Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 603 of Hueding Crack System

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Chapter 186 Injured Nina (seeking rewards and automatic)

Existing, empty seat. (..)

The bedroom of the luxury manor bought in the moment.


"What ghost?"

I want to go to the front of the nosebleed, my nose is fainted, and my eyes are not covered with my eyes. I'm doing the best of the royal sister Nini. flash.

"Do you want to be so excited?"

The clothes have not been worn out, I have seen the bright red flakes released in front of the entire bedroom in front of them, and they can't help but call the whole person.

If you don't accidentally, after a second, I believe that the entire luxury manor you bought here will be thrown into the virtuality of Nina.


On the occasion of the momention of the moment, I saw that the entire bedroom in front of the eyes were full of light-red spiritual beams, Niwu's virtual flashes suddenly filled the entire room.


Seeing Niwa's virtual flashes to smash the entire room in the moment, just in this thousands of hair.

I saw the blushing of the left eye of the left eye, and the blue light was transferred directly, and the ability to return directly.

In Niul's eyes, the air in front of the eyes seems to be inverted in the time, and all the light red flashes are returned in accordance with the original law.

"What happened?"

Looking at the incredible scene in front of the eyes, I looked at the light red flashes you just released. I returned to my own hands, and the naked naked | The whole person was stunned.


The power of the anti-eye of the god is resolved into invigorate.

At the moment, some depressed looks at the naked naked ads, and the heart is secretly shocked for her. "You don't know me? It is me to take you from Nobiitra and Sal Apollo is saved by two of them. "

"Nobella? Sal Apollo?"

I heard the flash of the eyes suddenly mentioned Nobitra and Sal Apollo's name, Nina, a pair of eyes, first, then finally recalled, and then silver teeth, "is that Two baking sneak attack Nina

Nobitra and yourself fight Saar Pollo comes out to sneak attack and then lost memory and degradation into a child. The child is finally saved.

There is also a horrified alien space battle in the lava space.

As if it is, it is like rewinding, all memories are finally in the same trend, all of them flooded into Niul's mind.

Niuli suddenly remembered all the things happened before, and suddenly the Hungarium a pair of huge majesty, the look was excited to look at the moment in front of me, "Neura thought."

"It is you saved Nina"

"You finally remember", Nina, Nina, finally recognized himself, and smiled and touched his nose.

Some love is reluctant from the perfect sketch of Ninole in front of you | Let's take it first. "


Niwu, heard the reminder of the moment, finally returned to God to come to himself or naked and naked |

Although Niwa, Wattoder's Breakfast, Nina, does not care as an ordinary humanity.

But she already has the same intelligence with human beings. As so far as this is, the body is exposed in front of the moment, Nina is still a little shame.

But the character of the innocent and good, knowing the ignorant, let Nenault can't go to the life of the wicked in front of this embarrassment.

Just want to reach out, Niul, who has passed the quilt, but suddenly two eyes, it has been exposed to the past.

After being a heavy injury, I immediately released a sense of flaming. I saw that the spirit consumes too much, and she has begun to gradually shrink. Soon, the cute little loli before, and the whole body bare white tender Lying there.


"Feeding Nik you wake up."

I saw the girl's Royal sister Nina once again fainted, and the body was retreated into Little Loli.

Looking at the bare white tender little Loli lying in front of him, the moment is depressed, he has a big mouth | Pakistan, but finds how she doesn't want to wake up.

There is no way, I have to wear my clothes, I went to the light bare small Loli Nikid, and woke up the girl Lilika that spurted from the nosebleeds on the floor.

"Mr. Brake"

In the moment, the tend to wake up, the young girl Lili, who woke up, and looked at the appearance of his eyes in front of the time, "just talented"

....... ...

When you think of this, Lilika's mind suddenly turned again once again emerged the blood-free picture just seen.

I remembered the perfect red | nude shape in front of my eyes, and the collapsed girl Lilika immediately finished the red ear gently trembled his own purple double horsetail, and it was a little fainted.

"You don't fainting again"

Looking at the Lilka in front of you seemed to have a signs of fainting, and the moment directly reached a hand and helped her.

The ability to use God's reincarnation of the eye has changed an attractive little girl clothes in another hand, and directly gave it to the Lilika in front of him, "I put it on it"


Results of the little girl in the moment, Lilika was pretty.

Looking back in the whole bedroom, but then I can't find the naked | body-body | Improving girl, only a bare cute little loli lying there.

"Don't think about it, it is not what you think."

I have organized the clothes on my body. I didn't return to the bedroom. "After the Woven Ji came back, I will talk about things with you again."

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