Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 611 of Huedings

"Dimming Wood Captain"

After the moment of arriving with everyone, the milled peach suddenly saw the dead wood lauquia and the dead woods that were fighting.

Lucia's opponent's opponent is a beautiful woman wearing a colorful dress. It has snow-white long hair, in the upper right side of the head, inlaid, a flower-shaped stone, it is her sterilized knife sleeve. Snow.

And the dead wood white, I don't know why you have made yourself, you will get rid of the village's control, and you are confronted with your eyes and your own opponents.

I saw the eyes of the dead wood, it was a demon male, the nail, the pole of the nails, and the black hair was sparse, which is to set off this sharp knife head. Village.


After listening to the shout of the tomntom, it was looking forward to the sleeping of the sleeve of the sleeves in front of him, and I saw that the Synnant Peach was rushing to him.

"At the moment, the big ghost, the night, the genus, there is still a long value"

After seeing a group of figure after the peach of the Thursday, Lu Qi Yaton is coming, "I am coming back from the world."

If he comes back

I believe that this turmoil will be able to calm down.

On the other hand, it has been paid to the ice ribs that have been bombarded before the skin, while Lucia's eyes are sneaked in the moment of arrogant.


"Is it a part of the death of the dead to come over?"

After seeing the distant moment, I saw the monsters in front of the dead wood in front of the madman village.

The purple scorpion fell on the huge black seal coffin next to him, "There is no relationship, it will be liberated by me". "

"I will fight side by side, I can fight side by side, and there will be no one will be our enemy."

I hope that after hundreds of years of years, the village is eye-freely staring at the black seal coffin next to himself, which is the same as the old wood rang river.

"Don't want to release the sinners of the dead wood home"

Seeing the right movement in front of the village, the face of the cold wood, the eyes of the eyes, and the eyes are trying to stop the villages to liberate the seal.

"It's too late"

However, the heart has already prepared a village, directly reaching out, plugging out the four golden rim of the black seal coffin.

That is the seal of the corpse secret, four shots, blood seals, hundreds of years ago, the dead wood silver bell and the mountains, the heavy country, is the use of this seal ghost to seal the dead wood.


I saw that I was in a hurry, I looked at the village in front of my eyes, I pulled the four golden rim of the black seal coffin, and the minced wood is dark.


I saw that the village was just shot off next to the four golden rim of the black seal coffin.

Suddenly, the entire black seal coffin immediately broke out a huge incomparable purple push, as if it was like the tide, it was generally crazy.

"How can I like this?

Looking at such a huge purple in front of him, the dead wood Lucayon next to him changed his face and stopped the battle in his hand.

The eyes were very obsolete, and "is there such a powerful pond?"

Did the wood rang


Seeing such a huge purple push in front of you, I have already rushed to the moment in the forest, and the deep eyes suddenly flashed the same brilliance.

If the light is in the spirit, the quantity of this spiritual pressure is enrolled to exceed the ordinary captain of the Lingling Tint.

Strictly decline the wood rang river is a third chair of the six teams of the 18th team of Zhang Yutong, and now his strength is exceeded by the captain. It seems that this decay is really a good Zhao Zhao. An unrelated genius is dead.


"Is the seal finally unwaked?"

After the entire black coffin was blown, a tall figure finally came out from them, and all the purple tremendous ponders surrounded gradually.

A black and dead, the neck is a red wind flower yarn, a black in black, and the whole body is strong.

Originally, a handsome face has been seal through these hundred years, has become a face of the horrible face like zombies, and the whole person reveals a depressed breath.

It is a son-in-law of the genius of the genius of the mulberry, the genius of the genius, and the masters of the squad, and the sorrows of the village are rigorous.

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Chapter 195 of the dead wood rivers (seeking rewards and automatic)


"Is you put me out?"

Crazy laughs gradually squatted, and the dead wood rivers and horrible eyes looked at the village next to the eye. )

"it's me"

"I have waited for you for hundreds of years, I can finally fight again."

Looking at the owners and companions who have been waiting for hundreds of years, they are almost difficult to control.


I saw the face of evil spirits in the river, I was inserting the chopped sword in my hands into the body of the village. I suddenly noticed that the village was penetrated.

"Oh? Silver white wind gauze and stars"

Looking at the big aristocratic bucket wearing in front of the cold wood, the eyes of the dead wood rang river gradually condensed, "Are you a man?"

"The twenty-eighth generation of dead wood home

The eyes were dead and stared at the descending wood river, the dead wood, the cold face, the look, "Demon River, you are the sinner of the dead wood, I will completely accept you here."

"Decisive me?"


I saw the dead wood in front of him, and there were no proud attitudes in such a place, and the dead wood rose suddenly laughed again.

Since Into my own wooden home, my heart has been sensitive to a fragile neuron who is stabbed by the words of the eyes of the dead wood, and the heart is temporarily put down on the village's resentment. "The village is just like you are willing to let us fight back and fight again. "