Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the collapse of the rigid jade system Chapter 616

It seems to verify the words of Lucia.

I saw a torn black chamber in the sky, and suddenly a big virtual bas-choke.

Looking at the denseness, there is actually there is hundreds of big virtual base, then mixed in the air in the air.

"This quantity ..."

I found that I didn't count the quantity of the big virtual and ordinary virtuality. Lucia and Matsumoto's face gradually began to be white. mix together"

Say here.

Lucia and Matsumoto diameters have a few times to turn their eyes to the moment. When they are dangerous, this youth may have the opportunity to change the battle here.

"When I gave me a knife, I played it out."

I saw this moment. At this moment, I looked at the villages in front of the forest, and there were some powerless spoons shake their head. "I said where did you come so much trouble?"

After all, the smell of the knife is an extra plot in the world of death. There are many things that cannot be seen in this world.

"The old man is real with your owner's dead wood"

Eight of the village is attracting the flexible village of the village to be attracted to the entire forest where everyone is located, the blue blood of the blush is gradually cooled.

"Is it good to disappear in the history of the corpse world?"

After the voice came, the huge frozen force in the instant broke out.

In the face of his eyes, the forest is around the forest, the euphori, and the ordinary virtual, and the village of the whole body continues to rush, and the whole person is like a sharp arrow.

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Aurora punish

Looking at the countless ethics of the forest under his feet, the village of the forest is just like a dark purple spirit, and the white to the cold in his hand will bore in the forest.

In everyone's eyes.

It seems that the whole time and space in front of him is frozen.

All the substances around and all spirits have been paused.

I saw the white to the cold in the hands of the moment, and the endless white aurora as if the ancient wave is generally crazy. Everything in front of him is infected with a white glory.

Route village


And the entire forest where everyone is

All all things, under the moment of the pokes, are all infected with white brilliance, stop everything.

All turned into an ancient ice sculpture, and the sun is shining with a fantastic halo under the sun.

In particular, the village that is originally rushing is positive, all of them are all frozen, and the entire humanity has made an eternal ice sculpture, beautiful and artistic.


Looking at the world of white ice in your feet.

The mouth of the moment is gently spit out of a white cold, and the white white sparkling long hair falls on a metaphurious ghost, and Junmei is like the king of the king, and it is ruthless.

"What is the power of this?"

The eyes are losing to look at the world's boundless white world.

Unbelievable whisper in your mouth | human, dead wood, finally gradually recovering the perception of his body.

Just as I just thought I did almost all things in front of you, I was instantly treated with eternal ice sculptures.

"All the spirits in the air are frozen by ice."

Noro Zhao Wei looked at all frozen everything in front of him, Lucia carefully felt the spiritual pressure in his body, found that he could not mobilize any spirits among the air, "My sleeve is soaked to do this. Do things? "

Lucia is a white-skinned white-shaped white-haired.

Put your body temperature, the extreme cold and low temperature of the absolute zero (theoretical value. ° C), sway the knife to the enemy's body, by the enemy of this skill, the body will instantly quench, and finally lose temperature.

However, the power of absolute zero is in the power of Lucia, only four seconds, and if it exceeds the time limit, she will be frozen by this horrible low temperature.

It is because so she can't imagine that some people can perform the perfect control of the absolute zero. .

Chapter 200 (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Get it. Yes)? )?)? )?

After all of the dead wood rivers and villages are all solved, the moment is like a dead leaves from the sky, which is generally falling into the frozen forest.


" "

After seeing a flash of the sky, the people present at this time finally came back to the gods, Mei Xi Pexus, Weaving Ji, Longgui and the chaotic chrysanthemums were all surrounded. Only the night held is not far away. Watch quietly.

"I miss you very much."

After seeing the moment, I saw that I was originally quiet in the lattice, and the exaggeration of the exaggeration rushed over the absence of the moment.

"Ni, isn't there a small party?"

I looked at the cute Niuli, I couldn't help but stroked the white niches on her head.

Although the vial of Wattod's extent has even more than human intelligence, their emotions are always different from humans.

For example, Ni relies on emotions of this kind of enthusiastity, it is unusual to enter.

"Since the dead wood rang and villages have done this, this time, the tricks, the rebellion, has also been reported."

Looking at the sharp ice blade that was under the ground, the body of the dead wood river, as well as the side of the eternal ice sculpture.

Matsumoto is slightly sorted out his own thoughts, and the eyes are watching the moment in front of them.


I heard the intention of Matsumoto in front of him, and the blue left eye turned gently.

It is noted that there is a unbelled forest where everyone is located. It is a team of horses that are being transiently proximally close, and the pyroelectric reactions are inchaverting, at least the pixel of the captain.

I saw that I gently waved my arms to stop the ghosts, the sky is quite empty, and the deep eyes seems to be unknown to the empty space next to it.