Looking at my heart, my heart is hard, my heart is secretly smiling, "then let us start"


The sound of the moment is dropped, and the ruins of the ruins after the battle.

Suddenly a tall portal suddenly came, falling in the "four nine zero" ground to set off a dusty dust.

Herone is the moment of launching a summoned wear door in the soul of the customs clearance, since there is a way to lead to the corpse, the moment is too lazy to use God's reincarnation to open the space channel.

"A protection you now"

Looking at the front of the eyes and Longgui and the night, after they entered the door, I went in the moment, I finally glanced over the Gormya guard, and the two sisters around him and the Xia pep.

"If you are old, you will go to find Pingzi Zhenzi to learn to control the power of your body's bluff."

After the sudden end, the door of the wearing the wearing door was smashed, gradually got notes in the void.


I have now become their negative?

Looking at the moment in front of the eyes, they all went to the soul of the corpse, and the hearts of the blacks, the whole people were all unwilling and depressed.

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The corpse world.

The grass outside the Singer and the soul street is next to the grass outside the grass.

The sky suddenly dropped a tall gateway, night one, weaving Ji, Longgui and his small Loli Neuro gradually stepped out of the door.

"It's coming back to the spiritual Tong"

Looking up at your eyes, this piece of life is growing until the land of the land. Every time I come back, I am very emotion in my heart, and she still doesn't dare to go back to the four maple hospital.

There is also a younger brother at home, and the second 13th generation of Si Fengfang is a four-year-old quarter.

Since night, after a hundred years ago, after the talents of the dead deviation, the position of the family of the Si Maple fell into the hands of her younger brother Si Maple.

"Here is the body of the corpse"

At this time, the little Lolien kneamed in the moment once again explored his own small head, curiously talked to the top of this new world.

Ductone, now, she all stays, the corpse of death and soul lives, she is the first time, a pair of big eyes flashing countless curious starlights, "I don't seem to be so big,"

After all of the strength and memory are restored, you can switch the Niuli of the cute loli and the girl's royal sister form. Every time I change my tone, I will change my child's look.

"Don't be a bit wrong"

However, the land that just stepped around the corpse, the left eye, the blue god of the blules, the eyes of the eyes, all the eyes, and suddenly the feeling of the same feeling.

"It is everywhere in battle."

In addition to God's reincarnation, I saw a lot of fight of countless battles. The top of the moment was also heard of the entire Tongling Tong. At this moment, it was playing the battle.

"Indeed here is the trace of fighting"

I heard the words of the moment, I saw the night and gently bending the traces of the grass on the grass.

As the commander of the head of Xing Jun's general army and the secret officer of the secret motor force, she can professional traces that have been fighting here from these spider silk marts.

"The Ling Ting has actually happened this scale of battle."

The keen spot is not a small-scale turmoil, and the night is not bleed. "Is it turmoil and rebellion?"

"What happened, let's take a look, don't know"

The deep eyes were flashing, and the moment took the wrist around the night. It took advantage of the Dragon Guardi and Niuli directly to disappear.

at the same time.

There is a few kilometers away.

More than a dozen deaths have encountered a special opponent in front of their eyes, and they are confrontation in the fierce battle.

"The companions of our soul of Fei Mei"

I saw that I walked in the vice ghost and pink and loving the patterns. It is very pure and cute today. It is just that her pretty face is a heavy color. "Do you have forgotten it?"

Standing in front of the Synno peach and the fight against her, it was a girl in color and clothing, and the bottom of the ribbon was hanging a big bell.

However, it is obvious that the mysterious teenager in front of you did not hear the speech of the egg peach, and released a big fire in front of his big bell.

"Three days of knife, I refuse"

At this time, suddenly a crisp and delicate drink rang from the back of the Synnion.

I saw the Tshentao's triangular junction shield with a golden rays, and the dead slabs of the mysterious girl bombarded in front of them.

"Weaving Ji?"

The surprising times returns to the small head, see the gentle pretty face of the Ji Ji, and the gentle face of the moon, the milled pego.

"? You are finally come back?"

Immediately after seeing the might after the night and Dragon expectant, the Thursday was filled with a misty water in the eyes, and the whole person was happy.

"You are fine, small, Sen,"

The moment after I arrived, I gently hugged the old body of Taojiao, and I was trying to take a mysterious girl in front of my ghost.

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Chapter 193, the knife, solidification (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Don't don't"

Seeing this mysterious girl who seems to be in front of him. (

At this time, the eucalyptus peach in the absence of a sudden shocked, and hurriedly stopped the arm of the moment.

"What's wrong with Mrs?"

Seeing the Synnantian Tao to stop himself from attacking her enemies, there is a little stunned to raise his own swordfood.

"She is my heartbeat flying plum"