Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 599 of Hueding Crack System

It seems that there is no suffering of Novtela's pain, and the flash of the air in the air is released. It releases the flashes and penetrates the lava tsunami you set off. flash"

"Almost forgot"

It seems that suddenly, I suddenly think of it, "I have never used virtual flash after completing the ultimate deficiency."

"What is it looks like?"

What should he do?

I have just experienced a four-blade of Ulciola, which seems to be observed, and it seems that the air around him has become unusually unusually unusually heavy, and I can't help but look up at the flash in the high altitude.

The air overhead is suddenly condensed, and everyone suddenly changed.

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Chapter 182, two paragraphs (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems like a sound of the sky in the sky. (

I saw that the original silent and calm moment, and I suddenly broke out unprecedented superpolius.


I saw that the original black pondered mixed into the blurred white pond, directly pulverized all the air around himself.

As if it seems to have become a black and white spirit of the world, the black and white spirit of the world, and in the eyes of all people shocked, the squatting is covered in the sky of their head.

"what happened?"

"His spiritual pressure is actually?"

Looking up at the top of the sky in the sky, the black and white two-colored spiritual pressure seems to be like a sea of ​​"nine seven" suffocating the sea in the sky.

Feeling the horror of the sky in the sky is like a plagiarism of huge waves, it will continue to brush down.

Ulchiola has been almost solely to maintain his body shape in the air, falling to the endless lava over the foot of the feet.

"His Pressure"

"I can't feel his spiritual pressure."

Looking at the top of the sky, the black and white spirits in the sky, seeing such a shocking terrorism in the eyes.

However, Novira is at this moment, but it doesn't feel the spiritual pressure of the moment. It seems that there is no such horrible guy at all.

"This is because"

I didn't pay attention to myself from Niitra fear.

After the blade, the whole person is like the black devil's Ulciola, quietly fan your own devil bid, and the dead eyes never have a color like today.

"His spiritual pressure has been completely following us,"

Even the Ulciola entered into the shape of the blade, and it has also been felt that the spirit of the moment is in the moment.

It is only possible to felt a stunning breath from the shocking scenes and faintness in the top sky in front of the world, and it is possible to detect a variety of terrorism.

Just in the eyes of everyone.

As the flash broke out in the world, I saw the moment in the sky in the sky began to quickly cover a white blurred substance.

Soon, a head has a moon mask with a pair of shocking devil's corners, then gradually degenerates shrinkage to gather a small white blurred osteoporphic necklace, quietly hanging on the neck of the moment.

A circular transparent dummy hole symbolized with virtual, empty, fallen, and appeared in the center of the Hungar of the Moon, representing an instant into the form of the ultimate in the moment.

"What is the one just?"

"Is the same as our big feminine mask?"

Seeing the obvious changes in the moment, Herley Bell, a pair of cold eyes under the foot, "What is going on? Is it just like us?"

"His body is also a virtual hole"

Looking up and looking at the amazing changes in the sky, a few ten blade breaks the strongest Ulcheola finally saw Ni, and saw him gently shaking his head. "No, he should be Breaking the boundaries between death and virtual

"So get the power that transcends the limit of death and the virtuality"

Beyond the limit of death and virtuality?

Who is this guy?

Listening to Ulciola's guess, Hercule and Gemjo next to him died stared at the sky on the top of the head, and died in his hand in his hand.

"I didn't expect that we will encounter such an enemy."

"It's just like God."

The dead black eyes look up at the sky in the sky, Ulci Oral is muttered, and it is looking at the long claws in his hand. "There is no way to use it."


I heard the mutter of Ulci Ola, and the three ten blades of Hercules looked back at him. ...

Two paragraphs

Three Hilbeiers and Gememjo are unable to understand.

Ulci Ora faces the horror pounds brought by the imaginaryization of the sky, and resolutely broke their own hidden two paragraphs.

I saw that Ulciola's upper body clothes were all disappeared. The black liquid in the eyes, and the eyes of the eyes became green, and the pupil was like a pupil when the fondness was blocked.

The half-length is covered by black feathers, and the devil's double wing is completely opened, showing a paw like a bat. The corner of the helmet becomes long, behind a long and unparalleled sharp tail, the virtual hole of the month is bigger, flowing out a black liquid in the ink.


"Your return? Your spiritual pressure?"

Feeling the earth-shaking change on the side of Ulcheio, and that shares have been completely unspeakable at a level of horror, Herculeber and Gremjo are completely stunned.

This guy

Is it true that this strength has been hidden?

Feeling that there is a powerful and unparalleled thing around Ulchio, Gremjo's heart did not come from a strong angry, and he clearly felt that his self-esteem is burned.

"If you don't know if you have the ability of the blue dyeing, I have the ability I have two times."