Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 619

Under the way of Huilun, the moment, I followed all the buildings of the four teams, and finally came to a long-lasting Sword Pavilion in front of it.

Next to a large flanged air area, from the sealing strip of the swordsman in front of this big sword hall, there should be a long time no one has been here for a long time.

"I have seen that I have been self-satisfied with all the genres and knife flows in the world, you are always in the sword."

The deep eyes seems to have an unhappy look at the dust-sealed sword hall in front of him, and it is a little curious to look into the back of the Buddhism in front of him. "But why didn't you have been here for so long?"

"About these"

I heard the question of the moment, and the back of the big 'four' word in front of him was slightly passing, and the quiet face smiled in the moment. "Only in the swordsman won, my talent can know all this. Oh"


Looking at the woman before the eyes, the temperament of the upper and lower temperament begins to change from the water to the blood, and the face of the white and handsome face is a positive, and the heart is full of interested interest ....

I really want to see you in front of this face.

What kind of style is it?

"It's here."

Oh, a long-awaited door, and the flower rushed into this huge sword hall, and the candlesticks next to himself were free.


"Let me come to teach the sword of the big ghost, you.

In the reverse of the blue blood red double-shaped, the eyes slowly turned around, I didn't know when I was quietly unable to unlike the black hair of the Hungarian.

I saw this moment in the moment, and the black hair is like a waterfall, which is naturally sprinkled, revealing the throat, and a brightest sword injury.

"are you ready"

, ,,,,,,,

Although the simplicity is just unlocked the binding of the moon, but the black-long sprinkled , but the whole person has an amazing change.

If the previous is still the gentle four medical captain.

Then this moment, the flower is already completely converted into the big evil person who is an unprecedented man in the history of the corpse, master all the flowers and knife flows in the world.

I saw that the temperament such as the blood of the blood, the evil eyes looked at the moment, slowly pulling out the chopping meat in my hands.

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Chapter 203 Kendo Decent (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 203 Sword Road Decent (seeking rewards and automatic)

"of course……"

"The battle can start at any time ..."

Looking at the Huili, the temperament of the temperament, the eyes of the moment, the eyes of the moment are gradually being serious.

Wang Zhifa !!!

In the eyes of GP, only the eyes of 8,000 streams, I saw the original dimly dimmed Hall of Justice, and the endless Yao Jin Guang was blooming. After the moment, the space after the moment suddenly got a burst of ripples.

"this is"

In front of the original dim, the midnight is suddenly so infinite, the golden light, the 9th, the flowers of the 9th, can not help but smash their eyes, and some look at this magical scene.

"Don't be nervous ..." "Today is only a simple sword exchange between our two people." Today, 9E] The face of the eight thousand sorrows is a bit awkward, and the mouth of the moment is slightly flushed. 06

With the sound of the moment, the space behind it seems that an invisible door is quietly opened, and only the right hand of the moment gradually got into the void.

A deep and simple taikhe knife, the king of Wang Zhimao opened from the space gradually took out, it was the fire.

"The ability of space is your special ability ... or a ghost ..." The endless golden red rays are all scattered, the flower of the PP is eight thousand flows, and the flow blade appears in the hands of the moment, the face is calm The heart is secretly thinking.

"If you win you on the sword ..."

If the firing of the fierce, the fire is skilled in his hand, and the moment is a little bit of taste to see the flowers of the flowers. "How do you think about it?" "Oh ..." Waiting for you to win, let me say ... "

I heard the demand presentation in the mouth of the eyes in front of the moment, and the flowers of the flowers were not laughed, and a pair of dark eyes seems to be an abyss of a choosing.

Bending knife !!

Almost, the voice of eight thousand streams of Hui Zhi has not passed into the ears.

In the eyes of the eyes of the moment, the flowers of the eight thousand streams of the whole person, the small body, has been disappeared in the original place.

It's so fast _ ... I am sighing in my heart.

Cheng !!

In the moment, the time and space in front of the moment seems to be condensed, the flowers, the flow of eight thousand flows, the body, the body, the body appears in front of the moment, the arc is more curved than the ordinary . .

A touch of shackles, the bright, the snow, the bright knife, blooms in the moment, like the death of hell


A crispy metal collision sounds.

I saw that the flow blade in the hands of the moment was lifted and killed in front of him.

"Such swordsmanship and power ..." The flow blade in his hand felt the power of the squatting of the squatting in front of the meat in the eight thousand streams of the fire.

"It's worthy of the first generation of swords"

At the moment, the eyes did not help but litten. Although he could not compare with his strength, it seems that such a delicate woman can explode such a strong sketch. This is not expected.

"Forgot to tell you a thing ..." If the knife in the hands, if the flow blade of the moment, if the fire is dead, there is no fluctuating in the face of the eight thousand slices of evil, in very close The distance between the distance and the eyes of the two people collided together.

"My Justice Level is the highest paragraph of the whole corpse world"


The sharp front punctured the void. With the flowers of the 9th, the voice of the eight thousand streams fell, I saw the baking knife in her hand, and suddenly the huge violent sword pressure in front of the moment!


In the face of such violent huge swordsmanship, it feels that the entire huge sword hall in which you are, and the mysterious bun is turning the inexplicable light.

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