Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 621

And just the same swordstemed.

After the spending of the flowers of the flowers, the treasted red knife was suddenly blooming in the moment.

However, the speed and strength of the flowers and strengths of the 9th after entering the state of the processes, only the movements of the whole person almost even the anti-anti-anti-action are divided into two paragraphs!

", 'This is ..." Siki's "empty" ...

However, there is no half-point relaxation on the face of the flowers, and the eyes are quietly disappeared from their eyes. When are you learning ...

"This simple thing ... I will learn to learn ..." Along with the sound of the moment, I saw that the figure of the moment is like a ghost general from the flowers of eight thousand streams.

"Top-level transient skills" empty "... is just a simple thing in your eyes ... ji

It seems that it will appear from his own body, and the bloody blood blade in the eight thousand streams of the flowers, the endless violent swords contain horror dripping blood, directly drowned the position of the moment.

"As long as she is hit by her blade or blood ... I will turn into blood in an instant." "<( ) BR />

The moment of showing again, the eyes are like unreholdsetting, and the eight thousand streams next to the Buddha are completely destroyed to the earth, and the heart is gently sigh. "It is not the level of the captain.

"Why don't you shoot?"

"I know that your strength is definitely more than this ... If you don't hug your opponent's mind ... How can I have fun?"

The darkness of the darkness captures the moment that appears again, and the 9th of the 9th said.

The fresh red blood blade in the hands did not leave again, sword, blood red swords and blood, dissolved all things around.

The shocking of the dead god of the dead is shaking, and this horrible woman in front of him is already a flower that is in their memory.

(, Monthly speaking, spending flowers and reward, orz)

Chapter 205 Before War (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 205 before (seeking rewards and automatic)

This kind of killing desire ... is more fanatical than the fighting beast that is more wood ...

It is worthy of the first generation of swords ...

The whole person seems to be like a small smoke, which is generally flashing in the air.

Looking at the flowers in the eight thousand flowers in front of you, all the red blood blades in front of him, all of them were smashed into blood, and the eyes of Zhan Zhanhong finally gradually cooled.

"Why don't you liberate your bad knife ?!"

Looking at the moment in front of him, I turned into the blood blade in my hand, and the killing desire of the eight thousand streams of dark eyes was more and more enthusiastic.

"Do you want to die in my hand ?!"

Everything is excited!!

Seeing the moment, there is still no way to liberate the knife, and the flowers of the flowers of the eight thousand streams suddenly appeared in a bloody.

I saw that the bloody blood blade in the eight thousand flowers around his body was rotated around his body, and the huge sword with no dead angle was suddenly cut.

With the blood red sword in her hands, all the blood around him suddenly rumped up, and formed a huge blood ball around her body, and opened all the 373 bombings toward all of them!

Cut the energy !!!

In the face of this avoidable huge blood ball released in front of Yej.

Looking at the whole ground ruins under his feet were completely dissolved into a blue water, and the deep eyes suddenly turned.

I saw the flow blade in the hands of the fire. If the fire is fast to a sword, a huge black moon, the sword, the sword hits the wave, and this seems to be unlimited in front of this seemingly unlimited zoomed. "Liberation of the knife ... I don't have that necessary. The sword of the break is broken, and the huge blood cell in front of you. The moment I saw the flowers of the flowers, the evil, the mouth, the mouth, the mouth is suddenly sinking Sound, "because you have lost!"

Already lost? I heard the words spit in the moment, the GFJ flower galvan flow surface is alive.

"I also forgot to tell you something ...

I didn't pay attention to the eyes of the eight thousand rings in front of my eyes. At the moment, I took a moment of huge blood cells. If the fire in the hands, if the fire is suddenly turned into a thrilling training.

"My sword can be opened" World '!!! "

Drop the void !!!

No one can describe the sharpness of this sword!

In the blossom of the squad, the gods of the squad, she saw that all all seen in front of her eyes became half, one divided into two.

I saw that the flow blade in my hand is so fast that it seems that everything is.


A crisp sound sound rang.

Fully entered the ear of every person in the field, as if there is a good bin silver satin in the midst of a ruthless strain 0

I saw a darkness, like the abyss, a huge sword, split from the moment, as if it can cut off anything in this world.

There is no huge movement, in the unique perspective of the unique Sword Hao realm, the world's void is completely like a simple huge tablecloth, and you can tear open from your hands.

Endless blood in front of me, the flow of eight thousand streams of violent swords, even the air and light in front of the eyes ... was smashed by the black huge sword of the big sword in the moment. Two halves.


Everything pauses.

All the dead gods that are peeking on the watch are shocking, and the eyes are open, they are old, as if the soul is all sucked.

"The world ... was blocked ...

(AGBG) Huadan Liu Dark Darkness looked at the sword who stayed in his head.

Looking at the voids just falling in the top of my head, it seems like a curtain, and it is not asked before her amount.

"Why ... didn't kill me ..." The tone of the Huadi Huatong stream appeared, and the eyes were finally removed from the sword in the hands of the moment.

"Kill you?"

I heard the question of the flower of the PP in front of the PP, and the moment was strange, "why did you kill you?"

"Is this not a fight against life and death?

It seems that there is still no change in the role of the first generation sword eight, and the flowers of the flowers are obviously stubborn, and it is necessary to enjoy the fast l to kill you.

"As a chip to win your chips in swordsman

I didn't pay attention to the stubborn flow of GP, in her surprised eyes, the moment, the sword gently reached it, wiped her blood, blood red blood, deep eyes stared at her, "Be my Woman ""