Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 601

I saw the flash of the sky and gently blowing a smoke that I didn't exist in my fingers. I was satisfied with my mouth, "as a general virtual flash power"

"It should be no more powerful than this."

Of course, if you are willing, he has a strong flash of flicker.

"Do you feel desperate so soon?"

It seems that the eyes of all the three hearts in the three hearts of Germyo are in the sky, and it is in the sky in the sky. "Don't be afraid that I want to kill the goal only, only Novtela one."


The shock and fear in the heart are in an eye, and how the self-esteem is self-esteem.

I saw his thin face and squeezed out the look of the pain, "I can let me feel the fear and fear. There is no existence in the world.


I saw my own feet, my mouth, hard, Greemjo, and a little laughing gently shakes her head. The rotation of the God of the right eye is suddenly blooming, but the inexplicable bloody monster.

Round looks · Huangquan

I haven't waited for Ulciola to react with three ten blades.

At the moment, he put the little Lolien, and the whole person didn't enter the black chamber that quietly opened behind him.


The eyes of death locking into the moment of Germyo, seeing the moment on the front of the sky, there was disappeared in front of their eyes, and suddenly the heart was shocked.

The exploration of the neuro launched surrounding surroundings, but did not find any traces related to the moment.

Just at this time.

I saw that Ge Limjo suddenly sparked by the whole person, as if it was like a stadentomy, the general movement did not.

A remnantous and sharp quaint knife, I don't know when I have already quietly appeared on his neck, and the face of the appetite is quietly emerged from his back.

"Gemjo .."

Seeing the moment, there was a quiet, like a ghost, the moment in the moment of Gremjo, and a mysterious church knife took his neck.

The Ulciola and Heli Bell exclaimed, and the body shape suddenly violently retired, the gesture of fighting alert was stared at the moment that appeared without signs.

What did he do? Looking at the moment of ghosts, everyone's heart is shocking and awkward.

At the moment of unfull, appeared from the door of the meditation.

This sentence is a book on the past. The book is described above for Huangquan Pigra.

Ultra to the eyes of God's round, open a time space cave in the air, and freely travel in the six spaces you gave, God is ghosts without any defense.



Feeling the terrorist murder from behind him, Grem Qi's heart was still lost if the fire rack was shot.

"I just appreciate this kind of person who has died of my mouth."

The use of God's round of eye-catching, Huangquan, Yellow Spring, is spatial, quietly appearing in the hand-held blade after Germato, and the sound of the moment is ringing in his ear.

"You guessed that you are dead or live?"

too strong

We are not the opponent of this guy.

Looking at Ge Limjo, you can't move, Urciola and Hipbell next to him have finally understood.

If this mysterious Junxiu youth, if you want to kill them, you can immediately kill them all around them.

"Wow wow"

At a time, the air surrounded around the people was completely silent.

At this time, Xiao Loli, who has been in the hands of the moment, is finally can't help, suddenly broke out the loud cry.



In the back, I have been immersed in a few ten blades of Ulci Ola, and I have forgotten that I also mention a little Lolini.

Suddenly, the consciousness fell to Netola, who was in his hand, I saw that she was driving at this moment, and she couldn't help but degrade her mentally degraded a child.

" Ok"

"Your ten blade 'instrument' I have also tested the difference."

Looking at the wow in your hand, I'm in the hands of my hand in my hand, the flow blade on the Germi neck, whispered in the mouth, said that they can't understand.

"It seems that the strength of the collapse is not disappointed and greatly enhanced."

What do you mean? ?

Does he kill us? ?

Ulciola, Gremjo and Hipber are surprised to watch the moment in front of it.

The doubts of the first are asked, but I found the mysterious blood red pupil in front of the moment in front of the moment.

Round looks ·

Everyone has a god, all horrible flaming red lava sea disappears.

I saw the world of the world Zhao Li Zhao actually returned to the boundless white desert in an instant, which is the virtual ring they are most familiar.

"Why are you"

After seeing the world in front of the world, I saw the most familiar virtual ring desert. I saw Heli Belle's glamorous face on the eyes of the eyes, and she was looking at the moment of crying.

"You want to ask me why I can't kill you?"

I haven't asked Hipber to ask the doubts in my heart. The top level will be dominated by the heart of the heart.

"Soon, you will naturally know"

After the voice falls, in Heli Bell Ulcheora, they have a complex eyes of each of them, with Niku, which disappears in the sky of the virtual circle.