Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 612 of Hueding Crack System

"Blocking the glory of the dead wood home"

The eyes deeply locked the madness of the madness in front of the river, and only the eyes of the dead wood were almost asking, and suddenly liberated the sake of the chief of the knife in his hand, "scattered, thousands of cherry."


"Any chopped knife is useless in front of me."

Seeing the dead wood in front of you, the dead wood, the dead wood rose, and smiled, and took a plenty of purple in the hands of his hands.


After the decoction of the ruins of the river, I saw that the whole person centered, and a purple rays seem to have erupted in the volcanic, directly drowned the entire forest where everyone is located.

"My sorrowful knife?"

After being covered with the purple rays released by the eyes of the eyes, the murder of the dead wood, looked at the chops that were completely uncontrolled by themselves.

I saw the dead wood and the eyes closed, closed my heart, and the chop in the hand got rid of the right control of the river in front of his eyes.

But the dead woods have just opened their eyes, and the front of the old wood river has been unlimited.

I only saw the dead wood and the whole person was completely blown out.

"Is it closed in the heart?"

After flying out of the dead wood, the dead wood river zombie is generally revealing the evil smile. "This trick is a few hundred years ago, your grandfather's dead wood bell has already used me but there is no way. How do you fight with me? "

"Hahaha village is positive, plus my own strength"

The ability to use the village is controlled by all the sorrows around the dead god, let their own sickness attacks themselves, and beat the dead wood white.

The heart of the dead wood is like a great satisfaction, and the whole man is talking about the devil. "The whole corpse is all in the world, no one will be my opponent, I want to create a new world."


"No one is your opponent in the soul of the whole corpse?"

"I think you don't think too much."

When I was laughing at the river in the river, I had a little mocking this time. I suddenly passed into his ear.

"who are you?"

The laughter of the dead wood is abruptly staring at the Junxiu Youth, which is eye-catching, gradually coming.

The impeccable perfect face and white noble long hair, simply let him go to the devil's devil now.

He has also had a handsome face and everyone's support, and everything is all destroyed in the hands of Lingling Tin only playing with the skills of others.

The non-stop evil spirits and negative emotions are like the unveiled poisonous snake, and it is constantly eating his inner heart.

"My name is the current ghost road of the corpse". "

It's simple to say your identity, look at the dead wood river in front of the devil zombie, and some sighs gently shake their head, "the wood river"

"Originally, you once also a genius of the genius of justice, but did not expect to fall now."

What is it?

I looked at the moment when I shook my head, my dead wood rose.

The dead wood rang river from the pair of blue blood is like a generous, and it is very bright, seeing mercy and , as if it seems like a sword, it is generally stab that he distorted.

"Are you pity me?"

After being framed, I was filled with my heart, and then I was seal for hundreds of years. The spirit and idea of ​​the dead wood rang river have been completely negative, and the roar of the mouth is generally whispering. "You are all Damn "

With the low sound of the river rings.

I saw that the purple spirit of the purple in his body was once again burst, all the chopped knives in the hands of the death of this purple rays, all out of control, turned to attack their own owners.

"Give all the chops to brain the brain to attack your own master?"

"It is indeed a powerful ability but"

Looking at the surrounding nest of the night, it has been influenced by the village. He has not been controlled by the village. He does not set off any waves on the calm face. " Death difference

"Even if you don't have to be a knife, I also have a thousand ways to kill your method."

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Chapter 196 Opstanding Power (seeking rewards and automatic)

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Among the remote forests, the central lake is surrounded.

"whispering sound"

"The village's ability is really all the knives, the knife, it seems ... ~ ..."

Under the influence of the imperial solution of the eyes, the nest of the nest of the nest around him was constantly shaking from his own control, and turned to attack himself.

Wang Zhimongbao

Among the eyes of all people shocked, I saw that the emperor of the blush in the air behind the flashlight, and there was an invisible portal in the air to open.

"what is that?"

In front of the dead wood river, next to the weaving, Longgui and night one, there is still the dead wood whit far from the ground, everyone is stunned.

I looked at the golden light of the infinite glare after my eyes, and everyone didn't open their eyes.

" "

After opening the king's treasure treasure, it seems that the whole world in front of him is penetrated by this endless golden ray.

The dead wood rivers can not help but reach the idea to cover their eyes, some can't stand straight to the moment, "Is this your ability?"

"A person who is about to die"

I haven't broken through the bottleneck breaking the boundaries of the king of the powerful treasure. It is temporarily being used as a convenient mobile dividend space treasure house.

I saw that the moment of the moment is indifferent to the eyes of the dead wood, and one hand grabs the neopes of the night around him, slowly put it into the king of the king in the void, "is not necessary to know so much "