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Take the Capqi Yushu Chapter 610

In the inexplicable eyes, the Synchon's peach support is explained. "Not only is that all the sickles of Fei Mei are all subjectified, and we also attacked us"

Said, the eyes of the Synno peach glanced at all the gods of the thirteen teams who were fighting with their respective chopped knives, and there seems to be a little mourning between the look. "Just three days ago"

"Suddenly there is a strange man named village"

Thomantian peach seems to recall three days ago, suddenly appeared in the strange demon male, the mouth and the flash of his mouth and his own side. All are separated from your own control and attack all the dead gods of our entire Tongling Tin.

"The claim is to declare the war with the whole corpse" Let the sickness all get true freedom "

Is it solid?


Declare war with the soul of the whole corpse?

I heard the detailed explanation of the edible peach around him, and I responded when I was.

One of the hearts of the heart suddenly, and the minds of the minds have recalled the in-the-generation episode.

After hundreds of years ago, the necropsy in the corpse, the four major people of the four major aristors of the corpse, the woman's wife, the woman's wife, the woman, the legendary, the legend was a genius, with extraordinary death.

The dead wood river is fixed under the leader of the dead wood, but it is more hated because of its excellent talent and the special ability of the chopper.

Later, after being rescued by his church knife village, killing the captain of the squad leader who was stopped, and finally heard the dead wooden silver bell and Yamamoto. Two people teamed up by the country.

Today, after hundreds of years, it will rescue the sealed wood river again, and use their own special ability to brainwash the brain, to the whole The death of the corpse industry began to fully declare war.

"It's so"

The deep eyes of the deep eyes are gently flashing. The momentum of the moment is clearly clear, "Then this seems to seem to be directly killed directly"

I saw the gap between the two people who spoke to the Bang and the Thursing Peach. When I was physically, I was released again, I released a huge fireball again, she bombarded the egg peach to the moment.

" "

"What is the security point is not?"

The huge explosive fireballs that were reached in front of the uniforms of the child, and the blushing of the blue blood was once again.

Ice spirit

I saw the big explosive fireball in front of the moment, and I suddenly understood a big sleeve.

When the spiritual power on the body, the fans in the body broke out, and the air in front of his eyes began to solidify, and the fireball in front of the people did not have time to be close to the frozen force of the very cold.


And a crisp freezing sound sounds.

Next to the night, weaving Ji and Longgui gazing, the sophisticated kimono kneeling karm in front of the eyes, the girl, the whole person, the whole person, was frozen, and there was a huge spiritual ice.

It seems that a sculpture is generally frozen in a crystal clear glass, and it is not available.

"nailed it"

After completely frozen the chopped knife in front of the peach, it was easy to shoot his palm.


At this time, there was a crisp with crisp.

I saw the deputy team leader of the ten teams, the chrysanthemum, was wearing pink clothes in front of him, with a dark red short hair female attack of a cat, is the sophisticated gray cat after her entity.

I saw that Matsumoto, the chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum, the smell of the smoke ash, and the first pair of Yunnan, a pair of flowers.

Sixty-one · six sticks

At this time, the six-way ray is extremely dazzling, it seems that no one can escape the jail of the birthday.

In the air, then the dead roots entered the pinename, the chrysanthemum, the body, the body, the body, the body, completely blocking her all the actions, and seized the spiritual power.

"You are nothing, lady,"

Just when the Matsuba is not coming to God, this is a gently warm arm has helped her all the people from the ground.

"The big genk is the big genk?"

Looking back, after seeing yourself after you have a beautiful face, Matsumoto is finally caught.

I saw the chaotic symbols rush to sort out the clothes on my body, and I smoked myself a little messy golden show. The royal sister's breath was full of pretty face, "Thank you"

"you are welcome"

I didn't think about the sway, and the sharp eyes glanced at the death of countless sickness around him. "If you don't put the village, if you don't look for the village, this turmoil is very Is difficult to calm

"The location of the village, can you find it? Miss, lady?"

Recovered the eyes of yourself, and I looked at this blonde of this blonde in front of my eyes.

"Well, I have seen his spiritual pressure, I can try it." When I heard the moment, the lamoon lips bite, nodded slightly.

(Ask the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz).

Chapter 194 Demon Village is (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The Northern Heart of the Northern Heart of the Northern Heavenly Heaven is the wind and the wind is raining."

After the voice falls, I saw that Matsumoto was gently closed. The mouth sang a series of long-awaited ghosts, and then suddenly opened their eyes, "the fifty-eight-toe tacks"

The This is the border of the corpse to perceive the second pressure, taking track of the ghosts who caught their location, Matsumoto is a mask. (..)

After singing the ghosts, I saw the fingertips from the moment before the moment, and suddenly released countless spider webs. The general spiritual power wire, extends the air in front of the eyes, and finally gathered together to a direction.

"Is the direction of Northeast"

I saw the position pointed out in my ghost, and I was so sating.

"let's go"

After seeing the cosmication of the mooks, he pointed out that the location of the village is located, and there is a night one, Longgui and Weiwi Ji, and a few emeralds, a few plots, blindly rushing.

The approach is a search for ten minutes.

The blind eye of the moment is finally fluctuations in the spiritual power in front of a remote unmanned forest.