"They have come"


It seems to verify the discourse of the moment.

The diaphragm in the air is flashing. It is the head of the Captain Mountain.

"I really didn't expect Yuming Ting's Jandan Aeeh Thirteen Team"

After seeing yourself, you have already solved the fade wood rivers and villages, and the mountains in the city are still rushing, and there is some disdainful smashing their mouths. "It is used to those police in the world. After the habit, I rushed to the scene. "

"At the moment, the vice captain of the big hidden road

After the death of the thirteen of the Yutong Ting Ting, I looked at the whole piece of Ice frozen forest. All of them will fall in front of my eyes and the chrysanthemum. "This is"

"Shanda Captain"

I glanced at myself, myself, myself, myself, myself, and I had to go to the front step and the mountains of Yamamoto, the heavy country reported the only thing, "The sinner of the corpse, the dead wood rang river and his churchy village have been attached to the big Ghost long handlers "


After listening to the report in front of the eye, I saw that the Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei was slightly sinking. Then I nodded to the Huilu, I'm going to myself. "Since the dead wood rang and the village have been under the moment of the big ghost The things here are handed over to you.

"Yes, the head leader." The warm and elegant ..

After that, the Shan Biao Liusi has taken a part of the god of the thirteen teams around him.

It is worth mentioning that after the excellent ability of the village, the almost all of the death of the death of the dead, all of which were realized by everyone, and they gradually returned to their sings.

For example, the Synchon's peach, the peach, a pink and loving girl, Lucia Sub-sleeve, white snow is a white-eyed elegant woman, while the flow of the old man is a weather strict. Armor warrior.

At this time, I caught my attention, but I just didn't enter the eyes of the blunt, but it was a thrilling horror of horror.

This does not match the Amazing terrible monster.

"Hui Hua Hua Many Flow?"

Rao is very happy to look at the flowers and elegant .

I know that the woman who is weak, such as water is actually a evil ghost that has excellent kill.

At the heart, there is a very strong impulse very much, I want to solve her Hungaro wrapped around the Hungaro, the black hair, seeing her real face 'The big evil people in the neighborhood, the big evil people, the flower, the flower, eight thousand streams, how do you have? The style.

" "

Originally, the death of the dead gods around him handled the Huilu, which seems to be aware of some inexplicable eyes.

I am looking forward to the deep eyes of myself in my own body. I immediately showed a light smile, "I have worked hard this time, you solved the dead wood river and village. The big trouble of the two corpses

"Small things that are not worth mentioning"

In the face of the guest's words in front of you, the moment to recover your own eyes, don't be shrugged, "So here, give you a captain"

After that, I screamed the night, I was called, and they turned and left.

"Please wait a moment of moment, big ghost"

At this time, the Hua Lili, who was behind, suddenly opened the moment.

"I have a rude request"

In the moment, it is a bit awkward.

In front of the eyes, the original soft eyes seem to gradually become sharp, as if she changed the temperament, such as the blood of the blood.

(Ask the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz).

Chapter 201 Chapter people after the dusk (ask for reward and automatic)

" "

In the case of the color of the Huili Lie in front of the eyes, the style of peace is often different, and it is not worthy of it. ????

"I am very interested in the medical ghosts and strong swordstemed before the moment you have used."

I saw that the Huahu loudly owed to the moment, and the soft voice said: "If you have a big ghost, when you have time, I hope to take the liberty"


Have you seen my sword?

I watched the words gently flicked, and I thought about it.

Before the Junliang joined the Yutong thirteen team, it was an unprecedented version of the neighborhood.

She sang all the world's genre and knife flow, and took the name of "Eight Thousands of Flow" for himself. Later, I was included in Yamamoto Li Zhai, and became the captain of the eleventh team in the thirteenth team of the first day of the first generation, which is the first generation of swords.

After the fun of the fun of killing, the Huilu Lili learned a reply from the Qilin Temple of the zero team. Later, I didn't know that because of why shift became the current four medical captain.

"Actually, the flower captain, you are interested."

Obviously, this light is very interested in this light, such as the blood, the flowers, such as the blood, the flowers, eight thousand streams are also very interested, I only see the moment, "Then I can always spend"

"it is good"

"But the moment, the ghost, you just came back from the world, then we were about to go tomorrow night."

Seeing the moment, I promised, I saw the flowers and a smile, "I am waiting for you in the four teams in the evening."

After that, the Huilu, who turned it, turned around to command the 13th team of Zhang Yutan to be responsible for cleaning the scene. Only when the night around the moment, a few dead gods next to him noticed the dialogue between the two.

"How can I be" the flower captain, "

Going back to the road of ghosts, a surprised Mianxian peach in the heart, finally couldn't help, usually gentle and good looks that the flower captain of the light of the water will have such an active side.

"Don't underestimate her woman doesn't look so simple."

Different from the surrounding patches and peach.

As a captain of the four maple family of the big aristocratic, the captain of the second pair, the face of the night is a bit cautious. "Huilu, a flower, the long-lasting four captains, the first time, you have to be careful. But there is no ditch to turn the boat "

"Do not worry"

At the moment, of course, he knew the true identity of , but he saw that he was so concerned about himself, or couldn't help but smile.

I saw a short smile and reached a hand, and I had a neck of the night. "How to go after I have dinner there?"