really came to a virtual ring."

I feel that the blue stains around you seem to have seen the idea in my heart. The city's silver heart is suddenly done, and it can't help but leave a cold sweat. But the face is still a constant false smile.

"It's ok"

It seems that I have not heard the interpretation of the city of the city, I saw that the blue dyed one hand gently touched her month Hungou, as if a person was self-speaking.

"Just give me a little more time I have already felt that the collapse is beating"

Lava space.


The outdoor virtual white desert is eternal silence.

The lava space in the sky in the moment is a shocking loudness of the earth.

I saw the horror lava tsunami in the face of the blind date in front of her eyes, Heli Bell, Ulciola, Gremjo and Neutela.

The four ten blade breaks all the black deficiency and the flash of the deficiency, the flash of Wang Du, and the air of the air is gathered into a torrent of the unbelievable spirit. It is suddenly bombarded on the tsunami in front of him.


At a time, the magma of the horrible high temperature was splashing, and the endless heat waves were turned over in the endless lava sea under the foot.

I saw Hilbeel, Ulciola, Greemjo and Neutela four ten blade breaks the powerful flakes that bombarded out, and finally it was in front of this, and there was a tsunami in front of him. A way out, and the pending is turned into the past.

"Ah, ah"

Just at this time, miserable mourning sounded.

I saw four ten blade breaks, and the top of the top of Herebel, Ulchiola and Gremjo successfully penetrated the lava tsunami.

Only the speed of only the powerful Nobitra is not fast enough, and the rock, which is next to the falling lava, the three arms on the right, directly dissolved into the ashes.

..... .... ....

Nobetra This idiots

After successful passed over the tsunami, I looked back, I watched the Nobelra that was swallowed by the lava, Gremjo disdainted his mouth.

Although they have the ability to have speedy regeneration, they are swallowed by the swallowing of the three arms, and Novotra has to have a bitter.