Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 607

The night next to the four maple cars is faint and the other two broken faces in front of them, but I have to open the two little girls around you.

It is the two sisters of Kurosaki, Ionakakakakakakakakaki wanderer and Kurosaki.

"Si Fengyuan Night"

I saw that Urcheola's face still hanged two-ink green tears. The two eyes were looking at the four maple nights in front of the four, "You and Pudao help two is blue dyed adults special reminders. Two dead gods

"Blue Dye" heard Urcheola's name in front of the blue dye, and the night is uncomfortable, and some uncomfortably smashed his mouth.

"Ulchiola is handed over to me"

Obviously, I don't understand how the companion is hidden with the amazing power.

I saw a black short hair appearance as a girl. In fact, the new ten-blade NO.8 Loubi, Anteno, said that the death of Men, said that he is taking the night of the four maple nights in front of himself.

"One Night Mr."

The voice of Shiyi has just fallen. At this time, there is no signs of scholars, and there are two crisp with crisp.

Everyone in the field heard the two familiar voice aeeh, and suddenly had returned the head, only to see the well, the well, and Zeong Guiqi appeared in the next position.

"Weavier Longgui"

Seeing the appearance of Weiji and Longgui, the blacks of the Kurosaki and the night of the four maple categories were coming, and then the brow was frowned, "the danger will leave here"

It is only that the blacks of the Kurosaki and the four maple caters have not finished.

I saw that the Wiwi Ji, who was coming, I was unfair to show my fincture toward the night in front of the night.

The air suddenly bloomed a piece of orange light. I saw that Wewi Ji used his own intact's ability to make a fist. Generally, the sphere of the spheres of the spheres, and quickly took the past.

"What is so small"

Seeing this sudden human girl in front of him, a tiny shining sphere in front of him, showing a little frown, and gently frowned.

" "

It seems that there seems to be a little biggest next to the show next to the show, and it has already felt that the two girls contain a strong powerful Urci Ooraton.

The voice of Ulci Ola has just fallen.

I saw that the entire ground in front of the show, and the exaggeration of exaggeration seems to be a hydrogen bomb.

This is one of the new moves developed by the moment.

Using the refusal of Wanji's finishes, make a circular junction shield released, and then all objects in the surrounding limit are all refused to repeat the power, powerful.


A furious low sound in the dust.

I saw that the figure of Shiyi quickly showed out, and a arm was completely excluded from the finish of weaving, and the speed of speeding and regeneration recovered his body.

"Weaving Ji is so strong"

Not only is a protective guardian of Kurosaki, which is suppressed by dentistry, and there is also the night from this Ji.

The big eyes of the golden eyes were very unparalleled to see the familiar girl before the eyes, and found that her strength and more than a few days ago.

"I haven't ended yet"

In the other side, in the process of exposure to the reverse.

When I was going to speed and regenerate it, I suddenly sounded another quiet and sorrow.


I saw a white figure quietly emerged from the side of the blade.

Longgui, who opened the form, did not know when he had appeared behind him, and the arm wearing a white armor was directly out of his strongest elbow.


The burst of the extreme roar sounded.

In the shocked eyes of everyone, I saw a huge white pond-pressure shock wave in front of the air.

The ten-blade breaks, there is no coming, and there is no change in the sound. It is the strongest blow to the rid of Longgui out.

"Dragon Longgui"

The eyes were sluggish to look at the bodies of the sunset in front of the eyes, and the tongue of Kurosaki saw it as if it was knocked. "You your strength"

"Is that?"

Next to the night, I opened my big golden double, and I looked at the female Wu goddess of the white armor before the eyes. "What happened in just a few days, how can it be a long time? meeting"

"Shiyi this idiot"

Seeing that there is no reminder of yourself in the heart, the girl who came to the two came to kill the girls in front of him, and the Ulci Ora is indifferent to lift it.


"I didn't think we met so soon."

At this moment, as a familiar voice came, Urci Oral was shocked, and he was very popular with his silence. He looked at Junxiu Youth that appeared in front of us.

"You are also in the world?"

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Chapter 191 Retreat (seeking rewards and automatic)

"You are also in the world?"

Seeing the appearance of Jun Xiu, who appeared in front of the sky, the Urchiola gods disordered, and the pupil is instantly narrowed into the size of the pinhole. )

"I didn't think we met so soon."

I saw that the two Ji and Dragon Gui them killed the ten blade to break the Bi Antnone, and the moment immediately gradually came out from the eyes of the eyes, and the white face smiled. "Ulchiola "

" "

Seeing the appearance of my eyes, I saw the huge ten-blade NO. of the side of the body, and there was a cruel smile. "Is this guy also need to do it?"