Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 614 of Hueding Cracks


However, all of the anti-resistance is futile.

The crisp freezing sound of everyone's soul sounded.

I saw that under the influence of the freezing force of this to the cold, the surrounding time seems to be paused.

In the pupils greater than the extreme fear of the dead, his whole body is contaminated with this layer of white glory.

From the back of the future, it is transiently coming.

Just saw this moment, I was easy to fall, and the dead wood river next to it was completely frozen into a eternal ice sculpture.

I turned on the foot of the moment into a ground smashing, glutating in the forest tree mottled light.

"It's so powerful"

The people who came in a hurry saw that this moment was so lowered to kill the dead wood, and the Lucia and Matsumoto were born. "The dead wood river is so fast."


It didn't pay attention to the amazing of everyone. At this moment, the moment after landing is, but I have a little bit of my brow.

The calm scene in front of us seems to have a burst of ripples like a water that is put into the stone, and this feeling is similar to that of the blue dyeing.

See you, I am domineering, listen to everything

I saw that I was standing in the original place, gently closed my eyes, and a force outside the five senses beyond the humans and unfolded.

"It's so"

The top-level view is dominated, and the power that does not rely on the eyes will restart the greasy and trajectory of the world.

At the moment, the face flashed on the face, and the mouth was soft, "I used spiritual pressure to interfere with my distance and time my feelings."

"Do you think kill me?"

At the same time, the top of the air is dominated, and the sound of the dead wood rang in front of the air is again.

All everyone in the scene opened their own eyes, and saw that in front of their forests as if the illusion, there was a sudden appearance of countless feld wooden rivers.

"I didn't hit me just now."

I saw a madness of one of the dead wood rang rivers in front of the moment, and the horrible face has a crazy smile. "My ability is to use the flexible interference of the enemy's distance and time this skill is The true root of the village power

Using the flexible interference with the enemy's distance and time sensation?

When I heard what I said in front of my eyes, all of the people were suddenly awesome.

"That means that his ability is completely do not need to pass the eyes of others."

At this time, the millet whose wolf rushed over, and I opened my own eyes, "I only need to release the pond to control the senses of disturbing others?"

"Isn't that a certain extent,"

I saw the night wild pretty face, and the power of this dead wood rang in front of him was completely exceeded. "His ability is more than blue dyeing mirror flowers."

"Do not"

"Still distinguishing"

At this time, I stood in front of countless wood rivers, but I shook my head. "Blue-dyed mirror water is the five sense of" complete hypnotic "and his ability is just part of people."

"If it is not seal for hundreds of years"

The deep and beautiful double, as if lost the focal length, did not go to the eye to incarnate thousands of dead wood rivers, and the moment made an objective evaluation for him. "If you give you a chance to practice, you can still reach blue dye.

"Unfortunately, a genius is dead."

It is said that there is a sigh of sighs, "Just like this in the struggle of the corpse, the rupture of the faction,"

Light and dark, no matter which second yuan world, there is no absolute bright ....

The Target World is like the world of the world, is like it.

Now that the hegemony and unity of the soul of the corpse is the result of countless years and countless conspiracy struggles and killing.

And in front of this seemingly sad and crazy dead wood river, it is just a relatively most eye-catching one of the countless sacrifices.

"I already said that"

"Don't look at me in this kind of mercy"

In front of the forest, the forest, the dead wood, river, and seeing the sigh, the hysmons of the hysmies, "I know that you are now in the mud."

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Chapter 198 killing (seeking rewards and automatic)

Extraction of seventy and ice teeth

The attitude of being attached to the moment is another irritating wood river, which is completely a crazy devil. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

I saw that there were countless spirits in front of the air, and a powerful ghosts suddenly formed in the hidden sword tip of his hand.

"Now everyone else can't grasp my exact location"

The temperature in front of the eyes suddenly decreased sharply, and a white ghost, Lingzi, was quietly blooming in the hands of the decay.

After confused with your own spiritual pressure, after the feelings of everyone's sense, the corner of the dead wood suddenly opened his ear, "I will die for me"

Seeing the ghosts in the hands of the dead wood rivers to flood all the people in front of them.

At this time, I have been standing in the place where I am silent, but I suddenly raised my eyes at this moment.

The back of the right eye, the red monster, the back of the god, seems to be a never-surrounding abyss, flashing and shocking.

"I acknowledged a little overrightening your ability."

In the eyes, it reflected in the figure in front of the hundred thousands of dead wooden rivers, and the final judgment was spit in the mouth, "But everything can only be here."

Round looks · Tombs

Between the speech, the top of the moment is completely locked to the entity of the dead wood river, and the silent use spiritual power launches the powerful pupil of God.