Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 606

" "

Feeling Niki Hungari's unbelievable majestic and her huge force, I feel that I am just suffocating, "Let me let me say". "

As the breakfast of the Wattod level, Nina has an incredible force, the hug of her emotional excitement even directly lets the blacks.

"It's better to give you a special clothes that will not break."

Looking at Niuli after you go back to the woman's royal sister form, it relies on the original cute little Loli to reliably, and it will not help but feel warm. "Otherwise you want"

Said here, the moment of the mind couldn't help but remember Niul Na Ni, the sexy **, the flames in the heart want to move.

And now it is always possible to switch between the Royal Sister and Loli, and the power is returned to the ranking of NO.3 in the ten-blade Nieli Du Du Oddovank.

"Ok, don't make any trouble."

It's hard to break away from Ni.'s ** hug. The eyes look at the weaving and longguise in front of you. "We have time to stay here for a long time ..."

"Now Longgui completed the understanding, the strength of the weaving is also a qualitative leap, and we should go to the corpse world."

I have an estimate of the time, almost the same date, I am going to the Natsu-cho, I will return to the corpse of the corpse before I am ready, "I am going to welcome the next battle". "

"Go to the corpse world?"

After listening to the moment, the weaving of the Johi was once, and then he exposed a little smile. "Well, I haven't seen Lu Qi and Night a long time."

After that, I took the gag and Dragon Gui, and there were Niwu left the game space of the Xueka, came to the doll room space of Lilika.

"You are finally come out"

"Now the time outside has been three days."

After seeing it out of your own game space, the blonde teenager snowpussion immediately came up.

"I have been three days after the past?"

After coming to the doll house of Lilika, I watched the blonde juvenile in front of myself. "It's a cheating ability."

"Your recent performance is not bad"

I feel that the eyes of the teenager in front of the teenager's eyes are looking at the eyes, and the mouth of the moment is gently, "I let Lilita let you go out and breathable."

"Is the cultivation have been completed?"

The young girl in the real world feels that they and returned to their doll houses, muttered in the mouth, muttered, to make them all released all.

"Finally came out"

Following the shakes, they were released together with the doll house of Lilika, and the teenagers that were early and bad, couldn't help but breathe the air outside the world.

Immediately, the Xuexu's angry looks at the Lilika next to it. "Lily, how do you say that we have also been a companion, you actually shut me so long?"

"no way"

In the face of angry snow, the collapsed young girl Lilika does not carefully put his own double horsetail, "Who let this are the meaning of Mr. I?"

"Don't be noisy"

Listening to the small ghosts and young girl Lilika, the little girl Lilika, and the moment, "" We should start to the corpse and welcome the war "War"

However, just at this time.

In the moment, it seems that there seems to be suddenly previvable, and the deep and beautiful eyes are slightly smashed.


A violent explosion in the extremely far-reaching empty space.

I saw that there were several huge swearing responses, there were several small shares, they were the spiritual pressure they were familiar with.

" this is"

Feel the familiar pyramids from the extremely far away, the strength of the earth-shaking, Towel and Longgui suddenly identified these spiritual compression, "Mr. I and Night?"

"It's so"

Not only, in addition to Kurosaki's protecting their spiritual pressure, I also felt another special spiritual pressure, that is a very similarity that is very similar to Nina.

At the moment, I responded to the first time. "It came to the real probation information."

"I will take a look at the moment." Feel the Kurosaki and the night of the night. They are fighting the fighter, and the two Ji and Dragon expectations have suddenly been anxious.

"Although Iakasaki is not so easy to have a protagonist

At a point, I don't worry about the safety of the money of Shosaki, but I think that the four maple cars are there, and the eyes of the moment are suddenly stunned, "but the night will go"

Rogue eye ·

I haven't finished it, I have three Ji, Long Gui and Niuli, and I will disappear in my luxury manor.


The whole city of the city.

At this moment, I have been fully turned into a ruins, a huge figure in the fog of fluttering, and the two thin stones.

"You are the Kurosaki, who is the blue dyed," Do you have to pay attention to the Kurosaki, "

The ten-blade NO.s the

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Chapter 190 on the eve (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Is it just a degree of guy?"

In front of this, this huge incomparable attitude is deeply stabbed. ()

I saw the black spikes that I was in the moment. I was open to the form of the sky, and the black windbreaker was originally filled, but the wolf is in the bloody.

In the face of these three breakfast invasion, although the Kurosaki enrichment broke out directly to the teeth of the teeth.

However, the state of Kurosaki is now, as long as one of the ability to use the ability, it will not be self-satisfied, and it is completely uncontrollable.

So in the process of the entire battle, Kurosaki has been easily hanging by dentity, and it is less than six points.

"You, Xia Shi, you will open the point."