Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 618

"Let's go to find a small bee?"


Brake Suddenly hooked the neck with such a rude posture, and the night was slightly red, trying to struggle, but found that he could not open the arm of the steel. He had no choice butt, "the bee is mine"

"It's your hunch is your"

But you are my two are my

Although the mouth is derived from the stubborn night, but the heart of the moment is secretly laughing.

A group of people returned from the world gradually farther away in the ice forest of the Lingling Tin, and laughed and laughed along the way.

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Next day.

Going back to the Ling Tin, the hives, the peach, and after the ear, I finally waited until today's evening.

When the bloody Xiacai dyed through the whole corpse sky, the moment finally stepped into the team of the four teams.

The respective styles of each team of Junling Ting Tongtan is very different. For example, a team of teams is close to the headquarters of the Yutan, located on the side of the mountain, hanging on the mountain like a hanging temple.

The five teams are located in the water, different rooms are connected by channels with ceiling, and the environment is pleasant, and today, the first time I really stepped into the four teams.

The four teams are located in the secluded land of the Lingling Tin, except for the team's dormitory, part of the comprehensive ambulance (or the integrated service room).

About two layers of huge wood gathering, there is a garden, the wall is white, the roof has a canopy, there is wooden beam, pillar, etc., it looks huge and clean.

" "

Since I stepped into the team of the Si Fang team, the team members of the various teams seen all the way were greeted.


"The flower captain of will only treat the wounded in the comprehensive rescue."

After the opening of the four teams of the team, it was seen everywhere, and the death of the death of the four team members was treated by the four teams. At this time, the dead player of a four team ran to the moment.

"She told me to tell the moment, the big ghost, you should take a little in the lobby, she is busy."

"Nothing, go, go,"

The random swing of the moment, indicating that the four teams of the dead gods will continue to do things.

The zangered left eye penetrated all the obstacles in front of you, and saw the Huilu, who was treating the wounded in the comprehensive rescue, inexplicable in the corner of the moment.

"This case we will be very difficult"

At this time, there was a noisy sound in the long walk in the comprehensive ambulance that is not far from the moment.

"what the hell?"

"But it is already the injury of the medical ambulator who hides behind us."

I saw a thick beard appearance like an ordinary uncle's dead player, with a few dead gods around him, "Uncle, I am the 20th seat of Jiuwu, how are you so annoying? A four from the district. "

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"It's them"

"Nine teams also have the battle of the eleven teams"

Seeing a few dead gods in front of you, the team of a few four teams hiding in the next side of the walking is drastic. ????

"You are not bad"

When several Jiuhua team and the Death of the Eleven team were called, when the sound suddenly sounded, they suddenly sounded all their people like ice.

" "

I saw this Nine-Duan's twenty-seat Mei Ding Sheng, as if they were in general, and the stiffness slowly turned their body, "You Hello"

"It is worth a fortunate thing that is worthy of fortunateness but as long as it is in this comprehensive rescue office ..." Sixteen zero "... Your life is all in our control."

The flowers of the show are still the same as the same gentle and quiet smile. "Don't forget this, it's better to stay here."

It is only the dangerous breath that is revealed in the eyes of the eyes, and several of them all feel that they are in terms of a horrible evil ghost, and they can not help but seep it out of cold sweat.


"How many of us are ?"

I saw a simple look of , let these Jiuhua team and eleven team habits such as electricity, embarrassing and fear, and then ran out of the four teams. Team.

"The flower captain of is too handsome"

"It's so scary"

I saw a few Jiuhua and the death of the death of the Chi Dafu and the eleven teams, and only a few team members of the four teams were amazed.

Even the vice team leader, the tiger and the face of several female players, there were also suspicious red halo, and there was no doubt that the flowers were the most respectful consecutiveness of all women in the world.

"I am really curious"

"What is the reason why the first generation of the first generation sword eight

At this time, a strange voice was rang for the death of the entire four teams.

Everyone went back to God, I saw a smile, and I was gradually coming, Xuan Yi silver hair, red blue double, handsome unparalleled.

"It is a big ghost" long. "

After recognizing the identity of the moment, I saw the dustless appearance of the moment, and some female dead gods present, and even directly excited.

Obviously than the dead wood white and blue dye, today's famous ghosts, the ghosts, the general, the general, the whole body of the whole corpse, all the women, the dead, admiring the object.

"You came"

I saw it quietly, and I said that my past is the same, and the flowers are stunned and smiled. "It seems that you already know?"

"Please come with me"

After that, I saw that the Hui Liang took directly to the tiger's brave sound behind him: "Yong Yin, I am going to the Sword Hall, I will give you a swim hall."

In everyone guess the surprised eyes.