Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 620

It seems like ancient times, I have just born in the sky.

The radiant infinite sword suddenly stuffed the entire Sword Hall of the two people in the moment and the Huada Huadun.

In the face of 91 in front of the eight thousand flow, the endless sword pressure, I saw the flash of the original, and the flow blade in the hand waved. When I was a moment, I killed countless imitation of countless swords. Scrub.

"What is this sword ?!"

I saw that the exfolition of the flash of the squatting squatting, the brilliance of the eight thousand streams of darkness seems to be completely lit with a splendid sword.

It's almost destroyed and pulled, I saw the swords of the swords of the swords in the unparalleled swords of the big sword, and they did not cost the effort to the Eight thousand streams of the eight thousand streams.


I saw that the moment in front of him was so taking the short-minded, I watched my whole force, and the flower of the flowers, the flowers of the eight thousand eyes, the 373 containment flashed a shun color.

"But there is no end - ...

One bit bite, the 9th, the squid in the eight thousand streams of the squad, once again treated the incompetent , as if the Galaxy Waterfall is generally leaning towards the moment.


There are countless swords within a very short time to hit the sound.

I saw YP's flower eight thousand streams, and a white hair made a white hair, and a black hair was floating in the air.

The chopped knife in his hand continues to swallow, kills countless fierce swordsmith wind pressure and moment.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Countless fierce swordsmith sword pressure impact cutting.

I saw that there were two people in the flash of Bang and the 9th to make two speed phantom. The flow blade in the hands of the fire and the madness of the fire and crazy collision.

The two people have gone, all of the surroundings are all broken.

However, only a few seconds of Kung Fu, the entire Jie Dao Hall, which was long-lost.

Even a few huge pillars were directly cut into crushing, shake the monthly ticket flowers and reward, orz.

Chapter 204, sweet solution, all (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 204, sweet solution, all (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang !!!

In the absence of countless, hear that this huge sound is steady and stealing, peek, peeking, and looking at the dead players.

I saw the whole huge sword museum of the two-person swordsmanship of the flowers of the eight thousand streams of the flowers, and the unnecessary instant is unbearable, and the endless dust and powder are set off.

The two movements from the ruins of the swordsmanship of the swords, and they started the sky.

A high-tech troops, the silver hair, a small smart, white, usually, like two mad talents, usually crash in the sky.

"He ... I am laughing ...

In the first time, the sword is crushing in the collision.

The Huadi Hua's eight thousand streams are getting more and more shocked. She is looking at the moment when she is in her strong swords, she is completely suppressed in the wind.

"Why is it better than me?"


When the moment of flashing is a sword, the fierce, the fierce, the fierce, the fierce, the wind is picked up, and it is directly smoked to fly the whole thing in front of the squad.

"It is the 9th flower captain and the big ghost direction!"

The sun in the dusk has gradually been completely awkward, and the huge movement of the swordsmanship collapsed has attracted the attention of countless death.

"Is that really 9A's flower captain ... completely unlike us ..."

Among the crowds of the dead, I saw the evil spirits of Yej, and even the death of the four teams also almost fundamentally couldn't recognize that this killing of this kill. The woman is them. team leader.

"Good ... good powerful sword"

As a dead god of the eleven teams of the battle special forces, this moment, I saw the Rurablemount of the Ruins of the Jiank Road Hall, the eight thousand streams broke out at this time, and the shocked mouth was closed.

"The captain of the Si Danzan, there is such a powerful combat ability. ... '..."

"It is not the opponent" "" The endless sword in the hands of it seems to be easy to cut, and the flower is eight thousand. It is easy to loose himself. Some numbers of numbness. .

"But ... I think you should not mind, I will upgrade the battle."

But very fast, the flowers of the flowers of eight thousand sinctures were suddenly revealed, and the darkness of the darkness stared at the moment in front of them. "To fight my attitude to fight. ...... "

After the finish.

Among the eyes of the death of the dead, the 9A Huangqi flows slowly in his body.

FH solution, all !!

I saw that the flowers of the flowers were directly launched by PD solutions directly, and the spirit of the whole body almost completely exceeded the ordinary captain.

The church chinens in the hands have made a fresh red blood blade that can extend curved, with endless killing and tyrannical atmosphere.

After the Huakhu eight thousand streams launched RR2 solution, in the shocking eyes of everyone, I saw that the chopped knife in her hands and all the environment around them made a thick blood.

I saw that the fossine's eight thousand streams of the bending blood blade and the surrounding endless blood is completely integrated, the horror is gloomy and bloody.

"This is_"

"9 mouth of flowers of eight thousand streams of F -P Solution"

Looking at the scene of such a horrible, it seems that it comes to the essence of the substantive killing, and I can't help but have a big eye.

Between, in the eyes of the eyes, all all all of them were covered by blood water released by eight thousand streams.

I am, the flowers of the squad, there are all the dead players around the surroundings, all of which are all kinds of horror.

"I have to go up!"

After entering the form, the flowers of the Huadia's eight thousand streams are all surrounded by endless blood.

If the previous 9th flower is the harm in the air Valley, then the flowers of the F -P solution after the moment is the baby's baby in the swamp, fatal and grateful.

Bending knife !!