Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 613

After putting the neoplings of the Bible into the treasure of Wang Zhimong, the endless money in front of him gradually woven, everything was restored in the air, and the blade of the moment was not riot.

" "

Seeing the infinite golden light of the infinite in front of the eyes, he heard the people who called himself in the mouth of the feast, and the face of the dead wood rose and flicked over a blind color.

"I have to see how there is no death of the knife."

Rogue eye ·

It's just that the words of the dead, the words are still finished, and when the moment in front of the eyes, the left eye is blue, and the whole person disappears in front of him.


It's so faster that I am looking at the river in my own, I'm going to have disappeared in this moment.

Among the air, it suddenly came into a strong strong wind, and suddenly shocked, and the chopped knife in the hand reflected in the air to have a sharp sword mood in the air. Chop

"Reaction is very fast"

"More than the boybead of the wood"

Who knows that the air is commended in the air, I saw that there was a moment of instaying, and I had already foreseen his attack in advance.

Round looks · Huangquan

Seeing the gentle knife in the hands of the dead wood, it is going to be in the moment, but the air between the two people suddenly opened a dark space cave.


"what is this?"

I saw ghosts, and I was in the moment of myself. The whole person was completely incompetent in front of the mysterious lacquered space, and the dead wood rose.

I saw that the dead wood river is still in the future, and the whole person is generally slammed out by shells.

A series of disparators and incompected hits, only the dead wood sounded on the road, the whole forest, the whole forest, the bloodless, unstopped, sprinkled.

Until this time.

On the night of the night and Lucia, there is still a white mortuary, it is only seen in the dark space of the mood in the original position of the dead.


I saw this momentary war battle, and the dead wood Lucia next to him has already been shocked.

"It's a big ghost"

The blonde's Royal Sister Matsuma is a paradise, and the tight lock is unable to move in front of the moment. "Even if you don't have to overwhelmitate the enemy

"What is the ability of the ability?"

At this moment, it is not far from the dead wood, and the cold face is really dignified.

The scene presented in his mind is completely the scene of opening the strange space cave just now. "It's just that God is not uncomfortable."

Just when everyone was shocked in the horror power. At this time, the figure had already quietly disappeared again in front of their eyes, and the use of the trend is still in the air.

.. ....


"This guy is unlikely"

The pain comes from the body seems to be a fire burning, and the whole people flew to the air, wearing a dozen tall trees, and the heart of the dead wood rang.

"I didn't expect that I was seal for hundreds of years, and the body of the corpse actually had such a powerful guy?"

"I don't know if you will still think now."

When it was shocked in the heart of the dead, the air in front of the eyes suddenly sounded again.

The dead wood sounded the whole body, struggling to open his eyes, actually a horrible discovery, the moment, the ghosts, in front of him, catch up with the speed of him.

I saw that the whole person floated in the half-air in front of the dead wood, the young handsome face was like laughing, "The whole corpse is no longer your opponent."


Seeing the moment before the moment, I have been teased by my life, and all the anger in the hearts of the river is all in an instant, "Don't be too proud of the little child"

Slim 69 · King Kong

I saw the dead wood river lifted myself, and I fate in front of the air in front of the air, and I am in the air in the air.

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Chapter 197 disrupts five senses (seeking rewards and automatic)

" "

The whole person is like a shocking generally floating in the air. (..)

In front of the fire, the fire illuminated the blushing of the blue deep and bloody monster, and Jun Xiu's face was pulled.

Diamond star dust

It is intended to kill the dead wood in front of you, and the use spiritual power that is unfair to the moment has launched his own vastness of the ice.

In the face of the huge burst of ghosts released in front of the dead wood, the moment is directly smoked.

Suddenly all air condense.

Surrounded by the huge violent ghost flames that were released by the dead wood river, the coldness of the wind was suddenly frank, and it turned into a piece of soish, as if it was as good as the winter "Two Two". Sorrowful tones.

I saw that under the flash of the ultimate frozen force, the frozen force that exceeded the absolute zero-degree was used to form a white light from the shock wave.

Like snowflakes, it seems like to freeze and smash the stadium, suddenly shells to the river in front of the dead wood, and strict him to kill him

"this is"

"It's a horrible frozen force"

In the face of the diamond star dust from the moment, the diamond star dust coming out of the moment.

The pupil of the dead wood river suddenly shrunk into a general size of the pinhole, and he never imagined the world of such a horrible enemy.