Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 608


I heard that I didn't know how to live alone next to the teeth, and Urchi Raidon was so dark.

I don't know why, he and Hilbeier and Gremjo with Gremjo have been fighting.

After Ulci Ola returns to the virtual night palace, it is just the way to describe things in the way, and did not use his eyes in the eyes of his eyes. All companions shared.

So at this time, the teeth around you don't know that this seemingly young and somewhat young youth actually have the same strength as the god.


There is no nonsense, after seeing this horrible youth appearance in front of you.

I saw Ulciola as if the conditions reflexed, directly reached out, opened a black chamber in the air in the air next to him.

This is exactly the way to break the space to freely move between the world and the virtual ring.


"let's go"

Urchiola's body has not been in the black chamber, it turned out to be separated from the battlefield.


Seeing the Ulciola around him even didn't play, I didn't play the battle, and the degritic next to him was stunned.

"If you want to die"

Seeing that Dentary still didn't know where to live, Ulci Ola didn't return directly, and the whole person entered the black chamber. "Just continue here."

"whispering sound"

"For you to walk"

Although I don't understand how I have seen the young people in front of this youth, the look is so big, even if I can't heal the battle.

However, I saw that Xibi has been killed by two human little girls in front of him. At the look at the night, the Night and Kurosaki, which makes Ulchiola are so taboo.

After the dentity had to leave a slogan, the huge body followed the footsteps of Ulci Ola, and it fully entered the black chamber of the next to open.

"They are gone"

The black cavity in front of the front air is gradually completely closed.

In the ground, the blacksome, a protective, in the ground, in the ground, in the battle, the power of him, the power of the use, will be influenced by the body's bloating power, completely played out Real strength.


"Jiwi Ji and Dragon Gui can be so easy to dry down"

Deadly clenched the black and smashing the black and smashing in his hand. Soon, it was a long long-term human weaving, and even Dragon Gui can kill a break, and the Kurosaki can't help but feel herself. Inability.

"Do you do what you are doing?"

"Don't be too arrogant

The top-level ignorance insights, I knows the heart of Iaki, I'm going to make my mouth, "I have the power of the strength and the strength of the strength". "

"But the words come back"

"After you cut off the lock, you can't control the power of your own body"

The face of the appearance of the appearance is plain, but the blue blood of the blood is like a sharp surgical knife, which looks on the blurred power in front of the corusators in front of you, "I think this time Pingzi Zhenzi them should have already follow you. Contact it? "

Pingzi Zhenzi?


I heard the exact to the mouth, I have said that he recently encountered the fossils, the black appearance of the black, "Why do you know?"

"As for why I know"

Looking at the surprise expression on the foot of Kurosaki in front of the foot, the mysterious raises the corner of his mouth, "You have the opportunity to ask Pingzi Zhenzi them you will know"


At this time, I walked to the front of the moment, and the wild pretty face was very quirky looks at the longguise and strength of the shape next to the shape, "weaving the strength"


"I have given two secret training these days."

Seeing the night in front of you, the expression of such a puzzled face, the heart of the moment, as if he got some inexplicable satisfaction, "Basically, they have reached the strength of the captain."

"Weaving and Longgui is now very strong"

At this time, I saw a little lornnen, who kneeling behind the moment, also exposed a small head from behind the moment, holding her little fist toward night.

"this is"

I saw Nina, showing a small head in my back, looking at the white nicles wearing on her head, and the night gold pupil suddenly shrunk, "Is it"

"Yes Niwu is also broken and the previous ten blade No.3"

It is seen that the Night's concern, the two girls next to the Dragon and Dragon Gui have been smiling and explained to her, "But she is now our companion night one s" "

"Good night"

At this time, the opening of the moment was dispelled about Ninel, "the war of the corpse and the virtual circle will soon break out before this, I plan to go back to the corpse" "

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Chapter 192 Corpgenic Soul Transformation (seeking rewards and automatic)


"Do you plan to go back with me?"

Looking at the eyes of a good afternoon | Night black cats are generally filled with wild hormones, and they have a little expectation in the eyes of the eyes. ()


It seems to read the expectations of the eyes in front of the eyes, and the night is a little, but the corner is still stubborn. "I will start with you, I miss my little broken bee."