Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 602 of Hueding Crack System

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Chapter 185 Loli? Royal sister? (Ask for reward and automatic)

"He took Ni Li Ai Dynasty."

Looking at the moment that disappeared in the sky of the virtual ring, Heli Belle looks complicatedly tightened his lips, "Who is he?"

"Let's go"

In the eyes of your own eyes, Urchiola is indifferent to the leave, "Go back to report the things that happen to the blue dyeing"

Although the face is calm, but the fists in the hands in the hands in the hands of Ulci Ola are silent to tell him that he is not calm in mind. Today, the power of the eyes that have witnessed today has completely exceed his original cognition. (

And his heart is faintly has a subtle premonition

This mysterious man will then encounter again next time, maybe fate will be intertwined together

Existing, empty seat.

The bedroom where the luxury manor bought under the moment.

The air suddenly quietly opened a dark mysterious black chamber.

The figure of the mood of the moment is from the middle of the road, and the hands have been gradually saving and sleeping.

This mysterious black cavity is not a space passage that opens the blind eye using God, but the large virtual capacity of the imperiality after using the ultimate inflation.

Skills that are free to move between the break and the world's free movement between the treasury.

"Little guy fell asleep"

After returning to the bedroom in the open space, I walked to my big bed, I looked at my little Lolini, who was sleeping in his arms.

The peaceful and lovely little face is closed, as if you are taking a dream, the green microcolle hair is looking like an angel is generally purple and cute.

"Zhiji is not"

I have disappeared in the big bed in front of you.

The moment I think she should be, I will find myself, then I will go to school together. After all, I'm now in the world, or a college female student attending.

"It's trouble"

I looked at the metaphthalmous robe that I was passing on my body, I was a saliva everywhere in the pregnant sleeping Xiai, and the hunch angle was pulled.

After gradually lifting the form of the polarity, the moment is gently putting the sleeping little Lolini to the big bed.

After using God's reincarnation, it turned out a new suit in the air, and the moment had back to his body to replace the clothes that was wet by Niuli.

However, when I turned around and changed my clothes, I was unpredictable after it happened.

I saw that the big bed behind the big bed is that the little Lolien, who is sleeping is quietly changing.

The body is gradually enlarged, slowly recovery into Nieli Du Du Odda, the original nature | Irritable Royal Sister figure.


The small split sound sounded, and I saw Niul's original small green coat could not be packaged at this moment. She recovered the sexuality of the original state | Intracking the sister figure.

The huge majestic Breaking the green coat directly exposed to the air, showing a blind-free picture, and the moment of changing clothes is not aware.


After the body recovered into the original state, I saw that Niuli closed his eyes and gently fuse, slowly opened his eyes.

"What is this?

After waking up, Niuli looked at the unfamiliar environment, comfortable big bed, luxurious bedroom, and a man with a perfect Aeba in front of it.


The heart is immersed in the moment of elsewhere. At this time, even if it is slow, it has already been perceived by the weak movement behind him. However, the moment of rotation of his body is almost sprayed out.

I saw a sleepy royal sister Ni Lizhen, I looked at myself, I didn't know what I was in this moment | I was born with myself. How toxes were born | people crime.

"who are you?"

After the completion of the reacted Nativelon, look at the look at this shirt, but did not detect the hot body that was completely exposed to the air.

"I am me me"

Rao is a calm, and it can't help but be shocked by this sudden in front of him.

"Can I come in?"

It's so hard, just at this time, there was a very delicate call from outside the bedroom.


After hearing some familiar sounds, the heart suddenly suddenly, and suddenly got to recognize the identity of the people.

At the moment when I was working in the moment, the door of the bedroom was already pushed in, and I was a purple red bouquet of girl Lilika probe to explore the brain.

I saw that Lilika just walked into the bedroom of the moment and the Ji Ji, and suddenly fell to the red eyes of his wine.

Sticking, looking at the front of the front of the bed, the buddle is uncomfortable and the buddle is shocked, "you"

"That Lili"

After all, I saw this scene with Lilika, I saw this scene. At the moment, some collapses had a face of their face. "If I said that things are not what you imagined,"

Who knows this time.

I don't know what kind of picture of the brain supplement in the head of Lilika's character collapse.

I saw that she actually exaggerated a nosebleed from the face, and the whole person dizzy, fainted to the floor.


At this time, when I was a black line, I was looking forward to the Lilika on the floor.

Niul finally found out that his body's ragged dress and the hot body exposed to the air, and suddenly sent a scream of shaking the entire manor.


A light red huge flashes bloom in the big bedroom, directly to the moment in front of the bed.