Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 605

"Not bad"

The blue blood red magnificent doubles look at the boom in front of themselves.

The whole armed armed with a white Saint Seiyan goddess is uncomfortable, and the huge erupted spiritual pressure has completely reached the level of the team leader of the guard, and it is not satisfied with satisfaction. "You finally completed the Dragoni"


The ground is blown up at the foot.

I saw the longitude of the unbelievable instant in front of the moment in front of the moment, and it appeared in front of the moment.

The elbow in his hand took a violent white push, which suddenly slammed to the cheek of the moment.

"You really don't have it,"

Looking at the longguise in front of his cheeks, with her cultivation, I will not panic, I have reached my palm, directly firmly hold her elbow.

"I haven't finished yet"

Seeing that it is so easy to hold your elbow, I will understand the Dragon and delicate sinking of the whole body white armor.


In the moment of being a little surprised, I saw that I was caught by my own elbow. The whole person broke out, as a good comet, I usually hit into my arms.


In a blink of an eye, I feel that my whole body is firmly locked by Dragon.


A exaggerated to the extreme explosion sounded.

With a pound of white, the blast, with the two people in Longgui and the moment, everyone saw the whole land that was fried in front of him.

I saw Longgui actually like a karate fighting, directly locking the entire person, a back, plus the way to solve the burst, and the entire man in the foot of the feet.

"Dragon Dragon is very strong"

Looking at such a huge movement and completely smashing the earth, the next to the weaving and Niwu have a large eyes, and the surprised can not come.

"There will be no more thing in the moment."

In front of the broken earth, you can't see the figure of the moment, and the weaving could not help but worry.

"Weaving Ji is hesitant"

I didn't show my weaving, I didn't show my long, and the Longgui suddenly went to drink. "This attack is impossible to cause harm to him."

"Or Xiao Longgui knows me"

At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, the figure of the moment has gone in the voids behind her, and the metaphthalmic and clothing well.

"This powerful combat awareness does not have a spending, I will accompany you here for many days."

Lonely shield

However, in an instant there after the moment, the next to the weaving has launched its own strength.

The hands opened his hands, quickly condensed, released an orange flying blade, and pulled all the power to kill the moment.

"Not bad"

In the face of the lonely shield that is coming next to the Si Ji, there is no great idea in the heart, but the body is moving in place.

When a blink of an eye was released by the lonely shield that was released in Weiji, then it was a bunch of broken ice cubes to re-strapled together, intact.

It is exactly a freely used ice fruit capability element.

"Can be vicious, you cheat"

When I saw the ability of such La Lai's ability to resolve the lonely shield of Weiji, the longguise of a war is not worthy.

Although the Lonely Shield seems to be just a simple chop, in fact, it is actually the finishes of Weigong's finishes.

The orange flying shield has rejected all "material combination" of "Shield", which means that all material objects will be cut by the lonely shield of weaving.

If it is not an instant to use the elementalization, the ordinary death is hit by the Ji Ji, and it will be cut by the soul.


I looked at the long expensive long expensive, I immediately smiled and put my hands. "Today's cultivation will so far this time, your progress has been very satisfied for a thousand miles."

In the case of this snow, the game space is in the past two months, not only in line with their actual training, but also uses Pudao to help the Kurokasaki special training.

And the intensive ability of Wei Ji also got a flying progress, but not only the strength of Longgui is now not inferior to a dead god leader, but also the strength of weaving is much more powerful than she is more powerful than the original.

After all, 'Vientiane's refused' such bug capability, if it is developed, it will be a top power that cannot be ignored.

"At the moment, my strength is already able to help Niul recovered." At this time, weaving slowly walked to the side of Little Loli, and he saw the moment.

Double days return

The voice falls, and only the Weaving Ji launches its own full power.

It released a dazzling junction of orange and yellow, shrouded the little Loli Neon around him in it.

The double-day shield of weaving has a non-influencing ability of all adverse effects within the shield.

I saw that in the row of Zhiji Double days, Nina is not only repaired, but also all the damage has been all gradually rejected by the ability of the body.

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"Nina's mask"

I saw that Xiao Loli Niuli was shrouded in the two-day shields of weaving, even a young body, all memories were all returned to her mind, "recover"

"Thank you, weaving. ()"

After the orange yellow rays, the strength and memory were all restored, and suddenly cheered.

" "

I saw Niul after recovery of memory and strength, and suddenly flew over the moment next to it.

And in the process of running, the gradually formed abuts | full, re-become the burst of milk girl Royal sister Ninole, with a full style of fragrant wind, hugging him.