Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 615

I saw the blood red monster in the right eye, and the mysterious differential space was opened.

There is a very fast-fledged figure in front of the voids, but the naked naked eyes cannot be seen at all.


The sound of the moment is dropped.

The ghosts in the hands of the eyes have instantly condensed the molded wood river, and the heart suddenly flashed a dangerous feeling.

Everyone does not understand what happened in front of him.

I saw a huge deep pit when I saw the forest in front of the forest.

At the glance, the dead wood rings to release suddenly the whole person was smashed into the ground, and the ghosts in his hand stopped, and it looked blurred.

"What happened"

Next to the Matsumoto and the Tomssen peach smashed the eyes, watching the midth of the forest in front of the forest, the body is gradually dissipated in the air.

"what is that?"

The injured mortal wood is amazed to zoom in on his pupil.

I saw the huge deep pit on the ground under the foot of the moment. It was originally attacked to the flesh and blood of the flesh and blood, and suddenly suddenly floated in the half-air in front of the moment.

"How can it be"

It seems that it has been bullied by an invisible big hand, and the dead wood rivers and the whole person are mentioned in the air.

I saw the flesh and blood of the shadow of the slick the shadow of the moment of the moment, and the face of the incredible expression was awkward. It seems that it seems to look at a villain, and the moment, "I just What is "

"If you have someone who killed by me, I will explain it."

The blue-blue scorpion looked at the flying wooden rivers, the flying wooden river, and the angel of the angel, and the molar smile was all over, "I am afraid that my mouth is already grown."

Ice army knife

While calmly said, the right hand at the moment, quietly launched his own freezing force, condensed a sharp slender slender ice blade in the air

"and so"

The slender slender blade in his hand directly served in front of his feet, and in this quiet forest, the sound of the moment appeared and melodious, "You still disappear in the history of the corpse The long river is in the long river "

The people next to it can't see what happened in front of you.

But if you can clearly see the shadow of the face of the flash of the color in front of it.

I killed the neck of the dead wood, and put his whole person from the ground deep pit, fixed in front of the moment.

"At the moment, the ghost, he is too strong"

Looking at the eyes of the forest in front of the forest, it is fixed by a shade of intangible power in the half-air, and the people next to the heart are shocked. "The dead wood river is not his opponent. "


At this time, the village rushed from the other end of the forest.

Just witnessed that the dead wood rang is fixed by an intangible force in the half-air, and the horrible face suddenly wants to break.

"Village is correct"

"You are too late"

After seeing the village is rushing, I didn't think I didn't think it was, and the sharp slender slender slender is directly sent.

In the face of the front of the dead wood, the sharp ice blade in the hands of the moment, the sharp ice blade in the moment is directly in his heart.

I saw the dead wood river rolling with my throat, but the shadow of the moment was tightly hitting the throat. The whole picture appeared was not comparative and depressed.

"Don't ring"

I saw the sharp ice blade in the hands of the moment, and I was ruthlessly pierced into the heart of the dead, and the village next to the village broke out of a shock.

"You actually kill the river, you actually kill him"

I saw that the village was sluggish and looked at the corpse of the eye. He slipped at the foot of the moment. He continued to mutter in the mouth.

"See the owner being killed by me"

After killing the dead wood river, the moment to turn around fell in the village of the whole body in the forest, "the knife rushed away"

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Chapter 199 The village of the Route (seeking rewards and automatic)

The chopped of the knife is gotting with the dead, and the death of the dead.

Although the capacity of the village is special, it is possible to control all the chops, and you can also protect yourself and others.

However, after the dead, he is still struggling before the death of the dead, waiting until the flying pressure of the dead, then the village will disappear in this world.

"I have waited for hundreds of years, and I finally released him."

I saw the villages in the forest, and the look was unparalleled, and my eyes were extremely horrible. "Do you actually kill him?"

"Ah, ah"

All people have obedients all by the villages in the forest.

I saw this at this moment, I'm going to kill the village who kills the wood, and my hands broke out of the painful mourning.

The village is running over the body, and there is a dark purple spirit that is usually rolling out of the sky, causing some inexplicable changes in the sky.


Everyone heard a sound of a burst of torn sound.

Under the influence of the village is running off the fall of the collapse, everyone only sees the top of their head, and suddenly beaten a dark black chamber.

"Is this a black cavity?"

Lucia shockedly looked at the black cavity of one of his heads, could not help but screamed.