The night is coming, the Hua light is at the beginning.

In the luxury manor, on the big table.

In an instant, weaving, Longgui, Lilita also has a small Loli Neuk, and the group is sitting on a rectangular table.

There is no restrictions next to the row of star chefs, weaving, Longgui and Lilika's gaze silently watching the middle table is smashing the ticking on the table.

Cough "

Looking at the weaving of them three brushing betting to the eyes of themselves, there is two sisters who don't have some embarrassing cough, "things are like this."

It took about five minutes, and the moment to save the trip to this virtual ring. The probabilistic thing of Niwu was explained with the three explains "seven or three".

Let them finally understand, the teenagers who have appeared in the moment of the rest of the baby, what is the relationship between the cute little Loli of the wolf in front of him?

"It's so"

After listening to the explanation of the moment, I understand that the things have passed, I saw the hateful Longgui suddenly biting the teeth, "The two of the two is called Nobitra and Sal Apollo."

"If I have met, I have to let them see my death empty hand."

"Okay, it has passed"

Looking at the Longgui who was filled with independence, I was a little laughing, "I have already killed it in the past."

"If my expects are not wrong,"

On the side of the long expensive, the eyes of the moment gradually became far away, "I will soon there will be a battle with the two people in the world. The strength of the two people is still very short."

"For your next ability to have the ability to have self-policy, we will enter Lilika's finished doll house."

Said that the eyes of the moment have fallen on the other side of the girl Lilika, her ability to be two completed in the snow, if they fully utilize it, it can achieve a transcendence.

"Then use Xuexue to help you practice"


When I heard the moment, I deeply feel that I'm so powerful and Dragon Gui is silent.

Although their two girls are gentle, the only common thing is that they have both tenacious qualities, absolutely unable to accept themselves as a companion.

"Good poor Nina"

After that, I looked at the cute little Lolini, who was swallowed on the table.

The character of the good and goodness of the weave Ji can not help but make her sympathetic and flooded, reached out, "But this becomes a child is really cute."

"It's delicious."

Although the Wattod Level is no longer necessary to swallow the spirit, but Nina, who is seriously injured and degraded into a child, can feel hungry.

" "

Moreover, the previous eyes of the eyes will save themselves, kill Novir and Sal Apollo two of the two ten-blade experience, Nina is unusually relying on the moment in front of you.

I saw cute little Loli Newood, the green microcontrolled hair stared at a white broken virtual mask, and the mouth couldn't call the flash in the moment. I was unwilling to come out.

"This little guy"

Nina, who was degraded into Little Loli, hit into his arms, and the huge force is enough to make a strength of ordinary death, but the moment is still steady.

"I don't know how long Niwl will continue to change between the body and the child."

Holding the little Lolini in his hand, if you think about it, if you think about it, the mind is not curbed by Niuli, Niul, who has just been turned into a girl, the blood, the blood, the scene .

The wine has passed three patrols, and the vegetables have been five flavors.

"I allow you to come in."

After the meal, I saw the purple red squat tail girl Lilika.

Suddenly launched the ability of myself, I have brought all the moments all in my own doll.

Lilika launched the ability to complete the modern doll house, the weaving of the moment and the weaving of the weave also had Dragon and Nina, and suddenly he only felt the scene of his eyes.

When four people suddenly narrowed by Lilika, they directly collected her in their hands, as if a narrowed world, surrounded by a variety of buildings and environments.

"I finally came in"

After someone came in, the blonde who had been passed by Lilika into the doll house for a long time, I couldn't help but I took it out next to it. "Lilika, you will go out"

"I haven't seen it for a long time,"

A familiar voice sounded, and the Xue, just seen next to it, saw a figure in this life that he wanted to see.

I saw that I was looking at Xuexu, I still laughed, and I still stand two girls holding a little Loli. It was originally an angel General Junxiu Holy face. At this moment, it seems that it seems to be more than the devil. Be horrible.

"Yes you"

The young snow, black, Berret, a pair of somewhat fighting, "why you have come in"

"Don't have a nonsense"

At the moment, I wore a hit, I opened the door directly, "I quickly use your finishing to bring us into your game space."

"If you express it, I will consider letting Lili card out"

After that, the deep eyes of the moment is like the sword, and the cheeks of the young snow, "Don't try to play the trick. Otherwise, my anger is not the little ghost you can withstand."

Fashion, intruder

I heard the moment to consider putting it out, there is no extra nonsense Xuhu directly to directly show your own full-scale ability, and all the four people all pulled into their game space.

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Chapter 188 Peep (ask for reward and automatic)

The time of the world, after three days. ()

Within the full-scale power game space of Xuexu, the time has passed for nearly two months.


On the occasional plains, I saw a huge captain in the earth in the earth.

A pair of white armed armor, as if it is naturally born from the sky, directly with the whole armed forces.

If it is not a white armor, the moment will continue to consciously think that this is the Golden Saint Seiya, not a Zengui's understanding.