Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Capaci Urban Chapter 600

After entering the second paragraph, I saw that the powerful spiritual hard student was once again pushed up again after entering the blade, and the whole person was fully infeded into the devil of the night.

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"Two paragraphs return?"

. ,, . . . . . .. (..)

"Is it still possible to achieve such a form?"

Is this the second paragraph of Xiaobu?

On the basis of the blade, the pyramid is even doubled.

In the moment of the ultimate inflation, the moon has opened a circular virtual hole. The blue blood red eyes stares quietly at the foot of the air, the Urchila, the Urchila, there is no wave in the heart. .

After entering the ultimate inflation, except for the obvious virtual cavity and the white osteoponicization necklace, the appearance seems to have no change, but the original silver whit shines crazy.

I have been with a high height of the moment, as if the white hair is three thousand, the roots are automatically slowed in the air, as if they have not entered the endless void.


"Let me see how your second paragraph returned to the bottom" "

Silver white long hair is like the Galaxy waterfalls, the perfect face, the perfect face, deep eyes, and the dark night devil to the dark night devil Uliola.

In the lock of their thrilling eyes, the moment is gently extended out of their fingers, and once a moment, we have done all the spirits among the surrounding air.

"Be careful"

"It's black"

The moment is not completely shot, and all of them have already felt a destroyed terror will fall, and their hearts are almost unable to breathe, enter the two-stage return of the Ulciola in the Ulcheola.


It doesn't need to use the flash of fightering, and the flash is directly trying to use the black deficiency of the power level.

I saw that the air in the air between the four ten blades of the four blanks of the Ulciola was crazy, and the black flakes were formed with a black virtual flash that turned around the surrounding space.

Thunder's gun

A green shining ray full of space.

In the face of the horror black flakes of the twisted space in the head of the head, the embarrassment of the embassy of the black-wing devil is suddenly opened, and it gradually condenses the unlimited thunderous tendency of a glimpse of the unlimited infinite concentration. spear.

"All are all together."

"Otherwise, we all have to die here today."

The hands were finally condensed out of the Large Highly concentrated Thunder, and Ulciola is in the heart of a quiet face, but unprecedented.

"Oh? Thunder gun?"

A white finger fingertip black horror deflash is twisted space but does not send, see the Thunder's gun released in the air Urchiola in the feet, and the moment is happy.

This powerful movement after Urcheola two paragraphs, the moment has a deep impression, regardless of the scope or power is the existence of the existence of the long-term ultra-ordinary ten blade.

"Let me see"

"Who will die first?"

After the sound of the moment, the horror black flakes that finger fingers condensed, suddenly like a nuclear bomb.

There is no sharp sound in the ear of everyone, and I saw the black horror deflash twisted in front of the whole space in front of them.

After the black horror flashes of the moment, all the surroundings seem to be all hidden, there is only the endless black virtual flash column in front of the world.

In the face of the horrible black virtual flashes in the hands of the moment, Ulciola is not ashabled to think directly from the Thunder's gun in his hand.

In order to try to fight the black deficiency of the moment, Helipber, Gremjo and Novtela, three blade, breakdown again, once again blended his blood and flexible, and broke the flash of three princes. .


The shock of the shock of the earth is like the tide of the tide, and the air in the lava space has a unnatural collapse.

I saw the Thunder of Urci Ola and the flash of Hercule Glemjo, and the flash of the king deficiency, after the black deficiency of the release of the install, only a slightly shifted a while, I immediately melted the decomposition.

Ulchiola, Hilbeier and Greem Qiao, they almost still have to resist, and they directly flew out directly by the horror waves that were spread in front of them.

The wolf is desperately stable in the air to maintain the body shape, and then controls the boiling lava over the boiling lava in the foot.

"Ah, ah"

But just at this time, a tragic mourning just broke out quickly.

I saw the horrible black virtual flash directly accurately and unmusttedly in the moment, and the screams just sounded the whole person, completely turning into the flying powder under the black deficiency of the moment.


It was completely sealed to Herebel, and he looked at his colleague. No.8 Nobitra was shocked into a powder, and the cold face was shocked, " Killed by him "

"Ordinary black deficiency flasher, even my thunder is completely unable to stop"

For the picture of Nobetra's murdered, Ulci Ola at this time, the eyes of death, the head of the head, but the eyes did not search for any hope that they can survive.

"If he uses Wang deficiency's flash"

The heart is desolate, but Ulciola's quiet face is still the color of death. The way he represents the death is nothing, no matter whether it is still in his heart, it will not produce too much wave.


"There is such a strong person in the world."

Unlike the calm of Ulciola, it is no longer calm of stimulating the strength of Germyo, and the whole person is unable to beat the whole person.

"Do we have to kill as a ashes like Noviro?"

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Chapter 184 Huang Shuimi Liangzhong (seeking reward and automatic)

Looking at the three ten-blade breaks that are struggling in the air of your feet. (